Why Pisces is much more selfish than Aries   Leave a comment

Pisces as a sign is often described as dreamy, soft-hearted, sensitive and indiscriminate – all of these are true at times but it is also very selfish.  Pisces collects the stray, the weak and the vulnerable so it there always needs to be the stray, the weak and the vulnerable for Pisces to feed off of.  It feeds emotionally from the trauma and misery of others seeking them out to boast its appetite for intense emotional experiences, it feeds its ego by assuming the role of saviour and turns nasty if its sacrifice goes unnoticed or unappreciated after all it died on the cross to save us all and anybody who forgets that increases its suffering because Pisces is an expert in emotional blackmail, the guilt trip never ends.  What does being saved mean; abdicating your own power and control to Pisces, giving up your own independence, being told you can’t do it on your own, believing you lack the power.

Aquarius asks why a poor widow should give her last penny to a preacher to build a fancy mansion, what does it say about a society that thinks this is anything but immoral and Pisces sells the lie that the widow is buying a mansion in heaven instead, Pisces supports taking her last penny with lies.  Aquarius says everybody is our neighbour that we are all born equal, Pisces says I’m the only one who can suffer on the cross see my glorious pain that nobody else can endure.  Pisces says that nobody else will ever suffer the pain they have endured, so nobody else can understand the suffering of others in the same way.  Aquarius said I would rather be with the one outcast sheep than the 99 of the flock, Pisces says the 99 are the real outcasts you just don’t understand because you are religious like the one outcast and not spiritual like me and the other 99 so you will forever be inferior because you refused to accept our souls have no ego and could not join us.  Aquarius says does it matter whether I say your sins are forgiven or get up and walk, Pisces says I am the only true way and everybody else is wrong.  Aquarius said love thy neighbour as thyself, and Pisces says it is better to give them the scraps from your table than have them believe they were born entitled to the same meal.  Aquarius says don’t bang your own drum because you are no better than anybody else, Pisces stands in the centre of the temple telling of its scraps of righteous deeds and showing the world that the Pisces Pharisee is spiritual unlike the publican.  Aquarius said I chose to be with the unspiritual publican than the spiritual Pisces Pharisee who steals from the poor and bangs his own drum. Pisces crucified Aquarius claimed it was Pisces all along and took the recognition that it did not deserve or earn.

Aries said I am who I am, who I am is good enough for me.  Aries said I can do whatever I put my mind to and I don’t need to manipulate others, I can be honest and open about what I want rather than lie, pretend and cheat.  Aries says I would rather be honest than pretend that I am better than another.  Aries says I may be greedy, but I am honest about it and I will not steal the food from the poor whilst claiming to save them.  I will not pretend I am helping the poor by giving them scraps from the table when I know I have prevented them from sitting at it, at least I will be honest about what I have done.  Aries says this is what I have done and some of it was selfish but I did not lie and cheat.


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