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Sun conjunct Sun works best for the sign of gemini who are attracted to their twin.  For others there is something too close to themselves for this aspect to go beyond friendship.  Both understand each other very well but they have the same up and down cycle which means it is harder to support each other during the low periods.

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Sun sextile or trine Sun makes life easy for both parties to get along and understand where the other is coming from. They are naturally great friends as well within the relationship.  This aspect even if the orb is large has a great dynamic for friendship within the relationship.

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Sun opposite or square Sun makes the relationship more passionate and dynamic.  This aspect adds some fire and passion to the relationship and works well with fixed signs in particular who are attracted to their opposite and square sun signs.

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Sun quincunx Sun can add an air of mystery to the relationship which makes their partner appear very sexy if baffling at times.

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Sun quintile or biquintile can add an easy-going hamony to the relationship where they are able to see where the other is coming from whilst being vastly different in nature.

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