Moon in aspect to saturn in Synastry   Leave a comment


Moon conjunct, opposite or square Saturn, this relationship can feel heavy and restrictive at times as both feel an intense duty and responsibility for each other.  There is often a fated feeling with relationships that have this dynamic, however the moon person may feel too restricted emotionally and begin to resent the Saturn person, it is important for both to understand the energy involved so the Saturn person can ease off and the moon person realizes that the more they can express love the more relaxed the Saturn person will become part of this restrictive energy is caused by Saturn’s insecurity.

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Saturn sextile and trine Moon, this relationship is very likely to be long-term and offers both a sense of security and belonging.  There is a responsible and practical dynamic at play which enables both parties to weather any storms as a couple.  Both take this relationship seriously and are committed.  Saturn supports the moon person and helps them put their emotions into perspective and is usually their shoulder to cry on this aspect works better when Saturn is male but works very well for females too.

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Saturn quintile and biquintile Moon, there is a solid foundation in this relationship which enables both parties to work together as a team and build a strong bond together.

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Saturn quincunx moon, difficulty understanding the practicalities involved in a long term relationship together.  This aspect requires intuitive understanding of the needs for stability and open expression within the relationship.

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