Mercury in aspect to Venus synastry   Leave a comment

Mercury the planet of imagination and thought meets Venus the planet of Love.

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Mercury conjunct Venus, this aspect makes it very easy to discuss feelings honestly and openly.  As both recognise that sometimes it is just how we are feeling at that moment of time and our emotions do not require justification but acceptance as just feelings we are experiencing.  Having someone tell you it is ok to feel how you feel no matter how illogical those feelings may be is an important part of forming strong bonds within a relationship.

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Mercury in harmonious aspects to Venus, sextile or trine, enables good communication on an emotional level and understanding of the differing needs in romantic relationships.  Veunus and Mercury in harmonious aspect will add to the imaginative and expressive side of their physical relationship and is a symbol of a long term relationship and marriage.

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Mercury in dynamic aspect to Venus can set off the occasional aspect as Mercury mat seem insensitive at times although the Mercury person may see the Venus as over reacting emotionally but both parties will express their emotions openly with each other whether that is through quarrels or less dynamic means both parties can clear the air and get their view across.

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Mercury quincunx Venus denotes difficulty in understanding the emotional responses and intellectual processes with regards to each other both parties will need to focus on communicating clearly and Mercury will have to learn to feel the emotions of the Venus person without them needing to be logical or justified.


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