Mercury in aspect to Neptune synastry   Leave a comment

Mercury the planet of imagination and thought meets Neptune the planet of illusion and intuition.

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Mercury in dynamic aspect to Neptune, conjunction, square or opposite, creates issues with communication.  Neptune person could come across as dishonest to the Mercury person but it is more likely that Neptune has been misunderstood and failed to correct any misconceptions that have arisen.  This aspect far from being fatal to a relationship requires honesty from both parties and a conscious effort to improve the clarity of communication between the two.  Neptune can stimulate the Mercury imagination and open up the mind to greater possiblities.

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Mercury in harmonious aspect to Neptune, sextile and trine, gives flights of fancy and daydreams shared even if they are never acted upon.  There is a tendency for both parties to be more forgiving of each others faults and there may be a sense of spoken language being unnecessary as both seem to know what the other is thinking.  There is a risk that the relationship will be more of a meeting of minds than physical but a good aspect to Mars or Venus will prevent this being the case.

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Mercury Quincunx or semi sextile Neptune may lead to a great deal of misunderstandings where the Neptune person can’t understand the Mercury person’s lack of intuition or faith in the possibilities of life and the Mecury person feels Neptune has their head in the clouds and is totally unrealistic.

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Mercury quintile or biquintile Neptune will add an imaginative touch to the relationship.



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