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Mercury conjunct Mars this aspect makes a good combination the Mercury person is aware of what the Mars person instinctive reaction to events will be and understands their feelings.  The Mars person has a sympathetic ear who is emotionally removed and can help them see the other aspects of what is happening.  The Mars drive will also push the Mercury person onwards and help them work towards their goals in life.

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Mars in harmonic aspect to Mercury, sextile and trine, the mars drive is understood and supported by Mercury and the Mercury person is supported and pushed onward by the Mars person’s belief in their abilities.  This aspect helps give Mercury the energy needed to achieve goals and Mars the emotional detached view that is needed in certain situations.

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Mars in dynamic aspect to Mercury, square and opposition.  Mercury may trigger Mars temper quite easily with this aspect which will then bring the Mercury person’s own Mars into play.  Mars may also feel threatened by Mercury’s intellectual prowess however if insecurities are overcome these dynamic aspects provide the energy which helps this couple to understand when gut instincts need to be acted on and when reflection is needed before action.

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Mercury quincunx Mars there is a need to be very honest and direct in communication as misunderstanding may be common.   Mercury also need to accept that Mars cannot be understood on an intellectual level but as an instinctive gut reaction and both reason and instinct are necessary.

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