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Aquarius represented the waters of the great one to the Babylonians, Enki / Ea poured his water of life or semen upon his wife Ninhursag (lady mountain) to fertilise the land in particular the rivers of the Euphrates, Tigris and the fertile crescent is associated with the fertile waters of Enki.  Who is credited as creating the Sumerian civilisation.

To the Greeks Aquarius represented the waters of the world river and the Titan Oceanus who was a God of wisdom like Enki/Ea.

Those with their ascendant in Aquarius may appear; quirky, zany, idealistic, anarchistic, altruistic, unique, unpredictable or unreliable.  They themselves may prefer not to be pigeon-holed by others opinions.

The ascendant is expressed when we are focused completely on something beyond ourselves.  For example children completely engrossed in playing or watching television lose all thought of themselves as an individual and resort to their natural state of just being. It is only when they become aware of the fact that they are being observed does the sun and other aspects of the chart kick in to protect the vulnerability of the ascendant.  The ascendant is vulnerable because it represents who we are before social conditioning and peer pressure kicked in it was our first expression as babies content in just being.  For Aquarius they may feel this state of just being much easier when they lose themselves in an idealistic cause, philosophical discussion, creative expression or study.

Leo descendant, the descendant represents our peers and how we act in their presence.  Those with a Leo descendant are usually warm, charming, funny, entertaining and very aware they are on show.

The longer we know friends the more we will relax enough to show our ascendant side of our personality.  This is also true of work and social situations where we will show our MC and look to impress others until we feel secure enough to relax.




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