The Jupiter Key   Leave a comment

Jupiter is a vital key to unlocking our talents in life, where it lies in the chart is where doors can open for us and latent talents lie.  The aspects this planet makes are important as they unlock the potential talent of any of the planets they touch.

Jupiter increases their vitality and energy in dynamic aspect this raw energy needs to be focused on and used constructively because it is powerful.  With the dynamic aspect there is more of a drive to use this energy rather than enjoying the feel good factor it brings.

In harmonic aspect the energy is easier to handle but is less powerful in expression.  There is also the risk in harmonious aspect that the person will enjoy the feel good factor more than working with their Jupiter to unleash potent talents, if this is the case all that is needed is more awareness of its position and the potential it holds when used constructively.



Posted June 17, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Jupiter sign/ house

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