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Lady Luna represent the conscious funnelling of our emotional intuition (Venus) as small children we are driven by our emotional intuition or how we feel whether it is rational or irrational.  Usually the person who helps us develop an understanding of these feelings is our mother and the moon also represents her influence and that of the family in the natal chart.

Aquarius is a representation of the waters of Enki/Ea or Oceanus the world river.  Both these Gods were famous for not getting involved in the disputes of the Gods over power and control.  Oceanus was recognised as the true ruler by some just as Enki/Ea was the original ruler of the Sumerian Gods.

This refusal to take part in pettty rivalries and disputes sums up moon in Aquarius individuals nicely they refuse to be dragged into the petty quarrels of others.  Aquarius here is not cut off from their emotions but separated from being manipulated by them and although they may often appear cool at times there is a warm and caring individual inside who just prefers to show his feelings through action rather than tears.  These individuals are inspired to take action against injustice and like to focus on the important matters of life.

Moon in Aquarius can be an indication of feeling separated emotionally or physically from the mother and /or family.


Moon in Aquarius Sun in Aries,

were born under a waning crescent moon.  These individuals are comfortable keeping the depths of their emotions under wraps.  They prefer to express their passion and drive for life, over the sensitive issues hidden from view.  These individuals are aware of their issues they just refuse to wear them on their sleeve where they are vulnerable to attack.  In a relationship it is important to realise their fiery temperament is often due to their insecurity and due to  this they may at times feel threatened by too much closeness.


Moon in Aquarius Sun in Taurus,

were born under a waning half moon.  They  often feel the vulnerability of the half, still lit up and visible to the stares of strangers as they seek to wrap up their emotions in darkness.  These individuals prefer to show their practical side over their emotions and although they are often viewed as very placid and calm there is a dynamic tension between their need for love and affection and their fear of growing close to another in case of rejection. In a relationship it is important to understand this dynamic and give these individuals the space they need.


Moon in Aquarius Sun in Gemini,

were born just a few days after the full moon.  The moon has begun to wane but is still more visible than hidden.  These individuals are comfortable in the knowledge that their most sensitive areas are hidden from view and can focus on harmonising their inner drives to create a better world.  These individuals in relationships may talk a lot yet reveal very little of their secrets in the process.  It is important not to push these people to reveal anything in a relationship if given time they will open up of their own accord.


Moon in Aquarius Sun in Cancer,

were born just after the full moon.  They were born during the shortest nights where it was impossible for them to hide their vulnerability in the shadows.  They are very sensitive individuals who often struggle to understand their emotions.  They may have felt physically or emotional estranged from their parents and lack the ability to understand how this has affected them.  They are often aware of the intense motions which they struggle to hide but there is a tiny part of their emotions hidden from view that takes even them by surprise at times.


Moon in Aquarius Sun in Leo,

were born at the full moon.  These individuals have all their emotions on display and wear their hearts on their sleeve.  They were born just after the shortest nights where it was impossible to hide in the shadows.  These individuals may have issues but they are honest and open about them.  They have a deep need to feel a dynamic connection in their relationships and are all or nothing when it comes to love.


Moon in Aquarius Sun in Virgo,

were born just before the full moon.  These individuals are well aware of the need to show emotions and to love and care for others.  They may have had their own issues that reinforced the importance of showing love and affection and they strive to do so, especially with children and the vulnerable.  There is however a tiny bit of moon in the shadows that they are unaware of and they are taken aback when this area catches them off guard.  In a relationship it is important to understand that they are unable to comprehend this hidden side and often don’t recognise its existence.


Moon in Aquarius Sun in Libra,

were born under a large waxing moon.  These individuals are learning to find balance between what their childhood felt like to them emotionally and the realities that affected their limited understanding of events.  At times their parents may have felt emotionally distant but this was unlikely to have been intentional and more due to circumstances.  With age they begin to process this information and to reconnect with their parents.  They are very expressive emotionally.


Moon in Aquarius Sun in Scorpio,

were born under a waxing half-moon.  These individuals are well aware of the emotional shadows and darkness that lies hidden.  They seek to shed more light on these areas and to understand better their issues and insecurities.  These individuals are emotionally dynamic and have intense mood swings at times as they work a way at facing their emotional fears and traumas.


Moon in Aquarius Sun in Sagittarius,

were born under a waxing crescent moon.  These individuals are quite comfortable with keeping some aspects of themselves hidden as long as they are able to express love and affection towards loved ones.  These individuals are usually open about their feelings and although much of those may be dark at times they are comfortable enough with who they are to express them.


Moon in Aquarius Sun in Capricorn,

were born just after the new moon.  These individuals have a moon that was barely visible at the time of their birth and struggle to comprehend those emotions and feelings hidden in the depths.They are aware that they are very emotional at times without understanding why.   These individuals are often the last to see aspects of their own emotions and in a relationship it is important to understand they are often unaware of their real feelings.


Moon in Aquarius Sun in Aquarius,

were born at the time of the new moon when it eclipses the sun. Here the moon takes over from the Sun and absorbs its rays, with these individuals the moon tends to rule the chart and they are led by their emotional responses in life.  These individuals are likely to be highly idealistic dreamers who feel what is the right path for them in life rather than planning a course in advance they tend to follow their instincts.


Moon in Aquarius Sun in Pisces,

were born just before the new moon.  At the time of their birth the moon was almost completely shrouded in darkness.  this makes it difficult for them to reach those hidden feelings and emotions or to comprehend them.  These individuals are often very deep but are complete unaware of the emotions that drive them to behave the way they do at times.  They struggle to find themselves and know what is at the bottom of their unpredictable mood swings which catches them off guard.



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