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“When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.”
― J. M. Barrie ‘Peter Pan’

Jupiter in Gemini thoughts break into thousands of pieces that turn into fairies of the imagination.  These individuals are full of imagination and thoughts of all the possibilities inherent in the world around them.  They are passionate about learning more about this wonderful planet we call home and all the people who live on it.


Jupiter in Gemini in 1st

house individuals are full of wonder at the world around them they are naturally inquisitive and enthusiastic about discovering the mysteries and wonders of the universe.  They feel life is a big adventure and they retain the innocence of childhood.  They are very social and open to meeting new people and love to broaden their social horizons.  They also have fast amounts of energy at their disposal and may be a bit hyperactive at times.


Jupiter in Gemini in 2nd

house individuals are great at making business deals and can charm the birds off the trees when they need to.  These individuals see work as a bit of a game and an adventure where they are willing to take risks to reap the rewards.  They also need the security of a family to return home to at the end of the day when all their wining and dining is done.  They are great sales people and know how to bargain and barter with anybody.


Jupiter in Gemini in 3rd

house individuals are very imaginative and good yarn spinners.  These individuals love to spin a tale to see how far along others will go before realising they are being hoodwinked.  Usually it is all done with a twinkle in the eye and an infectious flirty laugh that stops others from taking offence.  These individuals are great at selling an idea or pitching a sale, they may also be gifted as writers especially fiction.


Jupiter in Gemini in 4th

house individuals are big children at heart, they love having fun and refuse to act their age.  These individuals are quite deep thinkers that spend a lot of time pondering the mysteries of the universe and investigating the mysterious parts of our culture and heritage.  They are usually quite idealistic and have their own set of ethics and morals that they abide by.  Their may also be a fascination with the many different aspects of psychology.


Jupiter in Gemini in 5th

house individuals are often artistic and highly creative retaining their child like qualities of pure artistic expression and joy in the miracle of the world around them.  These individuals are likely to see the inherent beauty of a Dandelion growing through the cracks of a pavement when all others walk by without noticing.  They find the miraculous in the everyday and can quite often express this in an art form.  They’re expressive creative expression in conversation or writing can paint a vivid picture.


Jupiter in Gemini in 6th

house individuals are more practical although they also are capable of dreaming big dreams, they are able to put in the work needed to create them.  These individuals are inspired by their vision and calling to work extremely hard to enable their dreams to come to fruition. With these individuals there is no middle ground they are either completely absorbed by an interest or not, academically they achieve excellence in areas that catch their imagination.


Jupiter in Gemini in 7th

house individuals are very sociable and love spending time with friends.  They are great sales people and they are able to charm and smooth over any small incidences drawing attention away with grace and elegance.  These individuals seem to glide through life like a swan but few people see the hard work and paddling that goes on beneath their outer calm exterior as they work to absorb all the information and facts that are relevant.  These individuals would also make excellent ambassadors with their ability.


Jupiter In Gemini in 8th

house individuals are fascinated by the mysterious and unsolved riddles of life.  Whether that is the workings of a serial killers mind, UFOs or some ancient mysterious sect you will find them digging away trying to sort through the facts and arrive at some sort of truth.  These individuals may also play the stock market and participate in other high risk activities that feeds their need for adrenalin and thrills.  They are inspired by intense experiences to live their lives completely.


Jupiter in Gemini in 9th

house individuals are fascinated by other cultures and religions.  They love learning about remote natives living far from modern society in their own unique culture unchanged by time.  They are fascinated by the different myths and stories from all around the world and have an affinity with past civilisations and cultures.  They may be very inquisitive about philosophy and the development of ideas from past to present philosophers.  They tend to develop a wide range of knowledge on different subjects of interest and are fascinating conversationalists.


Jupiter in Gemini in 10th

house individuals are much more mature than they let on.  These individuals are great at charming the rich and powerful in life in order to sell their dream.  Their imagination and vision leads them often into new areas or fields of work where their enthusiasm and ability to share their dreams with others leads to much support from those around them.  These individuals are also great business men and know a good deal when they see it.


Jupiter in Gemini in 11th

house individuals are the mad scientists of the world they have many zany and unusual ideas but they are often able to pull them off and create something unique and unpredictable in the process.  These individuals are very provocative in their thinking and question all beliefs as to whether they are actually as solid and matter of fact as they appear.  This process opens up new discoveries from unexpected sources and they may have more of the genius about them than others think.


Jupiter in Gemini in 12th

house individuals may have a specific learning disability such as dyslexia which they will struggle with in their early years before discovering that their unique way of learning and seeing the world contains many gifts that are not available to members of the general public at large when these gifts are creative or scientific their insights allow them to access areas unavailable to others.  They may struggle still with misunderstandings at times but will be able to balance the positives and negatives of their uniqueness.


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