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Old Mother Goose,
When she wanted to wander,
Would ride through the air
On a very fine gander.

Jack’s mother came in,
And caught the goose soon,
And mounting its back,
Flew up to the moon.
Jupiter in Cancer individuals have a vivid imagination that often takes them on flights of fancy, they are born day dreamers and the Spanish proverb – if you don’t build castles in the sky, you don’t build castles anywhere applies to them.  They have a strong emotional attachment to their family and their country and are often attracted to serve in the Armed Forces.
*                                                        *                                                           *

Jupiter in 1st 

house individuals are very passionate about their country and patriotic in outlook.  These individuals are often day dreamers and idealists who believe in the myths and values of their own traditions and culture.  They place a great emphasis on the family as the centre of life and have strong opinions on family values in society.  They can also be very sweet and emotional even if you disagree  with their views it is hard to remain angry with them for long.
*                                                        *                                                              *

Jupiter in Cancer 2nd

house individuals are very pragmatic when it comes to family finances they believe in making sure they have all the bases covered.  Not that they believe anything is going to happen they just like the security of knowing they are covered if anything does go wrong.  There is also a strong connection to the Armed Forces and they may come from a military background.  They would also make good investment advisers with their keen sense of what is secure financially.
*                                                           *                                                             *

Jupiter in Cancer in 3rd

house individuals are very imaginative daydreamers with vivid descriptive vocabularies  These individuals just have a colourful way with words that create vivid pictures in the mind.  They are great story tellers and are naturally creative, they are also often brilliant speakers and can hold others mesmerised by their words.  These individuals are often able to inspire patriotism with their words and are great at boosting the general morale when times are low.
*                                                            *                                                               *

Jupiter in Cancer in 4th

house individuals are very imaginative and creative thinkers.  They are often deep in thought and are very aware of their own strong inner voice that guides them morally.  They quite often have a strong intuitive inner voice that guides them throughout their lives in the direction it takes and they may often experience deja vu.  Often they have a sense of divine intervention playing a role in their lives as if they are guided by a higher purpose.
*                                                             *                                                                 *

Jupiter in Cancer in 5th

house individuals are very creative and artistic.  These individuals are able to express their emotions through arts and crafts and may be especially gifted at creative writing in particular, along with poetry.  They are often very gifted in being able to connect with others easily and tend to make new friends quite quickly.  Part of this is due to their ability to make everybody feel as if they are part of one big family.
*                                                              *                                                                *

Jupiter in Cancer in 6th

house individuals are full of love, care and compassion for others.  These individuals are very sweet and affectionate in nature and their gentle but sunny disposition attracts a lot of admirers.  These individuals would move mountains for those they love and this shows, they work hard because they believe in what they are doing no matter what their occupation they give 100% at work and at home making them much appreciated by family and employers.
*                                                               *                                                               *

Jupiter in Cancer in 7th

house individuals are often very graceful and elegant in appearance and manner.  These individuals have a natural charm and sensitivity to others that is irresistible  They have excellent taste and enjoy being luxurious now and again depending on their budget.  They may at times indulge in emotional eating and are vulnerable to comfort foods and expensive luxuries when upset.  They are very good at getting others to open up emotionally to them.
*                                                               *                                                               *

Jupiter in Cancer in 8th

house individuals are very passionate and emotional in all that they do they invest their emotions heavily.  Whether that is work, family or relationships they give their all and are passionate about how they feel and what they do in life.  They are willing to invest in the important things in life such as family and will go to great lengths to protect and defend loved ones.  They might have a strong interest in psychology and child development.
*                                                                *                                                             *

Jupiter in Cancer in 9th

house individuals are often very strongly motivated by their belief system.  They may have had a religious upbringing that has shaped how they see the world around them.  They are often emotionally connected to a religion through family and heritage and may go to great lengths to defend it.  They  are often very family orientated and believe in traditional family structures.  They may sometimes feel the need to evangelise to others.
*                                                                *                                                              *

Jupiter in Cancer in 10th

house individuals are often good at balancing their emotional daydreamer side with a hefty dose of reality.  This gives them an advantage in the world they know when to let their inspirations and dreams inspire them and they are capable of backing this up with solid sense and hard work.  These individuals build castles in the air and in real life when they find their calling and follow it.  They are often eventually quite successful in life and work hard to keep it that way.
*                                                                *                                                              *

Jupiter in Cancer in 11th

house individuals are rebels with a cause they are often brought up in religious or military households with traditional values that they rebel against.  They question their own values as part of that journey discarding any values that don’t fit in with their real core values and ethics.  They are likely to find their own unique spiritual path in life and may have original ideas and philosophical insights to share with others.
*                                                                *                                                             *

Jupiter in Cancer in 12th

house individuals are learning to understand that there are many ways to view the world around them.  They may have issues with their own childhood and question the views of their family and the assumptions about other cultures.  They are likely to spend time learning about the different ways cultures experience the world before finding a route that suits their needs.  They are able to gain deep spiritual insights about the world around them.






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