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I have the strength of ten men because my heart is pure

Sir Lancelot

Jupiter in Aries brings up the themes of Sir Lancelot legendary knight of the round table.  Raised by the Lady of the Lake, Lancelot is sent by her to join the knights of the round table.  One of the bravest and most noble knights Lancelot falls in love with Queen Guinevere creating a situation which ends in the destruction of Camelot.  Queen Guinevere becomes a nun after King Arthur’s death in repentance of the destructive force of her love for Lancelot and he goes on a quest for the ‘Holy Grail’.


Jupiter in Aries in 1st

house individuals are often knights in shining armour rushing to the defence of the weak and less fortunate in life.  They have a huge passion for life and are fully of vigour and energy which they dedicate to their causes in life.  These individuals are capable of taking on giant corporations and winning, they are bold and fearless in their outlook and make great leaders.  They may be drawn to a military lifestyle and would make excellent Generals.


Jupiter in Aries in 2nd

house individuals are very protective of family and friends they are naturally fiery and defensive when it comes to the vulnerabilities of loved ones.  These individuals have a drive to provide for their family and are capable of putting vast amounts of energy into work as a means of providing a secure future for their loved ones.  They are quite fragile when it comes to letting go of their loved ones as they fly the nest.


Jupiter in Aries in 3rd

house individuals know the pen can be mightier than the sword and these individuals are able to dual and do battle with words that strike to the heart of a situation.  They are quite straight to the point in speech which makes what they say dynamic and passionate.  This passion resonates with many people and they are great at voicing the concerns of the many.  With this aspect they may be political journalists or may be the voice of a cause that draws public support.


Jupiter in Aries  in 4th

house individuals know that their home and family are the most precious things in life.  These individuals may be part of a military or police family for they have been raised with a strong principle of serving their country.  These individuals are quite passionate about the treatment of veterans and others who sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we enjoy today.  They may also feel strongly about injustices of the past being rectified, such as the treatment of aborigines or native Americans.


Jupiter in Aries in 5th

house individuals are very passionate about expressing their own drives and emotions through art of some type.  These individuals may be at the forefront of new types of artistic expression where they challenge the old order.  These individuals are attracted to new ideas and may be at the forefront of new technology.  They are bold and dynamic in their expression and they have the energy to bring their ideas to fruition in whatever field they are in.


Jupiter in Aries in 6th

house individuals are hard working warriors dedicated to their cause in life.  They are capable of making bold and innovative changes in how we care for others and treat them.  These individuals may bring issues such as sexual expression and special needs adults to the forefront and question our attitudes to such things and their right to form loving sexual relationships.  They are often fighting for the rights of the less fortunate in life whether that is the sick or the downtrodden.


Jupiter in Aries in 7th

house individuals are often quite wild in their youth and have an adventurous streak.  They are full of stories of their wild adventures and daring actions which they love to share and entertain everybody with.  They are also quite bold and happy meeting lots of new people they are no shrinking violets with this aspect.  They are also very good at judging others character and know just how far they can go with people.  they have a bawdy sense of humour and are more comfortable in less formal situations.


Jupiter in Aries in 8th

house individuals are very intense, passionate and fiery in nature.  They are aware of their own vulnerabilities and insecurities and believe in being honest and open about their own hangups.  They believe in tackling their issues head on and a relentless in the attempt to resolve them.  These individuals quite often develop a really strong faith in overcoming the obstacles that life has placed in front of them and are fearless at facing the harsh realities of life.


Jupiter in Aries in 9th

house individuals are often on their own religious crusade for redemption.  These individuals may find their own path through life but at some point they will begin to address their past behaviours and seek redemption in their acts of kindness to others.  Their quest may be founding their own charity in which they dedicate themselves to the welfare of others.  They may also seek to find their own unique interpretation of religious wisdom.


Jupiter in Aries in 10th

house individuals are inspired to use their dynamic energy to create a successful career.  These individuals have the dynamism to make good business entrepreneurs and may have many trials before success finally arrives but their dynamism and optimism keeps them going until they start to see the rewards of their efforts.  if they are involved in sports they most probably have the talent to make it all the way to the top.


Jupiter in Aries in 11th

house individuals are social warriors fighting for a better world for all.  They are very idealistic and passionate about their ideal and beliefs.  They are often on the side of the under dog and excluded in life and they are willing to fight for justice for minority groups and are unafraid to take on the large government institutions or multinational corporations in their fight.  They refuse to follow the mainstream and are quite outspoken in their views and opinions.


Jupiter in Aries in 12th

house individuals are like Lancelot raised in the world of mysterious Neptune.  They have lessons to learn about belief in themselves and their ability to fight for what they want.  They may also learn about how our desires can bring us low and themes of redemption and rebirth may be common with this aspect.  They are very instinctual and should trust what their instincts tell them when it comes to others they are rarely wrong.  They may also have to learn that at times we need to let others fight their own battles so they can develop their own strength of character.


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