South Node in 9th house, sagittarius or in aspect to Jupiter   Leave a comment

Those individuals with South Node in 9th house have often had intense experiences due to the dogmatic principles of religion.  They may have had an upbringing which was religious but which failed to prepare them for life or they may have felt that their religious background isolated or made them feel inferior, worthless or depressed.  they may have felt the influence of foreign cultures impinged upon their sense of identity or they may have felt like a minority of one.

There are many various scenarios, blaming God for death of parent, grandparent, sibling or other.  Feeling excluded because of their sexuality, feeling morally inferior to others etc…..

They make decisions often based on both their religious beliefs and the feelings about themselves that their religious upbringing as a child installed in them.  Their beliefs about themselves and their abilities have a huge impact on the choices and decisions they make in life.  This is an area that takes a while and the consequences of the North Node to reveal a more realistic view of who they are and what they can achieve with a sense of self belief will often shock them.  Once this self-confidence begins to develop and starts to impact their decision-making processes they become unstoppable at achieving their goals in life.  These individuals will always strive to make the most ethical decisions in their life and focus on the morality of their actions.

The individual when they begin to incorporate their North Node begins to realise that there is no one defined set of moral standards, that dogma is separate from the spiritual wisdom contained in all ancient religions and belief systems.  They begin to find their own wisdom and values.  They find their own inner guide to their own truths.  With this and an added sense of self confidence they are capable of expressing themselves in ways that attract support for their beliefs and causes in life.

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