South Node in 7th house, Libra or in aspect to Venus   Leave a comment


Individuals with south Node in 7th tend to have an understanding of all the many types of relationships people have.  Their family dynamic was often centred around their parents relationship and how well they were relating to one another.  As children they soon learnt to pick up on subtle signals as a way of knowing how the atmosphere was going to be like and whether they should stay clear of both parents for a while.

Because of this they tend to make decisions based on how their relationships with others will be affected, the state of their relationships also impact on the decisions they make and they can struggle to make a decision because of the different views of others that are important to them.  There is a need to understand that although it is important to listen to a wide variety of views, ultimately we must make our own choices based on the best information we have and it is fine to reach a different decision than others because we all must live with our own choices in life.  As they mature and they get the feedback from the consequences of decisions from the North Node their confidence to go against the grain of common thought develops and they become more comfortable dealing with those times they have to stand alone in the decisions they make.

As these individuals mature and embrace their North Node they learn not to be as sensitive to the signals of others, and relax more with other people instead of constantly trying to engage others moods.  These people begin to realize that all families are different but dysfunctional in their own way and begin to feel more secure in who they are as an individual.



Posted June 14, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Nodes, South Node

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