South Node in 6th house, in Virgo or in aspect to Mercury   Leave a comment


Individuals with South Node in 6th house have often had experiences with parents and/ or others who needed help with care, these individuals were often young carers who are used to putting the needs of others first. They needed to be practical and to think about ways in which they could help others do things easier.

This practical yet caring attitude is how they tend to make decisions, they tend to think of the practical implications their decisions and actions have on others and whether it is likely to be a help or a hindrance to others.  They are naturally able to see the practicalities of decisions especially when it comes to the most effective way to go about completing a task.  Their decisions and actions tend to be methodical but this process can easily be disturbed by random events which throws them off balance at times.  As they embrace the consequences of their actions through the North Node they have an opportunity to become more relaxed and less effected by random events as they see the effects are not deadly and certainly not worth the worrying they sometimes endure.

As they begin to develop their North Node they also begin to understand that they are not put on this earth to look after everybody, as important as it is to care, we are supposed to be interdependent on each other and share duties and responsibilities equally.  This sometimes takes time for them to understand as they derive a lot of pleasure helping others but it is important for them to let go at times.

This means that the 6th house person has to learn to resist the urge to take over and to organize others, they learn to trust in others abilities and to let people grow by allowing them the opportunity to help.  allowing others to take some of these responsibilities helps them develop a sound understanding of moral responsibilities and duties we all share.


Posted June 14, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Nodes, South Node

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