South Node in 5th house, in leo or in aspect to Sun   Leave a comment


South Node in the 5th individuals have a gift for entertaining others with their bright disposition.  Often these individuals from an early age brought consolation and happiness to close family members with chronic illness or disability.  They learnt early on in life how to cheer people up and entertain them.  They have a gift for making others laugh and seeing the funny side of life.

Their sunny disposition shines through in the decisions they make in life, their self belief is also an important aspect of this decision making process and when it is low their decisions reflect their lack of confidence and are more likely to be conservative. However as their North Node begins to help them assess the consequences of their actions their confidence increases and they realise they can achieve much in life

These individuals once they start to embrace there North Node consequences often become comfortable speaking out on such issues as childhood trauma and low self esteem, they understand the many people whose circumstances and needs cut them off from many of the ordinary pleasures in life.  Born entertainers these people are often found in show-business, amateur dramatics / operatics or choirs where they can and often do entertain the armed forces, elderly and the sick.  They see the importance of having a positive attitude and being able to laugh in the darkest of hours and they make decisions that tend to bring light, laughter and fun into the lives of others.  There is a very creative aspect to the decisions and actions they take and they are likely to use their creativity to draw attention to the things they deem important in life as well as making others think at times.

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Posted June 14, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Nodes, South Node

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