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Individuals with South Node in 2nd have a lot of energy focused on their need for security.  We all have different needs to make us feel safe and secure with South Node in 2nd what ever those needs are, personal, career, financial, family the individual will be focused on ensuring they are met.  Usually these individuals have experienced some lack of security or stability early on in life and as such are driven to ensure their own needs are met and they have a safety net as adults.

These people work hard and generally like to save some money for a rainy day they are not mean or frugal they just like to be prepared for the worst. They also like to protect; property, family, business, romances, reputation – all of these things are important to these people and they have difficulty letting go of any of them.

This affects the decisions they make as they are unlikely to want to attempt anything too risky that would make them vulnerable they are usually quite level-headed when it comes to choices, this does not mean they are boring or uncreative quite the opposite at times and their choices often reflect their creativity and good taste.  They can find themselves stubborn when it comes to making decisions they tend to stick to them even if it would be much easier to change direction and try a different route.

They begin to accept that we cannot control everything as they get older and experience the consequences of their action through the North Node.  Accepting nothing can make us immune to the traumas of life helps them to put things into balance and helps them to expand energy on friendship and in personal growth as well as security.  Realising the importance of friends and inner security is important for these people and this happens often when they face unforeseen consequences and find out who they can depend upon.

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Posted June 14, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Nodes, South Node

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