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Individuals with South node in 1st house know all about the struggle just to survive and grow in a hostile world.  They have had to focus their energy on meeting their own needs and obtaining the resources necessary for survival.  These individuals may be viewed as sex symbols or have unwanted attention focused on them from an early age, they have definitely spent their early years fighting for what they want in most cases either they have been at the receiving end of negative attention or they have been over exposed to positive attention from doting parents and have to begin to readjust their perceptions of themselves.

Both these situations can be difficult to deal with, the individual has to relearn who they are from scratch; they need to reassess their abilities, skills and talents, and begin to work out their capabilities as adults.  This is something most begin to do in adult-hood but it is a continuous process of readjustment and as they commit to adult relationships and begin to incorporate their North Node reactions to the consequences of their choices these individuals will find it becomes easier to form realistic expectations of themselves and others.

When it comes to making decisions they are very reactive and tend to go with their gut feeling a lot of the time, they are unafraid of making tough decisions and their choices are often bold and sometimes rash.  They tend to be very honest in the choices and decisions they make unafraid to just go after what they want in a direct and open manner this can be intimidating for others who are less direct in their approach but these individuals actions are direct and open and you tend to know exactly where you are with them which earns them a lot of fans.  They are capable of rushing head first into things but having earned some big bumps and bruises to that head they learn through the consequences of such actions to think three steps ahead.

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Posted June 14, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Nodes, South Node

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