South Node in 10th house, Capricorn or aspect to Saturn   Leave a comment

Individuals with south node in the 10th have often had to take on the adult role even as little children.  Often these individuals have taken on the responsibility of protecting a vulnerable parent from the harsh realities of life. They may also have had to take responsibility for younger siblings due to circumstances.

These people are sometimes forced into responsibility for other reasons, being groomed to take over a family business,  A famous example is Prince William with his South Node in Capricorn in the first and Jupiter conjunct MC.  He knows he was born to be King, that Jupiter MC (Midheaven) means he has always been in the public-eye he has always had ever move watched and examined.  This responsibility or duty to behave appropriately to put the needs of his country first is something he has been prepared for all through his childhood.

Here decisions are often made from the point of fulfilling responsibilities and duties to others rather than personal choice.  They choose the best practical options in the circumstances they find themselves in and are capable of making choices that involve a lot of hard work on their part.  They rarely make spontaneous decisions early in life preferring to reflect on the options available but as they mature and the consequences of their choices leave them with much more opportunities in life they relax more and are much more spontaneous and outgoing.

When the individual matures and embraces their North node consequences of assuming responsibility for others they learn to address their emotional needs and place more emphasis on what they need rather than assuming responsibility for others when they are capable of meeting their own needs.  These people learn to balance their responsibilities with their needs and through personal relationships learn to seek the support of others as well as giving it. This takes time and as the consequences of letting others take responsibility for their own actions and choices begins to feed back into their decision-making process they become much more relaxed about not needing to be in control of everything.

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Posted June 14, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Nodes, South Node

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