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Individuals with Saturn in Virgo are developing stability and security through development and use of analysis and critical thinking as a tool to serve others.  These individuals are great critical thinkers, they are also very considerate and care deeply about the effects their actions  have on others.


Saturn in Virgo in 1st house,

these individuals sometimes have a knack of turning analysis inward which is never wrong in itself as long as we refrain from being over critical of who we are.  Yes we all have faults but we all have many good points too.  These individuals often like to help others and this too is fine so long as they are not using this to compensate for feelings of inadequacy through over critical evaluation of themselves.


Saturn in Virgo in 2nd house

need to check everything twice, they may have a mild form of OCD in which they need to perform tasks and arrange items in a specific order.  These individuals have their own operating systems and do not take kindly to anyone who messes with their arrangements.  These individuals like structured systems and often need them to cope in the world around them, this makes them great in organizations dependent on this trait such as record keeping, banking etc…..


Saturn in Virgo in 3rd house

individuals are often very particular about grammar.  They have a strong grasp of what good communication skills are and may be employed in a field that utilizes those abilities well, these individuals would make excellent proof readers and are the person to go to if you want your CV given the once over.  Often these individuals have linguistic talents and may speak multiple languages fluently.


Saturn in Virgo in the 4th house,

these individuals are often interested in self-analysis and may also have a profession interest in psychology too. They may work in fields which require them to understand the effects of early parenting on the developing child such as teaching and child care as well as social services and policy making institutions.  These individuals are often influenced in their parenting decisions by the latest research and developments.


Saturn in Virgo in 5th house

individuals are often very witty in an off the cuff manner.  Their ability to analyze should not be turned on their own ego to often as we all have faults and ego’s are delicate things when put under too much inspection.  They need to learn self acceptance often and forgive themselves of their mistakes because they too are human.  These individuals shine in areas where they feel they are helping others grow and develop.  Teaching and especially higher education is a natural place for these individuals to be found, either as researchers or teachers / professors.


Saturn in Virgo in 6th house, t

hese individuals usually have very keen minds they are attracted often to caring professions where they can be of service to mankind but can be found anywhere their practical and sharp minds are needed.  These individuals are good at pattern recognition, analyzing data and recording information accurately which gives them natural abilities in scientific fields and they may be dedicated to finding the next cure for cancer etc…


Saturn in Virgo in 7th house

individuals may have a tendency to over analyze their relationships and go over arguments in their mind.  These individuals often are good at analyzing whats been said and spotting any lies or flaws in your story, which is good in police work but not so good in their private lives.  This tendency is driven by the need for honesty in the relationship to allow the individual to relax and trust the other, however examining everything that is said is never relaxing for anyone.  These individuals may have to learn to let go of the little white lies we all tell in relationships and learn when it is important to question what we are told.


Saturn in Virgo in 8th house,

these individuals may seek explanations and reasons for the most horrific acts that man perpetrates in order to understand and come to term with these atrocities.  They may have a fascination of the minds of serial killers, brutal dictators and others, this interest may be professional such as the psychologist or author.  They may also have a vocation involving the collection of data and analysis of crime figures as a means of identifying vulnerabilities within the system that may need correcting.  Their occupation may be involved in exposing these individuals to the darker side of life such as a secretarial position in a legal firm for example.


Saturn in Virgo in 9th

house individuals may be attracted to areas such as anthropology where they study the differences in cultures either as an interest or part of their profession.  These individuals may have an occupation that requires them to develop an understanding of other cultures, such as foreign office or large multinational corporations.  Whatever their occupation these individual often have developed a good grasp of cultural diversity although some individuals may be over critical of other cultures with this aspect many will be fascinated by the different outlooks.


Saturn in Virgo in 10th

house these individuals may be very successful at running their own business having started from scratch.  They have used their talents and analytical skills to find the perfect niche for them.  Whatever their occupation you can be certain the public recognises their ability to analyze the information and have a good grasp of the facts at hand.  They seem to be able to respond to any question in an informed and assured manner which may lead them into the political field at some point.


Saturn in Virgo in 11th

house these individuals may serve the general public in one of the service industries such as health or social care. These individuals may be very good at providing care, in a calm and responsible manner.  There is a talent often for medicine and medical research.  These individuals often are innovators of their chosen field.


Saturn in Virgo in 12th

house these individuals may have faced difficulties such as dyslexia, or OCD and have used their experiences to help others that are in the same situation.  They may have become advocates for specific issues drawing attention and informing others of what these entail.  These individuals may also have chronic health conditions that have limited their choices.



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