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Individuals with Saturn in Taurus like stability in their emotional lives.  These people like to know where they are with others and don’t like too many changes.  These individual are very practical by nature and live in the real world, where time is money.

Saturn in Taurus in 1st

house individuals need to feel secure and safe.  They are driven to create stability in their professional and family life, to create a nice home where they feel safe and secure from the outside world.  These people will work hard to achieve the stability they crave and are insecure of making changes that may undermine any security they already have.  As parents they are aware their children depend on them for emotional security and are very affectionate and practical, creating a safe trusting environment for them to grow up in.  They are very sensitive to the needs of their children and prefer a structured predictable routine to their day that helps the child feel more secure.  In long term relationships they seek a partner who is emotionally stable and secure in who they are as a person.


Saturn in Taurus in 2nd

house individuals need financial and emotional stability and they will focus this energy on creating a secure emotional base in life, that centres on their home, family and friends.  These people develop a strong emotional constitution helping them to withstand whatever storms life may throw at them.  They can however be stubborn in their viewpoint and don’t react to change well as all change is unpredictable in outcome to a certain degree.  As a parent they are very focused on ensuring they have the financial security and emotional security that children need and feel it is their responsibility to provide the best for their children in regards to quality of life and emotional richness.  In long term erlationships they seek a partner who is very stable emotionally and responsible financially.


Saturn in Taurus in 3rd

house individuals, are often dogmatic in their thought processes, they find comfort in the classical world, often escaping into the realms of Dickens, Bronte or Austen.  These individuals like to put ideas into practice and are the ones who will find a practical use for the abstract idea.  They are driven to find security in the world of ideas, communication and learning.  They may be the teachers / College Professors who fail to cope in the real world but thrive in the structure of the classroom.  As parents they are very conscious of the benefits a good education gives children and they will focus on ensuring their children have the best start in life by actively participating in their learning experience and setting up good homework routines and sleeping patterns.  In long term relationships they seek a partner who is emotionally mature and able to express their feelings eloquently.


Saturn in Taurus in 4th

house individuals know their home is their castle.  These individuals feel safe and secure in the arms of a loving family.  These individuals may not have experienced this security as youngsters and work hard as adults to create what they missed out on.  Their energy is focused on creating a safe and secure home base, making them great parents and able providers.  As parents they like to ensure their home is safe, calm and secure as an environment.  They are very caring, nurturing and stable parents who like to set reasonable expectations on their children.  In long term relationships they seek a caring, nurturing, stable and emotionally responsive partner.


Saturn in Taurus in 5th

house need the reassurance of others to enable them to develop their self-esteem.  They may be very gifted in artistic areas and need the reassurance to pursue these gifts, they often establish sound careers in the entertainment industry and may be managers or talent scouts.  Their need for recognition often drives them on to be performers.  As parents they are focused on letting their child develop their own inner sense of security, they are likely to spend a great deal of time in artistic pursuits with their child such as art, dancing or music.  In long term relationships they seek a partner who is emotionally mature and confident enough to be the centre of attention and shine in public.


Saturn in 6th

house individuals find security through helping and caring for others.  These individuals invest a lot of time and effort into being of service to their fellow man, and derive a lot of self validation in doing so.  These people may be found in the caring professions especially but anywhere they can interact with the public and provide service suits them from local grocer that delivers to his elderly customers to district nurses.  As parents they are nurturing, protective and enjoy spending time baking and gardening with their children and teaching them all about the natural resources they have at their disposal.  They place great emphasis on learning and education as a way of providing security in later life through obtaining qualifications.  In long term relationships they seek a partner who is emotionally mature, intelligent, capable, nurturing and compassionate.


Saturn in Taurus in 7th

house, these individuals seek security in their personal relationships, once these individuals commit there is no going back.  These individuals often struggle when their other half is absent sleeping better when they are there.  Just having the presence of those important people in their life is enough to provide the security they seek, some people need money or property to feel secure these individuals just need friends and family.  They have the capacity to develop their ability to relate to others and understand their needs into a professional structure such as therapy.  As parents they provide a secure and stable environment where their children are encouraged to come to them to discuss their problems and issues.  In long term relationships they seek a partner who is graceful, elegant and stylish, with an emotional maturity that enables them to socialise comfortably.


Saturn in Taurus in 8th

house, being secure is an intense issue for individuals with this aspect.  They have memories of being in intense situations, of sudden loss that often drive complex power game situations in their lives.  These individuals may struggle letting go of friends or lovers because of their insecurities, they may also struggle with trust issues and jealousy. These people need a lot of understanding and compassion to help them move forward.  they may also be the ones perpetually caught up in others power games.  As parents they provide a safe, secure and stable environment from which they begin to expose their children to themes of sex, death and sickness as part of the natural cycle of life.  They slowly introduce these themes in a secure environment that allows their children to come to terms with these issues in their own way secure in the knowledge that their parents are there for them.  In a long term relationship they seek a partner who is emotionally secure within themselves yet deeply passionate and intense in their expression of emotions.


Saturn in Taurus in the 9th

house, need the security their faith gives them whether that faith is in religion or science these individuals see it as the structure around which they have to build their lives.  They may be passionately involved in ecology and green issues as much as anyone can be passionately involved in their religion.  These individuals find security in living by their beliefs whatever they may be.  As parents they educate their children to respect the planet they live on and to develop awareness of all the different cultures we share the planet with.  They believe in developing their children’s moral, philosophical and religious principles as part of being a well rounded and complete individual.  In a long term relationship they seek a partner who is bold, adventurous, ethical, emotionally secure and fulfilled.


Saturn in Taurus in 10th

house individuals are focused on providing security and safety for those they are responsible for and with these individuals that may be a lot of people.  These individuals may be at the helm of large companies or hold important positions in government whatever their position they take their duties and responsibilities seriously and need to feel they have done everything possible to fulfill their obligations.  As parents they believe the responsibility for their children’s security and safety lies firmly with them and they believe in setting ground rules that keep them protected as much as possible.  They believe in taking the duties that family brings seriously and are very conscious that they themselves are role models for their children.  In a long term relationship they seek a partner who is very practical, responsible, stable and strong willed.


Saturn in Taurus in 11th

house individuals are often used to people coming into and leaving their lives from an early age they can adapt to being part of a new family or group easily because of this.  However because of this constant change in early environment these individuals have very little time for those that are flighty preferring more mature characters who have an aura of security about them.  They also are good at making friendships but find people becoming to close difficult to handle.  As parents they believe it is their duty to create adults who are independent and fully capable of looking after themselves with a secure sense of who they are and their worth as individuals.  They believe in having a few important ground rules for children but leaving plenty of space for their unique personalities to develop and are quite idealistic and expect their children to develop their own moral compass and set of ethics.  In a long term relationship they seek a partner who is emotionally stable, independent with strongly developed sense of ideals and values.


Saturn in Taurus in 12th

house individuals realise that we all have our issues with insecurity and they can cause us all to behave irrationally at times.  They understand the need to find stability to counter emotional insecurity is fundamental to us all.  They also know that the only way to find stability is to address where our insecurities stem from.  They are very sensitive to others who have been particularly vulnerable in younger life and may choose a career in this field.  As parents they are very sensitive to their children’s emotional needs and tend to adapt to the needs of their child.  They may address issues from  their own childhood through their children choosing to be the opposite of their own parents.  In a long term relationship they seek a partner who is sensitive, stable, deep and able to respond to their needs intuitively.




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