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Saturn in Scorpio individuals are learning to create stability and security whist recognizing the impermanence of life and the boundaries of being a living organism that naturally decays.  These individuals are capable of handling the necessities of life that others often baulk at such as working with the dead.

Saturn in Scorpio in the first house

individuals are learning to live within the boundaries of their own mortality and human frailties.  These individuals may experience sickness and death in their lives early on as a reminder of the fragility of human existence.  These individuals are very aware of the natural cycle and how it affects us all, they may often be found trying dangerous or high risk sports aware of the dangers involved in doing so.


Saturn in Scorpio in 2nd house

individuals may feel the need to take precautions against illness such as wearing mask during flu epidemic as a protective measure they may feel the need to ensure everybody’s medical records and vaccinations are up to date just in case.  They may need to face their fears of loss and learn to realistically evaluate the likely hood of any of their imagined scenarios ever happening.


Saturn in Scorpio in 3rd house

individuals may have a fascination with death and sickness or horror stories that enables them to explore these themes from the safety, security and comfort of their armchairs.  These individuals may study medicine or be involved in such processes as teaching anatomy, embalming or any other activity involving death and decay.  They may themselves be horror story authors.  These individuals are the ones who love to spook you out come Halloween.

Saturn in Scorpio in the 4th house

individuals may have experiences where they may lose a loved one at a young age.  They may have to come to terms with the fact that even our parents are not with us forever at a younger age than usual.  These individuals are learning that eventually we all lose our loved ones and are left to stand on our own two feet.  This is not an easy fact to grasp whether we are young or old.  These individuals develop a strong inner resilience through their experiences.


Saturn in Scorpio in 5th house

individuals may feel the need to make their mark in the world, they may also tend to be perfectionists in their work as a means of leaving a lasting legacy for others.  These individuals may have a sense that time is precious and that they need to grasp all opportunities while they can in life to benefit from them.  These individuals will shine in whatever field they enter professionally they must however be aware of trying to control or manipulate events in order to succeed.  They already have the strength and capacity for success without resorting to such tactics.


Saturn in Scorpio in 6th

house individuals may work in areas that bring them in contact with frailty of life such as work with the elderly and sick.  These individuals might work in hospices in other roles such as hairdressing, complimentary medicine or volunteer.  Whatever these individuals do they have an awareness of the importance of quality of life and good care.  They may have health issues themselves that brings them into contact with others. They may learn the importance of boundaries in the caring profession as a means of coping with grief.


Saturn in Scorpio in 7th house

individuals may experience issues where they have irrational fears for their loved ones safety or they fear their loved ones leaving them.  These themes express their fear of loss and through their relationships they learn to separate the rational from the irrational and to find stability and security in accepting the need to live for the day in relationships.


Saturn in Scorpio in 8th house

individuals may experience many events in their lives that would shock others, through these shocks and trauma they develop the strength and ability to cope with whatever life throws at them these individuals have a strong stomach for the most unpleasant aspects of life and may choose occupations that reflect their strength.


Saturn in Scorpio in 9th house

individuals may have strong beliefs which enable them to move on when they lose a loved one, on the other hand events like grief may provide a catalyst for changes to their belief system as they ask for answers out with themselves in which case they may either lose their faith or gain a faith after dealing with trauma or loss.  In both cases this helps the individual come to terms and create a stable foundation to overcome their trauma.


Saturn in Scorpio in the 10th house

these individuals may speak out about traumatic issues in their own lives in order to reach others in a similar situation this requires them to develop the stability needed to deal with those issues and regain control of their own lives as successful individuals.  These individuals are often survivors who become capable of surviving the most extreme of circumstances.


Saturn in Scorpio in 11th house

individuals may deal with issues of death violence and abuse as part of their work these individuals often have a professional distance from these events as a source of protection.  These individuals are often very caring and understanding of others who have mental health issues etc. due to shock and trauma.  They have a natural ability to calm these individuals often.


Saturn in Scorpio in 12th house

these individuals may have experiences that help them feel connected to loved ones that have passed over they may deal with grief and trauma through their belief systems and spiritual teachings.  these individuals may also seek to understand events from many different perspectives such as an eternal one.  They may seek to find their own meaning in the trials and traumas they experience throughout life as a method of finding stability, security and continuity in their own spiritual path.



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