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Individuals with Saturn in Sagittarius are learning to develop appropriate boundaries and structure in relation to defining themselves through their belief system and culture. These individuals are aware of the effects that circumstance can have on the opportunities in life.


Saturn in Sagittarius in 1st

house individuals are learning to define who they are in terms of their own beliefs and culture.  They are creating structure through defining their own moral standards and ethics.  These individuals are developing a strong foundation of ethical philosophy that enables them to best navigate the course of their life.  They may choose careers which suit and comply with the moral ethics they are personally trying to pursue and may have strong interests in religion or philosophical thought.


Saturn in Sagittarius in 2nd

house these individuals may feel they need the structure of strong moral, philosophical or religious teachings in order to create the stability and structure needed within their lives.  They may hold their beliefs dear to them and feel threatened if those beliefs are challenged.  These individual may feel they need the security of belonging within a group with similar ethics whether that be religious, environmental or animal rights.


Saturn in Sagittarius in 3rd

house individuals may be quite vocal about their beliefs and feel the need to share their moral values and beliefs with others.  These individual may have strong belief that others need their moral guidance, whether that it true or not they may need to come to terms with the fact that others may not appreciate their advice if it is unsolicited.  These individuals may find that writing about their beliefs gives them a voice and allows others to choose to access them when they wish to.


Saturn in Sagittarius in 4th

house these individuals may have been raised in a home with strong moral, philosophical or religious structure.  They may as adults have to discover their own moral and religious outlook on life to find the morals and structure that best suits them.  These individuals may have to come to terms with issues on how their upbringing affected who they are both positively and negatively.


Saturn in Sagittarius in 5th

house these individual may feel that it is their duty or calling in life to impart moral guidance to others.  With this influence there may be an evangelical aspect of wanting to save others from themselves.  These individuals may turn out to be great preachers or spiritual orators drawing in many crowds but Saturn forces the individual to practice what they preach or watch it all collapse.  This may be a powerful lesson for some with this aspect to be more honest and humble in their religious or spiritual outlook.


Saturn in Sagittarius in 6th

house individuals may feel they need to serve some higher purpose in life and to put the moral and ethical beliefs they hold into practice through a commitment to a cause or through serving their fellow-man, this provides the structure and stability they seek in life.  Through this service they may come to question the validity of their morals or ethics and may become a fuller more rounded individual due to this process.


Saturn in Sagittarius in 7th

house individuals may have to incorporate different belief systems or cultures into their lives as a result of personal relationships. these individuals may have to form a structure that enables them to live in two worlds without feeling uncomfortable or in denial of their own heritage.  These individuals may also experience different cultures through their lifestyle choices or careers and develop a special connection to those cultures they have experienced and the people they met.


Saturn in Sagittarius in 8th

house individuals may turn to moral, philosophical or religious teaching after a traumatic life event as a means of providing a secure foundation to their redeveloping self-esteem or psyche.  These individual may also have the opposite reaction and lose all faith after a trauma that forces them to question the validity of their beliefs.  In both cases these individuals recreate their own moral and religious belief system after trauma to meet their true needs and provide the stability they need.


Saturn in Sagittarius in 9th

house these individuals may have very strong beliefs on religious teachings and they may focus their lives in following those convictions and teaching others what they hold to be true.  These individuals may be religious or philosophical teachers and they will most probably be charismatic speakers who inspire others with their words and thoughts.  However they may need to ensure they are living up to the principles they espouse.


Saturn in Sagittarius in 10th

house, these individuals may be known locally or nationally for their moral, philosophical or religious stance.  They may refuse to remove religious items of clothing or to fulfill requests at work that go against their moral philosophy.  These individuals may also be whistle blowers who speak out on abuses of power within the system.  These individuals may become well-known for their commitment to causes such as the environment.


Saturn in Sagittarius in 11th

house individuals may choose an occupation which involves philosophy, ethics, religion or moral evaluations.  They may be involved in medical ethics or an army padre, whatever way they are involved these individuals tend to take an emotional step back from their beliefs and use commonsense and logic in relating to people and their vulnerabilities.


Saturn in Sagittarius in 12th

house these individuals are often learning the to redefine their own moral and religious values to incorporate their own spiritual understanding of their lives through the trials and ordeals which they encounter.  They may redefine their religious beliefs to take into account their own interpretation of their experiences.



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