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Individuals with Saturn in Libra are learning all about appropriate boundaries in their relationship with others and creating a stable self-identity to relate with others.  These individuals are very balanced in their approach to life and believe in being just and fair in all their dealings this ethos may attract business to them if they are self employed.  These individuals have great skills in understanding the difficulties we all face as humans in an unpredictable world.


Saturn in Libra in 1st

house individuals may have been very open towards others as a youngster and may have been hurt by lack of boundaries that prevented others from gaining too much access to their private lives.  These individuals often swing from being to open to being to closed in their relationships until they get over that initial wounding and learn to create more of a balance between the two extremes.


Saturn in Libra in 2nd

house individuals may need to know an individual very well before they open up and tend to be guarded in their relationships with others.  These individuals may be very polite and well-mannered but block any access to their private lives.  These individuals need to feel secure in their relationships and may take a while to commit within a relationship but once these individuals do there is no turning back for them.


Saturn in Libra in 3rd

house individuals may be learning an appropriate level of information sharing in their relationship with others they may have an experience where their trust is broken and they learn to be more guarded with whom they reveal the more intimate details of their lives with.  These individuals may also work in public relations where the skills of guarding what is said is invaluable.


Saturn in Libra in 4th

house individuals may be learning about appropriate family relationships and boundaries.  These individuals may be learning the importance of boundaries in the way we relate to parents and other adults as children. They may have had authoritarian parents for example and decide to bring their children up in the opposite extreme before learning that respect and appropriate boundaries are necessary in some form.


Saturn in Libra in 5th

house individuals may be developing a strong and more secure sense of themselves in order to relate to others more honestly and openly without fear of rejection.  These individuals may be good at interactions that involve an audience such as the performing arts where they are comfortable stepping out of themselves to relate to others.  They may also use artistic expression such as fashion to make a statement about who they are either as designers or as individuals with their own style.


Saturn in Libra in the 6th

house individuals May be learning to say no and when it is appropriate to help and when they should take a step back.  These individuals may feel compelled to say yes and take on others responsibilities, only when they see this is being misused do they realise they must learn to say no.  These individuals skills are better used by those professions that need them such as the caring vocations.


Saturn in Libra in the 7th

house these individuals may be learning the differences in appropriate responses in relationship to personal, professional and social relationships developing better boundaries and stable understanding of the differences in each relationship. These individuals may make good bosses who can appear to get down to the same level as their work force.


Saturn in Libra in 8th

house individuals are often learning to erect appropriate boundaries as a means of protection from manipulation and power games by others.  These individuals may have learnt that appropriate boundaries and a secure self-identity is essential as a means of protection against abuse and psychological acts of aggression by others.


Saturn in Libra in 9th

house individuals may be learning to adjust their personal boundaries in relation to others of different cultural backgrounds with different social and cultural boundaries and taboos.  They may live or work abroad or in contact with many different cultures which require them to understand what is and is not appropriate.  They may also have difficulty learning to relate to people of different cultures who break their social taboos unknowingly.


Saturn in Libra 10th

house individuals may be learning to develop appropriate boundaries in the work place.  They may be in a position at some point in life where they have earned promotion above their friends and colleagues this challenges them to develop appropriate boundaries at work to enable them to perform appropriately in managerial roles.  they may also have a change in circumstance in the opposite direction and may need to develop appropriate relationships to colleagues they once held managerial authority over.


Saturn in Libra in 11th

house individuals may have to develop their confidence in their own self to enable them to relate to others as a unique individual unafraid of stepping out of the norm and being different.  These individuals may have to learn there are always boundaries in how far we can go even as unique individuals we must also be aware that we affect the feelings and emotions of others by our actions.


Saturn in Libra in 12th

house individuals may be developing a strong sense of self in their personal relationships that may be sparked by the need to address their issues in order to avoid entering dysfunctional relationships and learning self-sufficiency.  these individuals may have some relationships at a young age that make them see the importance of being strong within yourself in all relationships.



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