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Saturn in Leo is all about creating a stable sense of personal identity, and self actualisation.  These individual are aware of the need to put their talents to good use in life and are capable of rising to the top of their chosen profession.  As parents they are fiercely loyal and protective of their children.

Saturn in Leo in the 1st

house individuals are aware of the need to develop confidence in who they are and their capabilities in life.  These individuals may swing from feelings of high self-esteem to low as youngsters until they develop the stability needed to see that failures and successes do not define us,  As they become older these individuals grow in self-confidence and awareness, this enables them to focus on both their career and personal life as a means of becoming better acquainted with who they truly are and understanding their attributes better.  As parents they are very aware of their responsibility to protect their children and they are very defensive of any criticism targeted at them.  These individuals are aware that their children need to be supported and encouraged to develop strong self-esteem and self confidence.


Saturn in Leo 2nd

house individuals need to develop a realistic expectation of themselves especially as youngsters.  These individuals may place too much expectations on themselves or they may have been placed their by others, but they will work towards developing a secure understanding of who they are and what they want out of life.  Once they begin to fulfill their own expectations these individuals will feel more secure and comfortable with their own identity.  As parents they are very stable emotionally and create a safe and secure environment that encourages self expression, self confidence and boosts self-esteem.


Saturn in Leo in 3rd

house individuals are learning there are many different facets to their personality and to incorporate all these aspects into their sense of self.  These individuals are learning the many dimensions of their personality are all valid and are creating a structure that enables them to express all these aspects of their character.  They may do so by writing fiction that represents their different sides or just being open and honest with others about aspects of our ego we tend to hide such as greed, pride and envy.  The person with this aspect may be practising Buddhism etc where looking honestly at all aspects of the ego is important.  As parents they are aware of the developing personality and believe in exposing their children to a wide variety of experiences that help them to discover their own individual taste.  They believe in spending time with children talking and reading with them and exploring their ideas.


Saturn in Leo in 4th

house, the individual with this aspect is usually very aware of how family gives us a sense of self and this person tens to get a great deal of their self-esteem from family whether that is as a good parent, son / daughter or caring sibling these individuals are aware their sense of self comes from the family and community they were raised up in.  Being part of the community is an important part of their lives and they will show dedication to community issues and community activities such as drama societies etc……


Saturn in Leo in 5th

house individuals are learning to create a sense of self that is not dependent on others views of them as youngsters this is particularly hard.  As these individuals get older they usually become very honest in their views and opinions whether people like them or not.  They are comfortable with who they are in this stage of life and accept their ego for what it is without feeling pressured to conform to any perceived stereotype.


Saturn in Leo in 6th

house individuals are usually extremely helpful and caring this is how they see themselves usually as worthwhile caring individuals.  Often these individuals need to learn that they have intrinsic value as a human being without having to earn it, that they are valued in themselves as a person.  They are generally sweet people who need to recognise their self-worth more.


Saturn in Leo in 7th

house individuals are often learning to balance their identity through relationships.  Early on in life these individuals may get their sense of self from their relationships as they grow older they learn to form a picture of themselves that is not dependent on validation from others.  often these individuals are good at reading responses and as they mature they use this skill as a good communicator instead of seeking the validation they once needed.


Saturn in Leo in 8th

house individuals are often learning to create a stable sense of self in the most traumatic of events.  They may have experienced trauma that left them with little sense of who they are as youngsters and they are learning to develop a stronger sense of personality.  they may have had parents with strong personalities or personality disorders which overwhelmed their own sense of self as adults they have become secure in who they are and what they need from life.  This experience makes it difficult for others to manipulate them and they may well work in areas where this is an important skill.


Saturn in Leo in 9th

house these individuals are often forming a secure sense of identity that incorporates their world view whatever that may be.  These individuals may be a minority religion in the area they live and may be learning how to be confident as a Christian in a predominantly Muslim society or vice versa.  Whatever the back ground they are developing the confidence to be open and honest in expression of beliefs whether they are an atheist, Buddhist or whatever these individuals are learning to be comfortable with who they are irrespective of others opinions.


Saturn in Leo in 10th

house these individuals may well be in the lime light for some reason, they are learning not to believe their own press, to develop and maintain a sense of who they are as a person irrespective of public opinion and curiosity.  These individuals may be developing a strong sense of identity as a means of being able to speak out on issues for which they may be ridiculed.


Saturn in Leo in 11th

house these individuals are often developing their sense of identity as a unique person who does not have to fit in with the crowd.  Their developed security in who they are enables them to express their own individuality more confidently.  These individuals are often artistic in some form and like to challenge mainstream ideas.


Saturn in Leo in 12th

house these individuals are often learning to form a strong sense of identity whilst developing an understanding of how their own individuality is part of a whole, either through spiritual beliefs or other means these individuals often come to terms with their egos as part of the divine within us all.  These individuals may also become aware of the subtle forms of spiritual egotism and the realisation that the ego is never escaped.



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