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Saturn in Gemini individuals are very structured thinkers and communicators.  These individuals can follow ideas through to their natural conclusion, pick out the faults and make any adaptions necessary.  These individuals have great skill in gathering information from all sources and sifting through it to find the best solution to a problem.  They are fun parents who like to spend time just playing and being with their children.


Saturn in Gemini in 1st

house individuals are perpetual learners, they love finding out more about anything that inspires or relates to them.  There is something of the orator or author in them because of their strong inner voice.  These individuals can be very passionate speakers and others often respect that honesty and passion they convey when talking about the issues of the day.  As parents they believe in being with their children playing and discovering the world around them together, they are willing to put off tasks just to spend time just being with their children and enjoying their time together.  In long term relationships they seek a partner who is clever, witty and fun to be with.


Saturn in Gemini 2nd

house individuals have a need to express themselves through writing or other creative means these people need books and the other arts as a way of exploring the inner workings of the mind and understanding themselves anew.  They are drawn to find stability and emotional security through self-expression and may become successful writers, journalists or reporters who deal in  the insecurity of life through their writing.  As parents they enjoy playing and being with their children but are always aware that they are the parent and it is their job to ensure their child feels loved and secure enough to venture off on their own at times safe in the knowledge that they are around.  They believe in giving them the confidence to try things on their own.  In long term relationships they seek a partner who is clever, witty, emotionally stable and secure enough to socialise with everybody.


Saturn in Gemini in 3rd

house individuals are fascinated by how the mind works and all the various ways we are unique in our thinking patterns.  These people like to understand the inner workings of the mind and may be pop psychologists at heart.  They have a way of gathering vast amounts of information and are a fount of knowledge if a little haphazard in their organisational skills.  As parents they love playing, reading and just being with their children they put a lot of effort into helping them become more independent and confident in their own abilities.  They believe in opening up their children to a large variety of experiences whether that is food or new places they like to expose them to as much stimulation as possible.  In long term relationships they seek a partner who is very chatty, clever and eloquent with a large sense of fun and humour.


Saturn in Gemini in 4th

house individuals need a stable family life to return home to at the end of the day.  These individuals may be wanderers and explorers but at the end of the day they always return to their home.  home to these individuals is wherever they feel safe and secure, whether it is family or friends their home is more than a building a town or a country it is where they feel they belong.  These people can handle almost anything as long as there is a home to return to.  As parents they are very caring and nurturing with an instinctual understanding of their child’s emotions.  They love spending time with their children, playing, reading and exploring the world around them before returning home to their secure little paradise.  In a long term relationship they seek a partner who is sensitive, nurturing, witty, open, outgoing and intuitive.


Saturn in Gemini in 5th

house individuals are natural entertainers they shine whenever we need to be reminded to laugh or smile.  These individuals know that if we didn’t laugh we’d cry, behind their mad-cap foolish escapades is the serious realisation that life is only what we make of it.  If you have a friend with this aspect keep a hold of them because no matter how black things look they will always put a smile on your face whilst they wipe away the tears.  These people can be deadly serious and funny at the same time that is a unique talent and their wit is enjoyed by many.  As parents they belief in installing self confidence in their children and work on giving them the confidence in their own ability to do things on their own without constant supervision.  They spend a lot of time on creative play with their children and encourage their imagination through games and art. In a long term relationship they seek a partner who is bold, creative, witty, charming and entertaining company.


Saturn in Gemini in 6th

house, these individuals love a good cause, they are attracted to defending the weak and the excluded within society. These people believe in founding stable structures for the poor and needy, whether that is good health care, hospices or better services for the elderly.  You may find these individuals involved in some way, often as advocates or as political activists.  As parents they are very nurturing, selfless and caring with a strong belief in play, experiencing new places or food as a way of developing and stimulating the mind.  They are very keen to develop their child’s ability to think things through for themselves and work out solutions to their problems as part of becoming an independent adult.  In long term relationships they seek a partner who is nurturing, caring, selfless, intelligent and capable of looking after others needs first.


Saturn in Gemini in 7th

house, these individuals like to see all sides of the argument aired.  They are slow to make judgements knowing that there are always many sides, each often equally valid.  These people may work in areas that exposes them to different outlooks on life where fair and unbiased judgements need to be made.  As parents they love spending time just listening and talking with their children and are fascinated by the way their minds work at times.  They are good at opening their children up to many different points of view and experiences through encouraging them to socialise as much as possible with other children and learning to solve their own disputes and quarrels.  In a long term relationship they seek a partner who is graceful, charming, elegant, sociable, witty and intelligent.


Saturn in Gemini in 8th

house individuals have a deep interest in psychology, they are able to explore the depths of despair and communicate with others inner demons.  Whether they are psychologists or crime writers they like to take a peak at the darkness the thrives within us all.  these individuals may be authors of shocking horrors and thrillers, or undertakers comforting the bereaved but whatever they do nothing seems to shock them.  As parents they believe in helping their children to become independent in a world where there are unknown dangers that can face all of us.  These parents believe in preparing their children without frightening them by being as honest as possible and setting sensible restrictions.  They speak openly about stranger danger without intimidating their children, they educate them to the outside world by providing sensible advise about what they need to do in certain situations.  Although they realise their children need to be independent this is an emotional issue for them which they tend to hide their irrational fears.  In a long term relationship they seek a partner who is witty, deep, intense, passionate and who sees deeply to the heart of any matter.


Saturn in Gemini in 9th

house individuals can appear narrow-minded in their outlook sometimes, if they are not open to other religious and cultural views of the world.  These people tend to view the world through their religious outlook whatever it may be.  They may need to develop a larger and more comprehensive world view by travel and interaction with other cultures doing this also gives them the ability to draw different cultures and religions together to enable them to appreciate the best in each of them.  In this role they may become the peacemakers of the world.  As parents they love to participate in outdoor activities such as treks and adventure trails with their children.  They love spending time going on adventures with their children and discovering new places and people along the way.  They place a great focus on helping them realising their are many ways to see the world and many different beliefs and cultures to explore and discuss together helping them to expand their perspectives.  In a long term relationship they seek a partner who is bold, adventurous and daring with a keen mind and high ethical standards.


Saturn in Gemini in 10th

house individuals are natural politicians, they have an understanding of the public needs and issues of the day, exuding an air of confidence and capability they are expert in securing the trust of their fellow-man.  These individuals have something of a ‘safe pair of hands’ air about them, that helps them progress in whatever field they chose.  As parents they are able to help their children learn to take risks and become independent as their practical nature senses how risky a situation really is and puts reasonable precautions in place to allow their children to take risks and gambles secure that they are in no real danger. They like to have ground rules so that their children know what is expected of them in any situation and when they have gone too far.  In a long term relationship they seek a partner who is sensible, practical, witty and open.


Saturn in Gemini in 11th

house individuals are often found in the social arena, social-work, psychiatry, homeless shelters anywhere the excluded need an understanding hand.  These people are foundation builders with a good understanding of the basic needs of humanity, they relate to everybody in a cool but friendly professional manner.  These people whatever their occupation are professionals in what they do.  As parents they like to help the child develop their own understanding of the world around them and become as independent as possible.  They like to open them up to new experiences and prefer their children to make their own mind up when it comes to their own moral and ethical code, although they will enjoy discussions on these topics with them.  In a long term relationship they seek a partner who is changeable, independent, intelligent and free thinking who refuses to conform to social pressures to fit in.


Saturn in Gemini 12th

house individuals may be attracted to learning support, or working with those with special needs or Alzheimer’s.  They understand the difficulties in communication that separate and exclude others but have an intuitive method of communication that helps them overcome any barriers others may have and relate to them.  As parents they struggle at times letting their children do things on their own and taking responsibility for their own actions as they are very protective.  They have great relationships with their children and feel it is important that they are able to come to them with any problem.  In a long term relationship they seek a partner who is intuitive, deep, emotional, witty and able to use their sharp minds to get to the bottom of things.



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