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Saturn in Capricorn individuals are learning to find structure and growth through their responsibilities this includes learning to delegate and limit those responsibilities.  These individuals are very hard working and carry a lot of responsibilities on their broad shoulders.


Saturn in Capricorn in 1st house

individuals are learning to define who they are in relation to their responsibilities.  These individuals may take on more responsibilities than is necessary believing that they have a duty to fulfill.  They may learn that when they take a step back others step up and fulfill their obligations.  These individuals are very capable and often do shoulder a lot of responsibility which they take seriously.


Saturn in Capricorn in 2nd house,

unless you are in charge of the Bank of England there is no need for you to take on so much responsibility or to worry quite as much as you do.  You need to shoulder your own responsibilities not everybody else’s.  You may feel that the finances are all down to you and if you don’t watch the pennies no one else will.  Partnership means sharing and you may need to learn to share some of this responsibility in relationships for both of you because your other half needs to be able to cope responsibly too and you are just the person to teach them.


Saturn in Capricorn in 3rd

house, if you don’t already work as a financial advisor then you should you have an excellent grasp of business and would make an amazing stockbroker.  You may be the one friends and family come to for financial advise, you are older than your years and can explain things naturally to them.  You may be involved in creating your own business and you have the knack for selling yourself and your product down to a fine art.


Saturn in Capricorn in 4th

house individuals are often very traditional and see the roles of nurturer and provider as very important.  These individuals provide both financial and emotional support to their family, they may be the stability and glue that holds things together.  perhaps they may take on too much responsibility, they may want to step back a bit and let their loved ones develop the skills that they have honed in learning to take care of responsibilities.  I have no doubt you have everybody’s best interest at heart you may just need to learn to give them some space to develop.


Saturn in Capricorn in 5th

house individuals are creative entrepreneurs at heart, these people have the ability to create a lasting success in whatever enterprise they decide on.  These individuals may be the ones that become overnight millionaires, but it is not down to luck but the hard work that has gone on behind the scenes.  When it comes to creating a family these individuals tend to be old-fashioned and believe in traditional family structures.  With these individuals there may be a tendency to appear a bit stuffy.


Saturn in Capricorn in 6th

house individuals are often hard workers that enjoy the structure and security of being part of some large Global corporation, whether that is an international company or part of a religious organization.  These individuals tend to see the practicalities of life when it comes to caring and looking after others.  They are often the organizers and strategists behind the scenes planning and taking care of everything.


Saturn in Capricorn in 7th house

individuals like to be in charge they are just more subtle than some about it.  These individuals tend to be good at delegating responsibilities to others because they are able to feel in control without needing to dominate events.  This aspect of their nature is often an attraction to others especially in personal relationship this self-confidence is often found sexy.


Saturn in Capricorn in 8th house i

ndividuals may have some issues with their father but then again who doesn’t.  Individuals with this aspect may rebel against all aspects of their upbringing and they may have good reason to decide to do things differently but deep down there is a part of your personality that is very similar to your parents and needs acknowledge too or it may manifest in unpredictable ways.


Saturn in Capricorn in 9th

house individuals may believe they know God’s will and they may like to tell you exactly what that is.  or they may have had this experience as a child within the home in which case they may be focusing on building their own views and belief system and challenging and adapting whatever beliefs they were raised on to fit who they are as a person.


Saturn in Capricorn in 10th

house individuals may appear very controlled but in a natural way.  These individuals may tend to be reserved and very respectable but behind this there is a very sensual and earthy side that few get to see or experience.  They often have a raw and natural magnetism that comes with a strong personality, and these individuals do have strong personality and are often forthright in telling people exactly what they think.  They have the grace and manners that enable them to do so in a way that earns them more respect most of the time.


Saturn in Capricorn in 11th house

individuals are often seen as practical realists with an inner wisdom that defies their age.  These individuals may ooze a certain charm with their unique down to earth insights into the world around them, they may be the most sage of all combining wisdom with practicality.  There is something ancient about these characters they seem to have a connection to both the ancient past and the future that they can tap into at will.


Saturn in Capricorn in 12th house

individuals may undergo many changes in their lifetimes, it may feel like the have lived many different lives.  These individuals tend to experience their lives through a spectrum of success, loss and redefinition and success once more.  These changes have given these individuals a sense of the irrelevance of success as a passing phase in life.



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