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Saturn in Cancer individuals work on creating a safe and secure family base / home to take off from and to return to.  These individuals are also very practical nurturers and cares.  They see the needs of others and are very intuitive about what needs to be done in order to help them develop.  As parents they are very tuned into their children’s needs.


Saturn in cancer in 1st

house are very aware of their need for stability and security through the home and family.  A man’s home is his castle and this is true for these individuals.   They will defend and protect that castle with all they have. They invest time,energy and money on both of these as the nest egg of the future, they know full well how to look after their property to ensure it increases in value but also to provide a home full of warmth, security and family values. As parents they are well aware that their child depends on them to fulfil their emotional and physical needs they take this responsibility seriously and are very tuned in to what is happening in their lives.  In long term relationships the seek a partner who is caring and nurturing with an intuitive understanding of others emotions.


Saturn in Cancer in 2nd

house individuals are also very similar in being very aware of their need to have a safe home base in life.  Here they may be very security conscious and have many bolts, dead locks and security systems in place.  They may also need the emotional security of friends and family close by.  These people are drawn to ‘Waltons’, ‘Little House on the Prairie’ ideals of what family should be.  With their need to be close to friends and family they may often stay in their home town and never leave.  As parents they are emotionally stable and focused on ensuring their child’s needs are met, they have a very strong bond with their children and intuitively sense when something is wrong.  In long term relationships they seek a partner who is emotionally stable, nurturing and sensitive to the needs of others.


Saturn in Cancer in 3rd

house individuals, take their home with them wherever they go.  They may be small-town individuals in the big-city but that home town never leaves them no matter how long they are away.  These individuals have an easy-going, natural charm that often covers up a very astute mind.  They are practical people but they are capable of very deep insights.  As parents they are very protective and nurturing but aware of the need to prepare their children to become independent adults.  They are intuitive in their relationship to their children and like to put aside time to read together and discuss the day’s events with them.  They are very tuned in to how their children see the world around them and instinctively know how they will react.  In long term relationships they seek a partner who is out-going, intelligent, sensitive and caring.


Saturn in Cancer in 4th

house individuals definitely know home is where the heart is.  These individuals are homebodies and they are completely different when they are in the comfort of their own home, they are more relaxed, spontaneous and fun.  These individuals usually have homes that are full of warmth, family photos and memories.  They are often the ones with a wallet full of photos, to carry around when they have to leave.  If these individuals need a safe and secure home base to cope in life.  As parents the home is definitely the centre of their universe it is likely that the home is full of their children’s friends and the hub of activity.  These individuals create a warm and nurturing environment that makes their children and friends reluctant to leave the warmth and security it offers.  They spend a great deal of time developing their child’s emotional intuition when it comes to responding to others they are encouraged to step into the other person’s shoes and see things from their point of view. In long term relationships they seek a partner who is emotionally sensitive, centred, deep and very intuitive.


Saturn in cancer in 5th

house individuals are natural parents, they understand that all children need boundaries to give them structure and security.  If these individual teach it may be in the early years where that sense of structure is most vital to development.  As parents these individuals are able to provide enough rules to enable their children to feel safe and secure without overwhelming them with petty dictates. They also give them plenty of praise and affection to develop their sense of self-esteem and encourage their children to express themselves creatively through art, music and dance. These individuals may also work in Prison / justice system where they help adults find the structure and stability lacking in their lives.  In long term relationships they seek a partner who is creative, deep, nurturing, emotionally expressive, entertaining and fun to be with.


Saturn in cancer in 6th

house individuals are usually dedicated hard-working soles often within the caring professions.  They are able to relate to people well with people whatever their occupation they have a way of making everyone feel special, these people usually go the extra mile for everyone and they expect the best of people, which has the effect of making others try their hardest to fulfil those ideals.  As parents they believe in setting a good example to their children, they are very nurturing, caring, considerate and intuitive when it comes to their children they are very expressive and like to give plenty of hugs and affection.  They believe in teaching their children to be considerate of the feelings of others and to share with them.  They expect their children to try their best at whatever they do and to be honest and sensitive to others.  In long term relationships they seek a partner who is nurturing, intelligent, sensitive, selfless and hard working.


Saturn in Cancer in 7th

house individuals put a lot of emotional energy into their personal relationships.  these people like to be part of a team and work well with others they are good listeners and are great at being able to pull a team together.  These people are good at any type of mediation work they understand how we are all different yet similar in the needs we have.  As parents they expect their children to be sensitive to the feelings of others and to be polite, considerate and to share with others.  They encourage their children to participate in as much social activities as possible to encourage them to become self confident.  In long term relationships they seek a partner who is elegant, graceful, sociable, nurturing, sensitive with a flair for relating well with others.


Saturn in Cancer in 8th

house individuals realise that families have their own unique traumas and everybody’s closet has the odd skeleton or two.  We all have issues and these individuals are usually capable of helping others come to terms with the most traumatic of events, they often help others develop their own inner strengths through the most dramatic events.  With these skills these individuals are excellent working with those with psychological issues either in a medical or caring setting.  as parents they are very tuned into their children’s emotions and sense when they re upset and having difficulties coping emotionally.  They are very protective of their children and often struggle letting go when they are ready to leave the nest.  In long term relationships they seek a partner who is intense, passionate, intuitive, deep, sensitive and protective of friends and family.


Saturn in Cancer in 9th

house, these individuals are very patriotic and may be connected to the military either directly or through family.  They have a strong pride in the sacrifices that others have made for them and their country.  These individuals know that being safe and secure requires all of us to be willing to compromise, however their patriotism may often over-ride that practical side of their nature.  Sometimes this means their first instinct is to react when they should consider all the facts first.  As parents they are very emotional and like to keep family traditions and events going even when their children become adults.  They are very good at understanding their child’s emotional outbursts and relate to them intuitively when they are feeling overwhelmed.  They feel it is important to teach their children morals, ethics and principles that ensure they are sensitive and considerate of others.  In long term relationships they seek a partner who is sensitive, principled, intuitive, deep, bold, adventurous and full of enthusiasm for life.


Saturn in Cancer in 10th

house individuals are good at connecting with everyone as a universal mother whether they are male or female.  These people are natural agony aunts who listen to everyone and dole out the tissues when times are hard.  These people are good at being in the public eye and connecting with the common man.  As parents they are very practical, stable and nurturing they believe that the responsibility for their children’s welfare rests on them and are serious about fulfilling their responsibilities to the best of their abilities.  They are very sensitive to their children’s needs and are always supportive even when they are mature adults they are always there when needed.  In long term relationships they seek a partner who is practical, capable, sensitive, nurturing and intuitive.


Saturn in cancer in 11th

house these individuals relate well with others and are the mother figure in group dynamics.  However this mothering may be used instead of getting to know others and form real personal relationships which involve mutual support.  The individuals may be the ones who like to be doing the supporting and a career that develops this side of their personality will be good as they are capable of playing the caring mother and remaining professional at the same time.  As parents they are very idealistic and intuitive believing in giving their children the freedom to develop their own personalities without to much intervention.  These individuals believe that children learn best by experiencing the natural consequences of their own actions and often leave them to discover for themselves the follies of their actions providing a shoulder to cry on when necessary.  In long term relationships they seek a partner who is idealistic, independent, unique, sensitive, nurturing and has a strong intuition.


Saturn in cancer in the 12th

house individuals often are aware of the issues and traumas that make so many of us vulnerable.  They have developed a secure sense of themselves because they have seen how the lost and lonely in society may be taken advantage of these people have a gentle understanding nature about them that hides their inner strength and capability.  These individuals are very expressive and artistic in nature.  As parents they are very intuitive and highly emotional when it comes to their children no matter how old they are they will be their babies and they often have difficulty letting go of them as they mature and leave the nest.  In long term relationships they seek a partner who is intuitive, deep, mysterious, sensitive, caring, nurturing and empathic.



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