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Saturn in Aries individuals are hard workers in what ever they choose to fight for.  Here Saturn puts all that enthusiasm and vitality to good use to create new structures and protect the weakest in society.  Saturn uses Aries leadership to create new and lasting improvements to society in whatever field the individual works in.  Saturn here can indicate renown and leadership in their chosen profession.  These individuals may also work in a pioneering field where their drive to succeed produces new methods.  Saturn here works to rein in the instant Aries reactions making the person pause and consider the consequences of rash decisions, reactions and outbursts.  Saturn adds focus and concentration to the abundant enthusiastic energy of Aries.



Saturn in Aries in 1st

house individuals are very aware of the responsibilities that lie on their shoulders, these people have been used to responsibility and hard work all their life.  Saturn in 1st individuals know that it can be a dog eat dog world out there, the reality of the fight to survive, to climb the proverbial ladder hits home hard with these people.  They are natural entrepreneurs and have a gift of directness and self-confidence that often means they rise to the top of their chosen profession.  They are very energetic and enthusiastic but this is reined in somewhat by Saturn to prevent some of the rash responses associated with Aries, instead this energy is more focused on obtaining goals in life.  As parents these individuals are very protective and take their responsibilities to their children seriously, knowing it is their duty to provide the best start in life possible.  In long term relationships they look for a partner to share their vision of where they want to go in life and who will help them achieve and share in their ambitions.


Saturn in Aries in the 2nd

house individuals have drive and practical sense by the bucket load.  these individuals make good managers they have a natural leadership ability combined with sensible and practical resourcefulness. Often these individuals may have had childhoods in which security may have been an issue, they work hard to provide the security and stability for their family that was missing from their early childhood.  alternatively sometimes these individuals come from a family where there was a lot of focus on security as a means of protecting assets and standing in community.  As parents they are focused on providing a secure and safe environment for their children and in providing some financial security.  These individuals are fiercely protective parents who are always there for their children no matter how old they are.  In long term relationships thy seek a partner who is very secure and emotionally stable with an ambitious streak and enthusiasm for life.


Saturn in Aries in 3rd

house, these individuals are natural salesmen, journalists and communicators.  They realise that good communication skills in the key to getting on in life.  They may be excellent at giving speeches and inspiring others to make the changes they need in their lives.  They may be obsessive about grammar and writing skills.  They definitely hate sloppy writing and poor communications.  They are very direct and to the point in their speech and there is no mistaking what they mean.  As parents these individuals put a great focus on educational achievements of their children and encourage them to develop the skills and talents they have to their fullest.  They are prepared to divert their energy into helping their children with homework, projects and after school activities they believe will broaden their horizons.  These individuals place great importance on being able to speak with their children on any subject and believe their children should be able to approach them about any problem without fearing their response. In long tem relationships they seek a partner who is capable of expressing their thoughts and ideas eloquently and unafraid to take the lead in conversations or meet new people.


Saturn in Aries in 4th

individuals are very self-defensive when someone tries to poke to far into their history and childhood.  These memories are still intense for them and it takes the individual a long time to open up with others once they do however that person becomes family and is protected with the same ferocity.  These people like emotional stability and flash characters or drama queens get nowhere with them. As parents they work hard to provide an emotionally stable home life for their children and are very loving and caring in their expression.  These individuals feel that the emotional security of their children is the most important aspect and like to set rules and boundaries that keeps them safe, secure and teaches them how to become stable, responsible and independent adults.  They may place great importance on creating family traditions and following established traditions teaching their children about their own roots and family history.  In long term relationships they seek a partner who is very nurturing, caring and passionately enthusiastic about creating a loving environment.


Saturn in Aries in the 5th

individuals are often too self critical.  These people are lovely, warm and caring individuals who are devoted to their families.  They just don’t see that special warmth that radiates from themselves to all their loved ones, these people can make you feel as if you are the most special person in the universe.  When these people follow their passion they are unstoppable and are capable of achieving the impossible.  As parents these individuals place great importance in the theories of child development and believe in praising and encouraging their children to build their self-esteem.  They spend a lot of energy on creative activities with their children and believe in letting them express themselves through art, music and dance as part of their developing sense of self.  These parents invest a lot of energy and emotions into their children where they often take centre stage in any family decisions.  In long term relationships they seek a partner who is bold creative and able to entertain with style and confidence.


Saturn in Aries in 6th

house individuals like to take charge and organise others.  They are naturals at seeing where everybody needs to by heading as a team, making team leadership at any level their forte in life.  These individuals usually have strong caring and nurturing instincts and are often found in nursing, caring and educational settings.  They like to help others but most be careful of not overwhelming others independence in doing so.  These people like a well-ordered and structured environment to work in.  As parents these individuals believe in nurturing their children with love and affection, they encourage them to do their best at school and expect them to behave responsibly and consider the feelings of others.  They have high expectations when it comes to their children’s behaviour and will work hard to ensure they are not selfish and share with their friends.  In a long term relationship they seek a partner who is considerate, nurturing, selfless, intelligent with a sharp wit and strong views and opinions of their own.


Saturn in Aries in 7th

house, these people like stability and continuity in relationships, they prefer honest and direct talking to more subtle communication.  These individuals are naturals in careers which need the ability to relate honestly and openly with others, therapy, career advisers and human resources are all areas in which they are gifted. They also make good judges and are often sought for their practical advise.  As parents they are very focused on relating to their children as individuals with their own unique needs and will adapt their parenting style to the needs of the child.  These individuals focus on developing good social skills in their children and are likely to spend much energy ensuring they participate in different clubs and activities that open up their child’s circle of friends to include people from many different spheres of life.  In a long term relationship they seek a partner who is graceful, elegant and very stylish with their own sense of taste and fashion who has excellent social skills and capable of mingling with any group.


Saturn in Aries in 8th

house, these individuals know that life can be a traumatic learning experience, they have experienced loss, grief and sickness early on in life.  These people understand that all of these things are part of the natural cycle of life.  They are often found in the cutting edge of life, the emergency room, Armed Forces, Undertakers, Maternity hospitals.  As parents they like to be very open and honest with their children when it comes to subjects such as sex, illness and death.  They are likely to have pets so that their children experience death and loss as part of the natural cycle and learn to come to terms with grief and loss as children.  They believe in building up the emotional capacity to deal with such things is a vital part of parenting.  They work towards developing children who can address taboo subjects without feeling embarrassed and understand that curiosity about death and sex is a normal part of childhood.  In a long term relationship they seek a partner who is intensely passionate, very expressive and protective towards their loved ones.


Saturn in Aries in 9th

house individuals are comfortable in their own skin, they tend to have strong grasp of their own beliefs and moral standards.  These individuals are very practical and balanced in their thought processes, they combine hope and reality to form the basis of action.  They know where they want to go in life and have high expectations of themselves which they work hard to fulfil.  As parents these individuals have high ideals and moral standards which they feel are important for their children to develop.  They are quite relaxed as parents until their children cross the line in moral conduct at which point their disappointment will be known.  They believe in opening up their children to the many different cultural influences in life and will enjoy experiencing the different celebrations such as Chinese New Year or Diwali with them.  They are also keen to develop strong religious, moral or philosophical views in their children and will enjoy discussing these themes and listening to their views.  In a long term relationship they need a partner who is enthusiastic, fun-loving, daring and bold with strong principles and ethics.


Saturn in Aries in 10th

house individuals are good at fitting in within large corporations and superstructures such as government agencies.  They instinctively understand how their role fulfills a vital part of the functioning of the whole.  They are very much realists and could be involved in local politics at some level where their understanding of how the system works pays great dividends.  These individuals have much energy and stamina that they devote to their career.  As parents they believe in preparing their children for life in the big bad world, which means teaching them to take care of themselves.  These parents believe in rough and tumble rather than wrapping their children in cotton wool they expose them to risks and challenges from an early age.  They demand respect from their children and expect them to listen to the advice of those that are more mature and experienced, this can be challenging for them when their children are mature and go their own way but the reason they are so capable is down to them.  In a long term relationship they seek a partner who is emotionally mature, sensible and dependable with a hidden depth of sensuality and fire.


Saturn in the 11th

house individuals are the architects of the world.  They want to create change that is structurally sound, whatever area of vocation these individuals enter they seek to create lasting changes.  These people may be activists who work with the system to create the change they seek knowing it is easier to change things from within.  They are idealistic pioneers but they are well aware of the realities of the world we live in.  As parents these individuals are idealistic but relaxed giving their children the space needed to develop their own sense of who they are but have a moral code that they will not tolerate being broken.  They believe in letting children face the natural consequences of their actions so that they can learn from them.  They also like to let children come to them when they need help as they believe to much interference prevents them from solving their own problems.  In a long term relationship they seek a partner who is a independent go-getter with an idealistic and unique outlook on the world around them.


Saturn in Aries in 12th

house individuals often have a sense of the permanent ebb and flow of the world around them.  They understand that personal security is an illusion we create to give us a feeling of control in life.  These individuals have learnt that we are in fact in far less control of our lives than it first seems.  They have great compassion for the less well off in life as they understand how easily it could have been them.  As parents they are connected intuitively to their children and follow their instinctual responses.  These parents are very flexible and adaptable knowing when to push and when to back away and give their children space to deal with things on their own.  They can be very fiery when it comes to protecting them and are very emotional if they feel they are being treated unfairly.  In a long term relationship they seek a partner who is mysterious, intuitive, expressive and deeply responsive to their needs.



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