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Saturn in Aquarius individuals are working on forming a secure and stable basis built on the sharing of responsibility for each other.  These individuals are very idealistic and work hard for the benefit of others in society.


Saturn in Aquarius in the 1st

house individuals tend to feel that we all have a duty and responsibility to each other.  They tend to see themselves as being very much part of the structure of interdependent support and they feel a compulsion often to lend a hand to their fellow-man either through their occupation or through voluntary work.  These individuals have a deep sense of compassion and understanding for the frailties of mankind.


Saturn in Aquarius in 2nd

house individuals often feel the need to make a contribution to the world of some sort.  They usually have a cause of which they are passionate about and will devote their time and energy to that cause.  These individuals may have an innocent idealism inherent in their nature that others feel is endearing.  They are often found nursing the abandoned in life whether they be animals or human.


Saturn in Aquarius in 3rd

house individuals are often involved in campaigning for either human or animal rights.  They may also have a natural gift for philosophy and may use this talent to persuade others to give more and create a more balanced society for all.  Whatever these individuals decide to do with their lives they will have considered all the angles carefully and have chosen the best option for them to be able to create the change they seek and to develop it.


Saturn in Aquarius in 4th

house individuals tend to see the human race and perhaps all animals as part of one big family.  These individuals may not have spent much time with both their parents as children they may have had to move between the two.  They often feel that their parents were polar opposites one looking forward and one looking back.  These individuals may have a way of making everybody feel like they belong and are valued.  they tend to be very sweet characters who open their homes and hearts to others in times of need.


Saturn in Aquarius in 5th

house individuals are often very creative and spontaneous.  They may be involved in the creative arts especially music or performance where they have an opportunity to connect with many and share their message.  These individuals often feel it is their duty to provide a voice to those in society that are unheard.  This also helps the individual deal with their success by using it as a means to reach a larger audience for their cause.


Saturn in Aquarius in 6th

house individuals are often the unsung heroes who work away in the background making sure all that needs to be done is seen to without needing any limelight.  These individuals may work tirelessly for their cause or passion without ever needing or receiving praise or thanks.  Whatever it is that these individuals have decided to invest their time and effort into you can be certain that they receive the pleasure for their contributions and consider it payment enough.


Saturn in Aquarius in 7th

house individuals may be involved in creating a more just society in numerous ways.  They may even be involved within the justice system making sure that all aspects of a person’s past is taken into consideration, or helping to give others the chance of reformation.  They may be the ones that give the child with issues a new home and chance of a better life or they may take the animal from the shelter that nobody else wants.  These individuals have a knack of evening up the scales of life for others.


Saturn in Aquarius in 8th

house individuals often feel very passionately about human-rights issues, animal cruelty and third world poverty.  They feel the pain others endure because of injustice in the world and they seek to change this.  These individuals may go to some extremes in their views especially in reference to those they feel have abused other lifeforms, they are often more likely to be vegan and not vegetarian.


Saturn in Aquarius in 9th

house individuals are often evangelical about the causes they are committed to.  When it comes to raising awareness and causing a stir when necessary these individuals are the ones who usually are first to stand up and make a fuss.  Whether it is anti-war demonstrations, anti-poverty campaigns or the rights of the individual these individuals are often on the front line refusing to be silenced.


Saturn in Aquarius in 10th

house individuals often start out life as radicals before eventually merging with the mainstream.  Whatever their profession at the start they may be considered a maverick or one-off, they may be on the outskirts of their profession for many years before others see the light but when they do they suddenly become part of the mainstream whether in entertainment, science or business.


Saturn in Aquarius in 11th

house individuals are complete one of a kind.  These individuals could do anything they tend to be mavericks in their chosen field who always seem to buck the trend and accomplish the impossible.  These individuals somehow manage to create whatever is thought to be impossible whether that is building up a new business in an all ready saturated market or selling ice to the Eskimos.


Saturn in Aquarius in 12th

house individuals often feel that they have been born at the wrong time, this world seems wrong and foreign to them in many ways.  These individuals may find a long time in finding their own true identity but when they do they are capable of making many changes in the world around them.  These individuals may be extremely idealistic and altruistic in nature but they have a tough inner identity that protects them often from abuse.



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