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Men are from Mars and women are from Venus but where does cereal come from?  Virgo goddess of the corn and the grandmother of Venus may raise a wry smile, wisdom of Virgo says her daily bread belongs to all.

Virgo, the heavenly furrow was the cosmological representation of Ninlil the Sumerian cereal Goddess, wife of Enlil who fertilised her furrows in pretty graphic detail.

In the sleeping quarters, in the flowered bed fragrant like a cedar forest, Enlil made love to his wife and took great pleasure in it. He sat her on his dais appropriate to the status of Enlil, and made the people pray to her. The lord whose statements are powerful also determined a fate for the Lady (Aruru), the woman of his favour; he gave her the name Nintur, the ‘Lady who gives birth’, the ‘Lady who spreads her knees’. (…) Proud woman, surpassing the mountains! You who always fulfil your desires—from now on, Sud, Enlil is the king and Ninlil is the queen. The goddess without name has a famous name now,

Mars in Virgo male or female are more concerned with how we express and use this energy in our lives.  Virgo says it belongs to all, and our Mars energy should be shared with the vulnerable the needy and the sick regardless of our gender.  That does not mean Mars in Virgo is cool and unresponsive on the contrary Virgo is a fertility goddess and those with Mars in this sign know that!  Male or female they will express this energy with an awareness of its power and sacred gifts.  Mars in Virgo individuals may be modest but there is a sex god/ goddess in all of them they are just selective of who that inner god/goddess is revealed to.

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Mars in Virgo 1st

house individuals are focused on achieving their best in life.  They can be quite hard on themselves and quite often seek perfection in whatever field they work in.  Mars here doesn’t do a job half heartedly these individuals always give 100 percent at work and at home, they sometimes need to be reminded to switch off and relax.


Mars in Virgo in the 2nd

house individuals are very focused on achieving in life, this comes from an inner sense of insecurity which pushes them on to obtain financial security and greater stability in general through their hard work and dedication.  With this aspect they may also be sensitive to the criticism of others and have a tendency to be over-critical of themselves anyway.


Mars in Virgo 3rd

house individuals are great critical thinkers and can spot flaws in any argument.  This aspect highlights their drive to communicate and Mars here shows them use that Mercury energy to great effect.  They may be in an occupation where precise and accurate communication is vital, this would suit their talents well.  They may also be great creative writers with good underlying knowledge of literature.


Mars in Virgo 4th

house individuals are driven to think deeply on issues and like to mull ideas over in their head before making decisions they may be silent on any worries they have until they have come up with a solution themselves.  Here they place great energy in looking after their family and if your parent has this aspect you can count on their support no matter what is happening in your life.


Mars in Virgo in 5th

house individuals shine when they can express their intellectual magnitude creatively.  These individuals are often artistic and express their thoughts and ideas in a creative way that encourages others to think and see issues in a new light.  These individuals are also attracted to arts and crafts where they are able to create beautiful yet practical objects that are both aesthetic and functional.


Mars in Virgo in 6th

house individuals are driven to help and support others.  They are probably in a caring profession  where they can maximise the opportunity to help others and fulfil their desire to serve some use in the world.  They can overdo this desire to help sometimes and end up enabling others to maintain inappropriate lifestyles.  They just need a gentle reminder to step back at times.


Mars in Virgo 7th

house individuals are driven to form strong emotional bonds through service to their fellow-man.  Individuals with this aspect are able to put themselves in the shoes of the most vulnerable and excluded in society, this ability gives them great insight into ways of helping others move on in life and overcome the obstacles and traumas that prevent them reaching their full potential.


Mars in Virgo in 8th

house individuals are there in the darkest moments they are the emergency services that turn up whatever the weather, to be there for us when we need them most in life.  They place our needs before their own and are often the last to seek any thanks or appreciation for ALL they do for us without concern for their own needs.


Mars in Virgo in 9th

house individuals believe in a fair and just society for all this drives them on to help even the balance in life for many.  They see helping the vulnerable and needy as a way of rebalancing the justice and fairness of life.  These individuals understand the effects of circumstance on life opportunities and will go out of their way to provide opportunities to the less fortunate in life.


Mars in Virgo in 10th

house individuals are usually very successful in life they may have their own business especially in one of the service industries.  Here their great critical abilities and practical outlook can be used to fill a space in the market and with their high standards these individuals are sure to build a large client base.  They may also become a role model for others who see their hard work and compassion for others.


Mars in Virgo in 11th

house individuals are great humanitarians who serve all of humanity in whatever way through their occupation and voluntary efforts.  With this aspect there is a strong attraction to working with the socially excluded in society.  These individuals are able to see where certain issues and behaviours stem from intuitively and respond to those needs in a more positive manner.


Mars in Virgo in 12th

house individuals are learning to share their gifts and talents with the rest of the world and to develop greater faith in their own abilities and talents.  They are able to act intuitively on prompts and to balance their intuition with critical and reasoned thinking to produce the best of both worlds.




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  1. This article is awesome. I have mars in Virgo in the fifth house and yes I definitely do love expressing myself in a creative way. I am not necessarily gifted in drawing but I love doing things like presentations and talking etc. I always though that was because of my mercury in first house and Leo moon but yea. Thanks for the article

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