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Men are from Mars and women are from Venus but with Mars in Taurus the two meet half way.  Traditional we have been conditioned to accept Mars energy as Male and Venus energy as female but we have always been both.  Here females may express the Venus side of Mars in Taurus, desire for nice surroundings and enjoyment of luxury and pampering much easier than the muscular Taurean bull they also possess.  With men they may be more comfortable with their Taurean bull side than the Venus connection to all things sensuous and sensual. Both sexes contain equal amounts of both these energies.

The Great Golden Bull of heaven presided over the spring Equinox in ancient times and thus was the symbol along with Inanna (Venus) of fertility and renewal of the earth.  The auroch a wild bull was worshipped in ancient times for its strength and wild spirit, the animal could not be tamed or conquered and its horns were sacred and may have been used to symbolise virility, this extinct animal may be the foundation of some of the unicorn myths and is most probably the unicorn mentioned in the bible.  The unicorn is renowned for its healing properties, strength, wildness and attraction to virgins (Virgo the another fertile earth sign).  Whether you see yourself as the virile, wild and untamable auroch or the more gentle Unicorn you have a magic all of your own.

And gradually she lost her fear, and he

Offered his breast for her virgin caresses,

His horns for her to wind with chains of flowers

Until the princess dared to mount his back

Her pet bull’s back, unwitting whom she rode.

Then—slowly, slowly down the broad, dry beach—

First in the shallow waves the great god set

His spurious hooves, then sauntered further out

’til in the open sea he bore his prize

Fear filled her heart as, gazing back, she saw

The fast receding sands.

Her right hand grasped A horn, the other lent upon his back

Her fluttering tunic floated in the breeze. – Ovid  ‘Metamorphosis’


Hadad the Ugaritic God was symbolised by a bull, Ba‘al/Hadad is the lord of the sky who governs the rain and thus the germination of plants with the power of his desire that they be fertile.

Mars in Taurus has an earthy sensuality, not just relating to sex but to all things physical; smell, taste, touch, aesthetic beauty and music.  They are connoisseurs of all things fine.  They are also head-strong, stubborn and extremely hard-working.  The bull has broad shoulders on which to push head on in the most trialling of times.  The bull is also a beast of burden and can use its strength to protect the weakest in society and help carry their loads.

❤ ❤ ❤

Mars in Taurus in 1st

house individuals are dynamic and not easily knocked off course by others, there is a strong need to express themselves physically in relationships especially when they are carrying a heavy load.  These individuals are very head strong and that can at times lead them to charging at the wrong person, they need a career where they can use that powerful temper constructively when necessary.


Mars in Taurus 2nd

house individuals are focused on meeting their needs, that means family, relationships as well as financial.  Here these Bulls will work hard providing a secure future for their loved ones, there is a strong need for emotional affection and expression of their sensuous side through relationships.  These individuals are often great at finances and a career in this industry would suit them well.


Mars in Taurus 3rd

house individuals may carry the problems of others on their broad shoulders and may be a shoulder to cry on for family and friends.  They are able to carry a large amount of emotional baggage that others place on them but they must have somebody they can share this pressure with too.


Mars in Taurus 4th

house individuals are usually the central figure in the family here they hold everybody together especially in difficult times.  These individuals are capable of much self-sacrifice for the good of the family and can also carry huge burdens because of this ability.  They are also capable of a career in any field that requires resistance to shock and trauma.


Mars in Taurus in 5th

house individuals shine best when they express their inner strength and resilience to the harshness of life here they can inspire others by their strength and stance in life.  They are also gifted in expression of their sensuous side through art, music or creative design.  They are often good in social situations that require charm and a certain degree of taste and a career such as wedding planner would also suit them.


Mars in Taurus 6th

house individuals are the carers of the world they have many responsibilities placed on those broad shoulders and work extremely hard to meet the needs of others.  Mars here needs to be reminded occasionally to off load some of this work onto other shoulders.  They most likely work in a caring profession such as nursing or social care.


Mars in Taurus 7th

house individuals connect to others through use of their artistic and abilities and appreciation. This aspect gives ability to express the appreciation of the finer things in life as well as the ability to inspire by strength of character and stance against opposing forces.  With this aspect they can apply charm on all fronts and are very good at persuading others, making them an asset in business.


Mars in Taurus 8th

house individuals are there standing strong when everything else is crumbling around them.  These individuals inner strength and resilience comes to the fore at traumatic times when they are the shoulder on which others lean on.  Here these individuals have deep inner strength.  They may work in a front line emergency profession.  Or they may work in high speculation banking.


Mars in Taurus 9th

house individuals are able to keep an even keel where ever they go in the world and whatever happens.  They can inspire others with their faith in continuing during the difficult times in life.  This aspect denotes faith during trials and inner strength to overcome the obstacles in life.


Mars in Taurus 10th

house individuals are often able to rise at work due to their inner strength and stamina.  These individuals may not be fast paced but when others have given up they will still be going and this eventually pays off.  They may also come to renown through their ability to continue during harrowing times and finally succeed.


Mars in Taurus 11th

house individuals are protective of friends and loved ones.  Whether as part of work team or in their private lives these individuals can help strengthen the group and will take the lead when more dynamic individuals have given in.  They find a practical means of putting their ideological values to good use, through creating new solutions based on solid foundations.


Mars in Taurus 12th

house individuals have much inner strength and a deeply sensual nature in which they will learnt to use their power appropriately and to balance their deeply sensual side.  Here they are extremely intuitive of any threats and will need to learn to control those horns more in life.  These individuals may also have lessons yo learn in managing their money appropriately.



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