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Men are from Mars and women are from Venus yet the soul knows no gender.  Mars in Scorpio individuals are driven to connect on a soul level with others this connection knows no gender.

In ancient times the signs of Taurus and Scorpio represented the spring and autumn equinox.

The goddess Ereshkigal ruling the underworld and the non-productive part of the natural cycle when the earth reabsorbs the vegetation and recycles the nutrients.  Ereshkigal’s husband Gulganna the heavenly bull representing the fertile aspect of the cycle. Ereshkigal is often described as Innana’s (Venus) big sister and the Myth of Inanna and Dumuzi involves replenishing the earth through giving up the seven auras or energies of life itself.  Innana (Venus) herself gives up these auras and returns them to fertilise the soil before Dumuzi takes her place.  Mars in Scorpio is well aware of the need to nurture and replenish the natural energies within relationship and of the balance of natural cycle. Mars here understands the importance of themes of death and regeneration as a means of continuing the fertility of the natural cycle and allowing growth to continue. ‘La petite mort’ (little death) is a French expression often used to refer to orgasm. It literally meansthe small death. The meaning that this infers is that essentially a part of the self dies or is released in the experience of orgasm. And indeed many people find this to be true.

In Roman mythology this cycle is portrayed by the myth of Ceres and Proserpina.  Venus, in order to bring love to Pluto, sent her son Amor also known as Cupid to hit Pluto with one of his arrows. Proserpina was at the Pergusa Lake, where she was playing with some nymphs and collecting flowers, when Pluto came out from the Mount etna with four black horses named Orphnaeus, Aethon, Nycteus and Alastor. He abducted her so he could marry her and live with her in the underworld of which he was the ruler.

Her mother Ceres, went looking for her in vain to every corner of the earth, but was not able to find anything but a small belt that was floating upon a little lake (made with the tears of the nymphs). In her desperation Ceres angrily stopped the growth of fruits and vegetables. Ceres refused to go back to Mount Olympus and started walking on the Earth, making a desert at every step.

Worried, Jupiter sent Mercury to order Pluto to free Proserpina. Pluto obeyed, but before letting her go he made her eat six pomegranate seeds, because those who have eaten the food of the dead could not return to the world of the living. This meant that she would have to live six months of each year with him, and stay the rest with her mother.

Mars represents our instincts such as fight or flight, the desire to protect and defend loved one, sex drive and its expression.  Mars also affects how we fight off illness.

Mars in Scorpio male and female need to find a deep connection to others, they are driven by the need to fulfil a deep emotional drive that connects them on a soul level to friends, family and lovers.  These individuals need to feel and explore the intensity of their emotions through their relationships with others.  Whatever the relationship Mars in Scorpio individuals are driven to explore their own needs and the issues that arrive from these needs, their fears of abandonment and their desire to manipulate and control.  Mars embraces, and is driven to explore these aspects of their personality both through occupations and in their personal lives.  Mars in Scorpio individuals are passionate and intense when they feel a deep connection with another.  When there is no deep connection this energy can be expressed as mere sexual curiosity and expression, in which their partner is of little consequence as a vehicle for their sexual release.  With Mars in Scorpio there is no middle ground.  Mars in this aspect is often misunderstood they are not dynamic lovers they seek not to thrill their partners with passion and eroticism but to connect with them physically and emotionally as part of a deep bonding experience.  Those other things may interest them as they interest most of us but they are of little importance next to the deep bonding experience they seek.

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Mars in Scorpio in the 1st

house individuals are driven to discover their own identity through creating deep emotional bonds with others.  These individuals will feel intensely their own insecurities and they may fight a constant battle between the urge to manipulate and control their loved ones and to develop trust in the fact they are loved for who they are.  The better they become in fighting the urge to stay in control the more relaxed they will become in terms of accepting themselves as love worthy individuals in their own right.


Mars in Scorpio in the 2nd

house individuals have deep sense of insecurity that magnifies their urges to stay in control at all costs.  These individuals need a secure partner who will enable them to understand that they are love worthy in their own right.  These individuals are compelled to protect their home and family from the outside world and may work very hard to provide the security in life that they want for them.


Mars in Scorpio in 3rd

house individuals are able to express their emotions and passions either through writing, music or art and may feel driven to do so.  These individuals may become more secure in their own skin through expression of their intense emotions which are validated by others.  When they accept we all hold these intense emotional needs they may feel more at easy with this side of their personality.


Mars in Scorpio in 4th

house individuals are intensely protective of family and loved ones their greatest fear in life is the loss of those closest to them and this is made harder because they are aware we are all born to die and that loss is inevitable.  These individuals have a deep bond with their family and they will fight to the death to preserve those family members from harm.


Mars in Scorpio in 5th

house individuals express their intense drives creatively.  These individuals will seek release through their work and artistic expression they may be intensely passionate about art, music or some other form of expression.  These individuals are also driven to forming relationships as a means of releasing pent-up emotions and intense drives.


Mars in Scorpio in 6th

house individuals are intensely passionate about their work and helping others these individuals are driven to work tirelessly for the benefit of others and may find it hard to disconnect and leave their work behind at the end of the day.  These individuals do not merely work for a living whatever they do it is their vocation and calling in life.


Mars in Scorpio in 7th

house individuals are intensely driven to find a long-term partner with whom they can share their deepest needs, desires and passions in life.  With this aspect the drive to form strong lasting bonds with others is very strong and these individuals may marry early in life and are unlikely to leave their partner.  They stick things out through thick and thin and are usually protective of their other half.


Mars in Scorpio in 8th

house individuals are intensely passionate due to events in early life these individuals seek to form a deep emotional bond with others and are driven to find an emotional release from their trauma and insecurities through their relationships as a whole.  These individuals are driven to explore the darker side of life and may have careers that express this need to delve the murky depths of the human experience.


Mars in Scorpio in 9th

house individuals Are driven to fulfil their deep and intense needs through a relationship with a higher power.  These individuals may be intensely passionate about their religion or a particular philosophy of life that enables their expression of the need to form a deep connection at a higher spiritual level.


Mars in Scorpio 10th

house individuals are driven by their insecurities and intense emotions to create a lasting legacy from their lives and this energy and drive may be focused entirely on their career which they devote themselves to completely.  This single-minded drive usually ends up in them being very successful whatever their field.


Mars in Scorpio in 11th

house individuals are very passionate about the ends of society as a whole and will invest immense energy towards the betterment of communities and life in general for everybody. Mars in this aspect drives them to express their emotions through relating to others in similar situations to those they have experienced in life.


Mars in Scorpio in the 12th

house is learning to be come secure in their own needs and to express their passions in healthy ways.  They are highly intuitive when it comes to the motives of others but still need to differentiate between intuition and paranoia at times.  These individuals are also learning about healthy sexual expression and protecting themselves from sexual predation.



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  1. In all my years of reading delineations of Mars in Scorpio you seem to have zeroed into the intense desire to bond emotionally & physically so eloquently… Many thanks!

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