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Men are from Mars and women are from Venus but sometimes Mars is Venus and Venus is Mars.  Mars in Libra male or female likes to don Venus’s robes and express that Martian energy in a more reasonable and less reactive fashion.  Not that Venus is particularly renown for her reasonable responses perhaps it is the robe that soothes the savage Martian.

The Scales represent Mother Ceres in her role of protector and administrator of justice as she weighs life and right in her scales, as such although Libra is an air sign it still contains an earthy sensual quality of its patrons Ceres and Venus.  Mars in Libra is capable of being very sensual and passionate in expression.  Libra in Babylonian times was part of the constellation of Scorpio and those scales weighing life and right still contain Plutonian themes, Mars in Libra is very aware of the intensities of desire that exist within their own soul which is why they relate so well to others.  Libra begins at the equinox and at this point it corresponds with Persephone’s return to her husband Pluto symbolic of when the earth itself begins to reabsorb the vegetation and nutrients back within the soil to be broken down and recycled in time for spring. ‘La petite death’ the french description of orgasm, echoes the theme of death and rebirth through the sexual act something Mars in Libra is very well aware of.

Mars represents our instincts such as fight or flight, protection and defence of loved ones, sex drive and expression.  Mars also affects how we fight off illness.

Mars in Libra focuses on understanding others by stepping into their shoes and wearing their clothes, they are capable of becoming the other person and seeing things from their unique point of view, with this aspect Mars is Venus and Mars, seeing the world out of both pairs of eyes and relating this wisdom to everybody else they come in contact with.  As lovers they can switch roles at will and step into their partners shoes with ease, this makes them very intuitive and able to please the most fussy of partners whether they want the wild martial Mars or the silky smooth Venus, Mars in Libra is versatile enough to fulfil both roles.

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Mars in Libra 1st

house individuals are driven to relate to others and discover their identity in relating with others.  These individuals learn who they are from relationships their ability to adapt and become whatever others are seeking clouds their ability to see the real them.  Through relationships they begin to discover which clothes fit them best and it is their uncomfortable reactions to taking on certain roles that allows them to work through the myriad of options and find the unique wardrobe that suits them as individuals.


Mars in Libra in the 2nd

house individuals are capable of being whatever it is that people want of them whether at work or in their personal lives they are experts at adapting to the needs of others.  However there are issues of insecurity that means these individuals may adapt to expectations rather than feeling free to be themselves.  However it is only when they relax and feel comfortable enough in their own shoes that these individuals can be truly appreciated for who they really are.


Mars in Libra in the 3rd

house individuals like to get into the head of others they often have a natural talent for creative writing and certainly have the ability to put themselves in a characters shoes.  These people are able to mentally figure people out and understand how their unique experiences in life drive their thoughts and reactions to events around them, they are capable of using this knowledge to reach out and help change public opinion on many issues.


Mars in Libra in the 4th

house individuals are able to put themselves into the different shoes of their family members they can understand things from the point of view of their children and partner this often leads to them playing the mediator in family arguments.  These individuals may be very deep thinkers and never take anybody at face value they are able to relate to most people because they go beyond the obvious character flaws and see the real inner person with all their issues and vulnerabilities.


Mars in Libra in the 5th

house individuals are good at entertaining others and have a gift for creating new friendships easily these individuals love fun and have a zany sense of humour to which most people can relate.  These individuals may work in the creative industry especially entertainment where their easy charm and way of connecting with others makes them popular with most people.


Mars in Libra 6th

house individuals are capable of relating to the most vulnerable in society and may work in an area where they have to use their talents to relate to those with non-verbal communication this may be in the field of special needs where their expertise will be greatly sought.  These individuals may also work with abused or neglected animals and use their abilities to read their behaviour and relate to the experiences they have undergone.


Mars in Libra in 7th

house individuals are driven by a need to relate to others.  These individuals are very open to seeing the world through their many various relationships, the drive to relate and understand others may lead them to taking on roles in which they play mediator or conciliatory vocations.  These individuals are well suited to social work and therapy where their skills are well appreciated.


Mars in Libra in 8th

house individuals learn to cope with trauma in their lives through their relationship with others.  From their many relationships they come to understand we all face trauma in our lives and we all have different methods of coping. These individuals see the many ways in which we all deal with things and assimilate this knowledge to help themselves and others through the most traumatic of experiences.


Mars in Libra in the 9th

house individuals have an acute interest in different cultures and lifestyles.  These individuals are attracted to the subject of sociology and anthropology and may choose one of these as a professional vocation.   They may enjoy travelling to different cultures and learning more about how these culture express ideas through their myths and religions.  These individuals are likely to enjoy backpacking as the experience opens them up to connecting more with real people from a wide variety of backgrounds.


Mars In Libra 10th

house individuals are likely to become quite successful in their own field and have the practical and social abilities to run or manage their own business as well as rising within a corporation.  They also may come into the public eye because of their talent of relating to others well, they are capable of success in the entertainment business using this gift of being able to relate and communicate with others on any level.


Mars in Libra in 11th

house individuals are likely to have chosen a vocation in life that they feel helps serve the interest of humanity as a whole.  Their gifts in relating to others and seeing situations from all angles means there is a wide field of choices available to them in which they can help towards creating a more just and fairer society for all.


Mars in Libra 12th

house individuals are learning to relate to people whilst preserving their own unique sense of identity as an individual.  They are able to relate intuitively with most people and instinctively know who they can trust in life, who needs an opportunity and who will abuse their last chance.  They are capable of intuitively feeling the emotions of others and are sensitive to others issues.





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