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Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but they both dance around the one sun.  With in Leo we are reminded that we are all born under the same sun, male and female.  This energy does not separate and divide the sexes but unites them in all that it means to be human.

The Tibetan mythical Snow Lion resides in the East and represents unconditional cheerfulness, a mind free of doubt, clear and precise. It has a beauty and dignity resulting from a body and mind that are synchronized. The Snow Lion has a youthful, vibrant energy of goodness and a natural sense of delight. Sometimes the throne of a Buddha is depicted with eight Snow Lions on it, in this case, they represent the 8 main Bodhisattva-disciples of the historical Buddha. Associations: main quality is fearlessness, dominance over mountains, and the earth element. The Snow Lion does not fly but their feet never touch the ground; their existence is a playful ‘continuum’ (Tibetan: rgyud) of leaping from mountain peak to mountain peak. The energetic potency (wisdom) of the Snow Lion is expressed in the attribute of the gakyil (‘bliss+whirling’ or ‘wheel of joy’) that the Snow Lion keeps in eternal play.  This is a good summation of those with Mars in Leo, they are playful, cheery, free of doubt and energise those around them with their joy and wisdom.

Hercules is associated with the sign of Leo after killing the Nemean lion, which was turned into the constellation of Leo.  In the myth of Hercules and Omphale,  Hercules, was commanded by the oracle of Delphi to be remanded as a slave to Omphale for the period of a year.  Hercules becomes sexually enthralled by Omphale and begins to wear her clothes and perform women’s work such as spinning and weaving, while Omphale wore the skin of the Nemean lion.  Male or female if your Mars wears the skin of the Nemean lion it will enthral and captivate others.

With Mars in Leo both sexes accept their divine heritage as part of who they were meant to be.  Mars in Leo was born to shine in the sun to make hay while it shines and to enjoy the summer while it lasts.  Mars in this sign shines in creating, being and enjoying life as the ultimate experience.  They are driven to make the best of opportunities in life and they never hide their light but let it shine as a beacon for others.  Whether they are in the bedroom or the boardroom they shine their light for it was never meant to be hidden.

❤ ❤ ❤

Mars in Leo in the 1st

house was born to be a superstar, to shine brightly and show the world their potential.  In this house Mars is driven to perform and to achieve through their own inner drive and determination to succeed, these individuals make it to the top of the tree and shine their star of hope for all to see.


Mars in Leo in 2nd

house is driven to shine and to perform by inner insecurities.  These individuals make most people laugh and are great fun to be around but underneath the bravado there is a need for them to develop real confidence in their abilities as unique and talented individuals who are loved and valued for who they really are.


Mars in Leo in 3rd

house individuals shine in an audience they love to chat and discuss current affairs.  These individuals are warm and friendly towards everybody and their warm communicative style helps them smooth ruffled feathers and maintain harmony around them.


Mars in Leo in 4th

house individuals love to entertain and keep family amused here they are much appreciated parents/ aunts or uncles that always go the extra mile that are there when the chips are down lifting everybody’s spirit they may not be renown on the international stage but they are a supernova within their family where it matters most.


Mars in Leo in 5th

house individuals have bundles of creative energy and shine high and bright in whatever field they chose in life although entertainment comes very naturally to them.  They are also extremely good with children and animals and may shine working with either especially in regards to protection and development of more nurturing environment.


Mars in Leo in 6th

house are born to serve others with a cheery smile they may be the ones entertaining the troops or putting on concerts for OAPs, the sick or needy.  These individuals shine when they are helping others and may be the ray of sunshine that brightens up the whole day.  These individuals know that life can be hard and go out of their way to put a smile on others faces.


Mars in Leo in 7th

house individuals love people, they love being around others and finding out what makes them tick, their sense of humour and how they see the world.  These individuals are really interested in people and people genuinely respond to them because of this.  There are strong emotional bonds to those closest to them which allows Mars to relax and just be knowing they are loved and valued, which these individuals need.


Mars in Leo in 8th

house individuals are the troupers of life they carry on going and raising a smile, in the darkest hour these individuals give us a much-needed light-heartedness.  These individuals understand the toll of pain and grief and the power of distraction, the medicine of laughter in our lives.  There is an ability to see the funny side of life and to shine brightly at the most darkest points with these individuals.


Mars in Leo in 9th

house individuals are the faith reaffirming believers who never give up hope.  They believe that they can succeed as long as the remain positive and this usually works well for them, when things are hard they see it as a mere pause and continue with their bright and positive outlook on life which usually leads them to success.


Mars in Leo in 10th

house individuals will usually end up very successful in life and may have a career in front of the cameras with this aspect they are also very practical as well as bright and entertaining and usually are multi talented and smart business people whatever their field is.  They may also be a role model for younger generations and promote a message of positive thinking and self belief.


Mars in Leo 11th

house individuals are fun and light-hearted humanitarians who shine brightest when speaking and working on behalf of humanity as a whole they are very loyal towards their friends and can be relied upon to be there whenever they are needed to raise a smile and wipe a tear away.


Mars in Leo 12th

house individuals are learning to trust their abilities and to shine their light in the world, they are intuitive and react instinctively to the moods of others knowing when they are called on to entertain and relieve the stresses of others.  They have a great gift in relating to other peoples moods instantaneously.



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  1. I love the image of the Snow Lion.

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