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Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but women who like to wear the pants in relationships are from Capricorn.  Male or female Mars in Capricorn likes to wear the pants and be the one in charge both in the boardroom and the bedroom these individuals are anything but passive.

Capricorn is known as the mountain goat, the sea goat and the horn of plenty.  He was connected to the ancient God Enki / Ea as symbolising rulership in his name. Enki’s consort was Ninhursag lady mountain and so as her consort he is also the mountain Goat.  Enki spilt his seed on lady mountain to fertilise the land, the rivers of the Euphrates and Tigris especially represent his semen or waters of life that fertilised the land. Since he was responsible for the fertile crescent in mythology he is also the horn of plenty.  Representing the Apsu as partner of the Tiamet he is the sea goat.  Mars in this sign is assuming the identity of an ancient and potent symbol of fertility and Virility.

In Greek mythology, the constellation is sometimes identified as Amalthea, the goat that suckled the infant Zeus after his mother Rhea saved him from being devoured by his father Cronos. The goat’s broken horn was transformed into the cornucopia or horn of plenty. Capricornus is also sometimes identified as Pan, the god with a goat’s head, who saved himself from the monster Typhon by giving himself a fish’s tail and diving into a river. “Euhemerus [C4th B.C. mythographer] says that a certain Aex was the wife of Pan. When she was embraced by Jove [Zeus] she bore a son whom she called son of Pan. So the child was called Aegipan, and Jove, Aegiochus (Wielder of the Aegis). Since he was very fond of him, he placed in memory the form of a goat among the stars.”  Pan had a son Priapus,who is marked by his absurdly oversized, permanent erection, which gave rise to the medical term priapism. He became a popular figure in Roman erotic art and Latin literature, and is the subject of the often humorously obscene collection of verse called the Priapreia.

Mars in Capricorn is full of ambition and drive, they know where they want to go in life and will press on straight ahead.  These individuals are practical and are aware of the work and effort it takes to achieve anything in life, this understanding combined with inner strength makes these individuals more likely to succeed as they work towards their goals with realistic expectations.  These individuals are head strong but they are also deeply sensual and as lovers they are completely focused on the needs of their partners.  These partners intuitively provide what their partner seeks and can postpone the more physical aspects of love-making to concentrate on their partners pleasure.

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Mars in Capricorn in 1st

house individuals are natural leaders.  This aspect gives these individuals a maturity and wisdom beyond their age and drives them to succeed in life through hard work.  these individuals are very hard-working and often carry many responsibilities.  They may have had difficult times climbing the ladder and this makes them more aware of the blessings of success when they are achieved it also gives them an understanding of the less-fortunate in life and the importance of opportunity.


Mars in Capricorn in 2nd

house individuals may have had hard childhoods.  These individuals work very hard to get on in life and to provide a secure financial and emotional base in life for themselves and their family.  These individuals are careful with their possessions because they often know what it is like to go without in life, this cautiousness may at times be mistaken for frugality.


Mars in Capricorn in 3rd

house individuals are hard workers with an expertise in communication, they may be involved in sales, PR, internet, publishing or journalism.  With this aspect they are driven to work hard in their field and also communicate new idea or ways  of doing things.  With this aspect they may be involved in a career that brings them into contact with the general public.


Mars in Capricorn in 4th

house individuals are hard-working and family orientated.  They may be part of a family business which is important not just as a financial concern but also as a part of their heritage and roots, or they may work in a profession that connects them to their ancestors this could be by having the same occupation and skills passed down through the generations or by learning an ancient art or practice such as thatching roofs etc that connect the individual to old traditions and lifestyles.


Mars in Capricorn in 5th

house individuals are hard-working individuals who are deeply creative.  They may be artists, musicians or Poets but they are driven to work and to produce throughout their life.  These individuals do not ease up when they are successful as they are driven by the creative process itself.  They may also be involved with creative people through their occupation and be the practical responsible force behind artists.


Mars in Capricorn in 6th

house individuals are extremely hard-working but the focus is one providing and serving others rather than material success for them irrespective of occupation.  Whether they are successful plumbers or teachers the focus is not on money but the service they provide, this aspect often leads to an enhanced reputation for good service which leads to greater success in their endeavors.


Mars in Capricorn in 7th

house individuals are hardworking and good at relating to others, they may express this through their occupation in which dealing with the public in some form may be a major aspect.  These individuals are extremely practical and may use their skills in solving disputes and taking into account all aspects of a situation.  These individuals are excellent judges of character and their judgements are usually spot on in most things.


Mars in Capricorn in 8th

house individuals may be hard working doctors, psychiatrists, detectives, firemen or undertakers.  With this aspect they come into contact with one or all the major life events such as birth, sickness and death.  These individuals may provide a safety net in extreme situations where their calm practical leadership is needed.


Mars in Capricorn in 9th

house individuals may work in areas such as travel, new-age or religion.  These individuals are likely to have conservative religious views and may have a vocation within traditional organisations of the church in some form.  They are usually deeply religious and hard-working driven by their faith to serve with all their being.  These individuals are practical in the expression of their faith and may be involved with the homeless or the sick.


Mars in Capricorn in 10th

house individuals are likely to end up very successful in life whatever profession they choose to enter.  These individuals have plenty of stamina and the strength to overcome many obstacles in life, this ability to overcome many obstacles in life may eventually bring them public attention and respect.  They may become role models of rags to riches stories.


Mars in Capricorn in 11th

house individuals are hard-working and creative individuals.  With this aspect they may invent new mechanisms or discover new processes that has an impact on the whole of mankind.  These individuals may also work in government or be part of political system in some way.  They may be part of a large health organisation in which they work to advance health principles across society as a whole.


Mars in Capricorn 12th

house individuals are hard-working and very intuitive.  With this aspect they may be learning to be less judgemental and to experience life from all angles through loss of health or other impacts that change how they are able to support themselves and their families.  They may also be learning to understand their own inner strength.  They may face many challenges in which they learn to see the world anew.



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