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Men are from Mars and women are from Venus but what happens when Mars becomes the mother.  Mars in Cancer is traditionally in fall if we view Mars as being male then it cannot be the mother, but what if that view is wrong what if we are all from Mars and Venus equally – then Mars is just another representation of the protective, creative and fertile energy we all have.

Yuchi a native American tribe held to the belief in northern cosmogony — an upper world, containing the Elders of men and animals, and a waste of waters below. Animal after animal attempts to bring up earth from the deep, until, in this legend, the crayfish (Cancer) succeeds in lifting to the surface the embryonic ball whence Earth is to grow.

The myth of the Yuchi denotes Cancer’s prominence as the womb or nurturer.  Cancer also contains another symbol that of Yin and Yang, we all possess each of these two energies; dark and light, male and female, and these energies ebb and flow within us in a constantly changing direction as we struggle to balance the energies of the white wolf with the black wolf.  Cancer may also have been connected in its role as womb to Ningal, Wife of Nanna (Sumerian moon God), Ningal gave birth to the twins the Sun god Utu and Inanna (Venus).  In Sumerian mythology Nanna (the moon) symbol of motherhood is male.

Khonsu was the Egyptian Moon God.  His name reflects the fact that the Moon (referred to as Iah in Egyptian) travels across the night sky, for it means traveller, and also had the titles EmbracerPathfinder, and Defender, as he was thought to watch over night travellers. As the god of light in the night, Khonsu was invoked to protect against wild animals, increase male virility, and aid with healing. It was said that when Khonsu caused the crescent moon to shine, women conceived, cattle became fertile, and all nostrils and every throat was filled with fresh air.

Khonsu can also be understood to mean king’s placenta, and consequently in early times, he was considered to slay the king’s (i.e. the pharaoh’s) enemies, and extract their innards for the king’s use, metaphorically creating something resembling a placenta for the king. This bloodthirsty aspect leads him to be referred to, in such as the Pyramid texts, as the (one who) lives on hearts.

With Mars in cancer we have the energy of the mother lor daddy ion protecting her/his cubs, that is often considered feminine energy but we all have a mothering or protective instinct male and female we are all capable of nurturing and protecting it is one of the most primal of instincts for both sexes and Mars is a primal instinct planet.  Mars in Cancer is very primal Martian energy it protects vulnerable loved ones and ensures their needs are met.  Mars in Cancer exemplifies Martian energy at its best ensuring the survival of our offspring.  This leads Mars to be extremely volatile in this sign because Mars is protecting the most precious resource we have – future generations.

Mars in Cancer expresses its sexuality positively whether male or female, which is the virile and fertile energy that gives life and connects us all in the great circle.

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Mars in Cancer in 1st

house individuals have very strong nurturing instincts and when they have perceived a threat they can be merciless in their counter attack believing their very being is threatened.  Individuals with this aspect need other people to focus their attention away from inner insecurities and imagined threats.  When they focus their attention on others they are capable of climbing any mountain and overcoming all odds.


Mars in Cancer 2nd

house is aware that we need to protect the young and vulnerable and give them a sense of security if they focus their energy into providing this security for others they will accomplish much in their lives.  However if they turn this energy in on themselves they may end up shutting the world out which would be a great loss to the world.


Mars in Cancer 3rd

house is able to relate to children well and would be much better in an occupation such as teaching where they are able to help mould the youth of today into strong independent individuals capable of making their way in the world.  Those with this aspect are passionate speakers when it comes to children and the family in general they are sure to have strong opinions.


Mars in Cancer 4th

house individuals know home is where the heart is and both male and females with this aspect will focus a lot of attention in creating a safe and secure home where they are able to relax and leave the world behind.  This does not mean they are not actively participating in the world around them and are just as capable of being high-flyers who need that home environment to retreat back to.


Mars in Cancer 5th

house individuals may have a lot of expertise on child development or may work in the entertainment industry with a focus on children and their likes and needs.  These individuals have a knack with children and can keep them entertained for hours easily.  There is also a possibility of youth theatre work with this aspect that helps encourage the child’s self-confidence.


Mars in Cancer 6th

house individuals have very strong nurturing instincts which they address practically by working with those in need of care and nurturing.  These individuals are capable carers who work hard to meet the needs of others.  They are capable of working in extreme conditions and will put the interests of others before themselves often.


Mars in Cancer 7th

house individuals are capable of nurturing and encouraging the emotional development of their relationships with all types of people.  Here they may play a role as universal mother to all irrespective of their sex they have the emotional strength and empathy to stand by those in need of support no matter how draining it may be on their resources.  These individuals are often in the hub of their social group holding things together for everyone.


Mars in Cancer 8th

house individuals are well aware of the traumas of life they know just how deeply some scars can go.  Here the individual may be very passionate about protecting and nurturing our children and youth through programmes aimed at the underprivileged and vulnerable.  When it comes to the rights of the child these individuals may be very outspoken.


Mars in Cancer 9th

house. Here the individual may be a role model for the youth, this may be a male that works in traditional female occupations that bring children much-needed contact with positive male role models or alternatively a female who redefines what is achievable to young women.  With this aspect there is much faith in developing the abilities of all, through access to alternative viewpoints and broadening of horizons.


Mars in Cancer 10th

house individuals are quite often very successful in their chosen field and may be publicly known.  With this aspect issues of nurturing, educating and supporting our children and youth may be brought to public attention by these individuals actively campaigning and raising public awareness of issues.  These individuals may be very passionate about certain causes.


Mars in Cancer 11th

house individuals may work in areas which brings them into close contact with different family situations in which they have to alter their responses to meet individual family needs.  With this aspect these individuals are capable of understanding the different dynamics within families and making positive changes.


Mars in cancer 12th

house individuals are learning about the best use of the protective energy we all have towards family and its appropriate use.  This may include learning to express anger more directly and solving family problems in a positive and healing way for all.



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