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Men are from Mars and women are from Venus – or so the story goes but is it true.  We have lived in a culture where women have been shamed into denying their Mars and have been required to project that energy onto their partner. For men the same can be said of Venus.

Only in recent years have women been allowed to own their Mars and many are still uncomfortable doing so.  This is especially true of those with more dynamic Mars aspects such as Mars in Aries both professionally and in the bedroom this was seen as male energy only. Whether you are male or female this is what your Mars energy says about you.

In ancient Roman Myth, Mars was the god of War and also an agricultural guardian, a combination characteristic of early Rome. He was second in importance only to Jupiter and Neptune and he was the most prominent of the military gods in the religion of the Roman army. Most of his festivals were held in March, the month named after him, and in October, which began and ended the season for military campaigning and farming.  Mars was a part of the Archaic Triad along with Jupiter and Quirinus, the latter of whom as a guardian of the Roman people had no Greek equivalent. Mars represented military power as a way to secure peace, and was a father (pater) of the Roman people. In the founding myths of Rome, Mars was the father of Romulus and Rebus with Rhea Silvia.


His love affair with Venus symbolically reconciled the two different traditions of Rome’s founding; Venus was the divine mother of the hero Aeneas, celebrated as the Trojan refugee who “founded” Rome several generations before Romulus laid out the city walls.  Mars was the son of Juno alone   It may explain why the Matronalia, a festival celebrated by married women in honor of Juno as goddess of childbirth, occurred on the first day of Mars’ month, which was also the birthday of Mars. In the earliest Roman calendar, March was the first month, and the god would have been born with the new year.

The consort of Mars was Nerio or Nerine, “Valor.” She represents the vital force (vis), power (potentia) and majesty (maiestas) of Mars.  Mars and Nerine were celebrated together at a festival held on March 23.  Virility as a kind of life force (vis) or virtue (virtus) is an essential characteristic of Mars. As an agricultural guardian, he directs his energies toward creating conditions that allow crops to grow, which may include warding off hostile forces of nature.  Mars Quirinus was the protector of the  “citizens” or “civilians”, whose oaths were required to make a treaty. As a guarantor of treaties, Mars Quirinus is thus a god of peace: “When he rampages, Mars is called Gradivus, but when he’s at peace Quirinus.”  “Father Mars” or “Mars the Father” is the form in which the god is invoked in the agricultural prayer of Cato, and he appears with this title in several other literary texts and inscriptions.  Mars’ ability to dispel the enemy on the battlefield was transferred to the sick person’s struggle against illness; healing is expressed in terms of warding off and rescue.

Mars in Aries is in his own sign, here he is all of the above, warrior, defender, father, virtue, protector, majesty and power.

Mars in Aries is a dynamic go-getter who is unafraid to go after what they want in life whether it is a promotion at work or a partner in the bedroom when these people see what they want they tend to go all out to get it.  However they do so honestly and are not usually selfish, they go for what they want in life but respect the same of everybody and are always more than willing to share their rewards.  Mars in Aries is passionate about protecting loved ones and they express their emotions openly whether they are in the boardroom or the bedroom you will always know where you are with them and how they feel.

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Mars in Aries in 1st

house knows what they want in life and are very quick at reacting to events and deciding where their priorities and loyalties lie.  These lovers are very dynamic and put their heart and soul into their physical relationships which are usually very passionate.


Mars in Aries 2nd

house know what they need to make them feel secure in life whether that is a job or a partner you can be guaranteed if they have chosen you it is for the long-term.  These individuals are fiery but they like stability in their relationships and at work, they will be go-getters but they have enough sense never to risk all.


Mars in Aries 3rd

house is a smooth talking go-getter with enough imagination to see the possibilities in opportunities and relationships.  This person if they have chosen to be in a relationship with you sees your true potential, they have the ability to start a company from scratch and are more than capable sales persons.


Mars in Aries 4th

house is a go-getter who always puts family first.  These individuals are always there for family and place a great deal of energy in finding the right partner and home to raise their own family in.  Whatever occupation they chose it will be secondary to the needs of the family and these individual are likely to put family first when necessary.


Mars in Aries in 5th

house are creative go-getters who shine with an audience, here they feel at home and love to entertain and take the lead at parties.  They are also very good sales people and can charm the birds off the trees when they want to.  In the bedroom they are energetic and centred on entertaining their partner.  These individuals like to keep romance alive in their relationships and dating will always be an important aspect especially in long term relationship.


Mars in Aries in 6th

house individuals take the lead in helping others less fortunate in life they may start a new charity or company to help the less fortunate when they see an opening that needs filled.  These individuals are deeply committed to their responsibilities and that includes partners.  If you are in a relationship you can be sure they will stick by you whatever happens.


Mars in Aries 7th

house individuals are out-going and take the lead in social situations here they are great at breaking the ice and helping people get to know each other better.  With this aspect they may be found in human resources etc and they will probably be in a committed long-term relationship in which their partner is encouraged to develop and blossom.


Mars in Aries 8th

house individuals take the lead in the darkest of times they are there protecting their loved ones and ensuring everybody knows what to do next at times of trauma these individuals take the lead and help get everybody back on track again.  These individuals can work in occupations where death and illness are common such as the medical profession where they can stay calm and lead in emergencies.


Mars in Aries 9th

house individuals are natural academic leaders  here they may propose new theories and set new agendas in learning, they may take the lead by inspiring others through their positive attitude and ability to overcome difficulties.  They may also be professional adventures of some sort known for their daring or survival skills.


Mars in Aries 10th

house individuals may be very successful business people they have the dynamic to lead companies and corporations.  They may also be in the public arena as sport’s personalities and their competitive spirit encourages the youth.  Here these individuals may be role models for many reasons but they will have a dynamic energy that inspires others to give it a go.


Mars in Aries 11th

house individuals are dynamic go-getters who place a lot of value on friendship and working as part of a team.  Here these individuals can take the lead while allowing others to work to their own strengths because of confidence in their own abilities.   These individuals are passionate in relationships but they will also be your best friend too.


Mars in Aries 12th

house individuals are discovering new ways to channel their dynamic energy they may develop many new projects in life and are natural inventors and discoverers.  These individuals take the lead intuitively and follow their instincts.  They may have many lessons to learn about expressing anger appropriately.



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