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Men are from Mars and women are from Venus but elves are from Aquarius.  Mars in Aquarius may identify more closely with pixies, elves, faeries and wizards than they do with any gender stereotype.  These individuals simply refuse to pick a gender when there are plenty of other interesting things they can choose to be.

Aquarius represented the waters of the great one to the Babylonians, Enki / Ea poured his water of life or semen upon his wife Ninhursag (lady mountain) to fertilise the land in particular the rivers of the Euphrates, Tigris and the fertile crescent is associated with the fertile waters of Enki.  Mars is in a sign that represents virility of the air through the water cycle, Enki symbolises the magic of the raindrop, the snow flake that falls from the air to merge with the soil.  Aquarius in Ancient times was associated with the shortest day in the northern hemisphere, this time has always been associated with celebration and bringing fertility back to the land through rituals.  Even today we bring greenery into our house at this time of year and one special plant in particular the mistletoe under which we kiss.  The mistletoe was an ancient sacred plant of the druids, that because of its parasitic nature appeared to fall from the heavens and grew without roots on ancient apple trees, the fruit of love and symbol of erotic desire.  If you have Mars in Aquarius you are connected to very ancient and sacred powers of fertility and virility which the ancient Mars was connected to as a guardian of agriculture and God of War.  Mars in Aquarius is also Mars Quirinus, the protector of the “citizens” or “civilians”, whose oaths were required to make a treaty. As a guarantor of treaties, Mars Quirinus is a god of peace.  Mars in Aquarius is also Mars Toutatis protector of his tribe.

Mars represents our intuitive responses the fight or flight instincts, the desire to protect and defend loved ones.  Mars also is a part of our response to illness how we fight off disease.  Mars also represents our innate sex drives and expression.

Mars in Aquarius is driven to see the world differently, to express their individuality and to connect with humanity through shared experience.  These individuals are wise without being know-it-alls, sincere and honest with everybody.  They are comfortable expressing their uniqueness but they are never cold.  They don’t give their heart easily but they give it for ever.  Mars in Aquarius is 100% there in a sexual relationship, they are not off in the clouds or distant, they are however very private when it comes to their personal life and their lover.  This is because these lovers are very much aware of sex as a sacred act of bonding with their loved one.

Mars in Aquarius in 1st house

individuals are completely original and wacky in expression and are great at entertaining others with their unique perspective on life.  These individuals may have strong interest in psychology and creativity and may have a natural ability in both areas.  These individuals are very aware of others and can relate to most people.


Mars in Aquarius in 2nd

house individuals may feel insecure in their own personal identity and character.  This may play out in two ways they may deliberately try to separate themselves from the crowd by their clothing and other differences, not as a means of expressing personality but of saying I’m different or cool.  The other way this energy may manifest is by focusing on blending in and in hiding their individuality and originality.


Mars in Aquarius in 3rd

house individuals, are driven to express their individuality creatively.  With this aspect they are driven to express ideas and may be interested in studying philosophy, ethics or psychology as an expression of our behaviour as a society.  There may be an ability to write or speak to crowds with this aspect.  Another way this energy could play out is through artistic expression that challenges the audience.


Mars in Aquarius in 4th house

individuals are driven to express their unique personality and insights as an expression of their cultural heritage.  These individuals are likely to relate their unique perspectives to the myths and tales of their ancestors and to feel connected by original and inventive heroes/ heroines from the past.  They may also have a very unique family of their own and be driven to break social conventions such as how they raise their children.


Mars in Aquarius in 5th house

individuals are driven to be the unique entertainers of life.  These individuals can often entertain us whilst spreading an important message about how we treat each other.  On the other hand these individuals may be gifted at whatever profession they chose because of their ability to connect with others and explain various ideas in an imaginative and simple way.


Mars in Aquarius 6th house

individuals are driven to express their originality and philosophical ideals in practical ways that help serve the less fortunate in life.  They are likely to work in a caring profession especially psychology and special needs where they see the need to change societies perceptions and ignorance as much as help individuals.


Mars in Aquarius 7th house

individuals are driven by the need to form honest and unique relationships with others that enable them to broaden their horizons in regards to different philosophical view-points.  These individuals may try to bridge disputes with their ability to recognise problems humanity faces as a whole from different philosophical ideals and attempt some form of compromise.


Mars in Aquarius 8th house

individuals are driven to see the drama of life from a psychological and philosophical perspective.  These individuals make excellent psychologists and therapists whether that is their profession or whether they use those abilities as a part of their vocation they are able to see the triggers and traumas that cause certain behaviours and events in others lives.


Mars in Aquarius 9th house

individuals are interested in the workings of different religious and philosophical principles and how these may be applied as a means of improving society in general.  They may be driven to form their own unique viewpoint from studying these subjects in-depth.  These individuals may become teachers of new spiritual or religious ideas too.


Mars in Aquarius 10th house

individuals are probably very successful because of their unique outlook in life.  These individuals may become famous as activists, entertainers or inventors but they will definitely be known for doing it their way.  These individuals are driven to bring certain issues to public attention and may be involved in human rights, civil rights or animal rights campaigns.


Mars in Aquarius in 11th house

individuals are driven to stand out in a crowd.  These individuals like to be part of a team but will be comfortable expressing their individuality and will use that originality to bond with others through their open and accepting attitude.  It is likely that they will help others be comfortable in expressing who they are and accepting that we are all freaks in our own unique way.


Mars in Aquarius in 12th house

individuals are learning all about being uniquely creative and dynamic as individuals.  They will have intuitive abilities and insights into life and the ways in which we are all interconnected by our needs and emotions.  These individuals may see the world in a completely different way to the norm and have to learn to express this vision to others.




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