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For those that don’t know the story of the magic Porridge Pot, you said a magic word and the pot would continuously fill with porridge.  Jupiter the planet of abundance, faith and excess meets the Goddess of grain, abundance and plenty when it is in Virgo.  Virgo is an ancient cereal fertility Goddess and abundance and earthy magic exudes from her with Jupiter placed here.  This is the meeting of Zeus and Demeter, Jupiter and Ceres.


Jupiter in Virgo in 1st

house individuals exude healing, earthy, sensual energy.  These individuals are naturally comforting and healing to be around they make others feel nurtured and fulfilled.  They have an opptism that comes from the realisation that life is never as bad as it seems at times and there is usually a way forward once you have had time to think through all the possibilities.  These individuals will tend to do a lot of thinking and pondering over their lives.  They are interested in creating a better world around them through the use of their skills and talents.


Jupiter in Virgo in 2nd

house individuals are very keen to use their talents and gifts to make this world a better place for all but especially for family and friends.  They believe in working hard and investing in the important things in life to reap rewards whether that is career, family or romances they believe you only ever get back what you put in.  They make seem quite lucky or fortunate in life because of this but they have put a lot of effort in to getting to where they feel comfortable and secure in their finances and their person lives.


Jupiter in Virgo in 3rd

house individuals are very intelligent and great at understanding philosophical ideas and putting them to practical use.  They are very intuitive about how to turn abstract thoughts and ideas into practical solutions and may be very inventive and creative in their solutions to problems.  They are always thinking on ways to improve and better their environment and like to be given a free hand to do things their way.


Jupiter in Virgo in 4th

house individuals are able to retain a strong and fertile inner faith no matter what is going on around them they have a depth of understanding and belief that gives them access to their own inner earthy wisdom when required.  These individuals have a strong inner faith which they are more than willing to question and examine to get to the truth in life this ability to dissect their own faith and views without trauma leads them to forget at times that not everybody appreciates their values and beliefs coming under scrutiny.  They have the ability to get to the bottom of things with this aspect they have faith that finding the facts, origins and sources of ideas, beliefs and issues is the only solution.


Jupiter in Virgo in 5th house

individuals are very creative and have fertile imaginations that they use to great effect to express their core beliefs and values through art and creative expression in theatre or literature.  These individuals always have something they want to say and share with the world whether that is a new perspective on how we can all work together to prevent the worst impacts of global warming or whether that is about creating art pieces from recycled materials they say it with flair and style.


Jupiter in Virgo in 6th

house individuals very caring and sweet natured when it comes to those in need these individuals have all the time in the world.  These individuals when motivated are able to move mountains.  Their Jupiter gives them the energy needed to accomplish the impossible through hard work and dedication.  When they have a dream or vision they are capable of finding vast reserves of energy and stamina to see it through to completion.


Jupiter in Virgo in 7th

house individuals are able to inspire others to come together to work on a mutual vision of the future.  These hard working souls inspire others by their honest dedication to their vocation, passion or cause in life.  They have an inspirational message to those they meet stemming from an ancient connection to the wisdom of the earth, that is practical and yet understanding.  These individuals are inspired to create a fairer more balanced society that benefits us all.  They have a natural sense of justice and fair play.


Jupiter in Virgo in 8th

house individuals are able to put their heart and soul into following their dreams in life once inspired these individuals can achieve miracles.  Often it takes them a while to find their inspiration and dream but once they do there is no stopping them.  They have often faced many difficulties in life which has helped to strengthen their faith in their own ability.  They are also very passionate about the rights of others be they animal or human.  These individuals can turn around the worst of circumstances to create something new and powerful.


Jupiter in Virgo in 9th

house individuals have plenty of faith in the goodness of life even if they have had rough times their natural optimism soon returns.  They are avid readers and love losing themselves in a good novel.  These individuals are often attracted to the outdoor lifestyle and are interested in foraging for food and becoming more self sufficient.  They love to find out about the wild herbs and plants that grow about them and their ancient uses. They like to delve into ancient myths and religions from other cultures and find their own wisdom from them.


Jupiter in Virgo in 10th

house individuals are often very successful they have worked hard to follow their dream and created their own vision of a better world.  Through hard work and dedication they take the long road to success in life and when it comes they have earned it.  They are often the ones who work tirelessly for a cause or charity behind the scenes not looking for recognition when they are suddenly pushed to the fore front because of their dedication and character.


Jupiter in Virgo in 11th

house individuals are idealistic and hard working.  They believe in everybody working together in society to provide a better world for all.  These individuals are very thoughtful and like to look at the world from different perspectives before coming to any decisions.  They are very aware of those living on the fringes of society that are excluded from the mainstream and they believe in an inclusive society as a means of using everybody’s gifts and talents.


Jupiter in Virgo in 12th

house individuals are learning through trials to strengthen their faith in themselves and their abilities.  These individuals may be very gifted but lack the confidence to reach their full potential until they are much older and more secure in themselves.  They may have difficulties at times in expressing exactly how they feel to others but with time they find their own methods of getting round these obstacles.



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