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Jupiter is very much at home in Leo, where he can roar like a lion!  Jupiter here is very Herculean, the hero in a lion skin with brains and brawn.  There is a natural enthusiasm of the sign of Leo that is magnified with Jupiter in this placement making these souls enthusiastic, regal and extremely entertaining!  As King of the Gods Jupiter wears his crown with pride in the Sign of Leo, the brave lion heart.


Jupiter in Leo in 1st

house individuals are the life and soul of the party.  These people know how to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. They are natural entertainers and have a larger than life personality, they are very warm-hearted and enthusiastic.  They have a seemingly limitless source of energy and are always full of beans and plans for their latest adventure.  These individuals use their enthusiasm to draw others into their madcap schemes at times.


Jupiter in Leo in 2nd

house individuals are probably among the most down to earth of the Jupiter in Leo individuals.  There is however a tendency to spend recklessly at times, and live for the moment financially.  These individuals live life to the fullest and enjoy the best there is to offer but they are practical enough to realise it all has to be earned.  They are capable of devoting a lot of energy towards their career as a means of providing them with the finer things in life.


Jupiter in Leo in 3rd

house individuals love adventure novels that transport them through time and space to mystical lands they can rule.  These individuals are also excellent story tellers themselves and have a knack for creating fun characters people can relate to.  They are great in social situations where they enthrall others with their wild tales of their misadventures.  These individuals are very humorous and will often tell funny tales where they poke fun at themselves.


Jupiter in Leo in 4th

house individuals are happiest when surrounded by family and friends.  They love to play the clown but underneath it all there is a deeply sensitive and understanding side to their nature that sees a lot and hides a lot beneath their comic antics.  These individuals are quite deep in nature allow through get to see that side of their personality, they reflect a lot in private and are the ones friends and family often turn to for advice.


Jupiter in Leo in 5th

house individuals can be very dramatic personalities that turn heads wherever they go.  These individuals have a flair for the dramatic, and can make excellent entertainers especially comedians.  Their larger than life personality attracts others to them but they can at times take things to the extreme and others may find a long-term relationship hard going at times if they are constantly caught up in their own drama.


Jupiter in Leo in 6th

house individuals are happiest when they are busy these individuals may have a vocation in life that they dedicate their energy into and in which they may be at the top of their profession.  They are very optimistic about what they want from life and they have the dedication to reach their aims.  there is a sweetness to their nature which combined with their charismatic sunny personality warms others to them.


Jupiter in Leo in 7th

house individuals are naturals when it comes to dealing with others.  They are often less dramatic than some of the other Jupiter in Leo signs and tend to consider more the needs of others.  They tend to believe the best of those they meet and this natural enthusiasm makes others try to live up to their expectations as they are inspired by their vision of who they are.  They are very warm and affectionate with a happy-go-lucky outlook on life.


Jupiter in Leo in 8th

house individuals are very dramatic characters who have an intensity and passion that makes them volatile at times.  They are often very aware of their highly emotional tendencies and may have to work hard to overcome the desires to use their charismatic personality to manipulate others.  These individuals are often attracted to working in extreme environments such as high finance, the emergency services or with specialist military units.  They may also work in areas of psychology especially dealing with personality disorders.


Jupiter in Leo in 9th

house individuals are charismatic speakers who are able to sell their vision or dream to others.  These individuals have a keen sense of humour and are natural travellers always off on some adventure and regaling their friends with one-off stories of incidents that could only of happened to them.  Wherever they go they attract the unusual and the adventures never cease.   Just like them, their stories are always larger than life and full of fun.


Jupiter in Leo in 10th

house individuals were born to rule, to take control of the situation and to dazzle everybody with their brilliance.  These individuals are as much fun as the other Jupiter in Leo signs but they are also very responsible and know they are more than capable of looking after everybody in their care.  They have an air of authority about them that means even when they are showing their silly, humorous side they are still respected and taken seriously when it counts.


Jupiter in Leo in 11th

house individuals are usually quite wacky in  their expression and loads of fun to be around.  Their  offbeat humour is famous as is their ability to combine it with brilliant and astute insights.  These individuals have a lot of ideals and ethics behind those crazy antics and will always be attracted to occupations that help ensure a fairer and humane society for all.  They can use their wacky offbeat humour to great effect satirically and would also make excellent satirists.


Jupiter in Leo in the 12th

house individuals are learning all about expressing their natural talents without fear.  These individuals may have been sensitive to criticism and felt under valued as children or unwanted.  As adults they learn to shine and express that wonderfully sunny personality.  They are often very gifted and once they gain self-confidence they begin to realise that they were always special in their own right.



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