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arabian nights

We had the kind of conversations that only great friends can ever share. They were touched with magic. 
― Tahir ShahIn Arabian Nights: A Caravan of Moroccan Dreams

Jupiter in Libra believes in the magic of relationships, they believe in friendship and family. Here faith comes from relating to others from gaining insight and wisdom through their experiences.  These individuals believe in reaching out to everybody in life.  They believe in making the world a more beautiful and happy place by coming together.


Jupiter in Libra in 1st

house individuals have faith in their ability to understand the world around them through their friendships.  They may feel the need to travel and experience the world through relating to people of different cultures.  There may be an interest in social anthropology, mythology and cultures from around the world.  These individuals like to understand the many different cultural perspectives of the world and their beliefs adapt as they learn from others.


Jupiter in Libra 2nd

house have faith in their relationships as providing the emotional security they need in life.  With this aspect they understand that through our relationships we become secure in who we are, and we find our true identity in relation to others.  These individuals are naturally happy when in the centre of a friendly gathering and friends often naturally gather in their home which seems to be a haven from the big bad world for many of their friends, who go to have that Jupiter light, brighten their day when they have been having a bad time.


Jupiter in Libra in 3rd

house, these individuals are the story tellers of life they relate well to the characters in novels and can always find parallels between themselves and their situation and that of the character.  These individuals believe in the power of stories to relate to others and as a means of sharing common wisdom between us all. They may naturally be good story tellers themselves and may regale friends and families with their stories and humorous antidotes.


Jupiter in Libra 4th

house individuals have faith in the bonds of family usually these individuals love old family stories and they enjoy getting together with relations and sharing funny stories and tales of their heritage.  This is their way of putting the world into perspective, old those old stories have morals and lessons that they can relate to in their life.  Here there is a strong connection to heritage and culture of ancestors and a belief that drives them to relate to their ancestors through religion and mythology.


Jupiter in Libra in 5th

house individuals have a strong need to find themselves through their relationships with others these individuals are quite charming and fun-loving.  There is a tendency here to place a great deal of faith in new relationships rather than with sticking to the old ones in times of difficulty but these individuals love meeting new people and having new experiences of what life means to different people and cultures.  They are ideally suited to work where they come in contact with a wide range of people.


Jupiter in Libra in 6th 

house individuals are deeply inspired to work for the betterment of all.  This inspiration leads them to find practical ways to reach out to the needy and isolated in life, to form bonds and relationships with them to allow them to feel part of society once more. These individuals believe in opening our arms and relating to those excluded by society to empower them to make their full contribution to the benefit of all. they believe in working hard for what they want and they do.


Jupiter in Libra in 7th house 

individuals are full of faith in the power of relationships and friendship to overcome all obstacles in life.  These individuals have complete faith in their friends, family and colleagues.  This faith often inspires others to live up to the high expectations placed upon them and such positive attention can be quite addictive making them very popular and sought after individuals.   They always believe there is nothing that can’t be resolved if we all sit down together and talk about it sensibly.


Jupiter in Libra in 8th

house individuals are able to connect to those facing trauma in their lives in a way that makes them able to support and raise their spirits.  No matter what these individuals face in life their inner faith never deserts them and they are able to connect with others in similar situations and offer them some hope through their own positivity and unbeatable attitude.  These individuals are naturals at inspiring others through out life with their intense message of hope in the darkest hour.


Jupiter in Libra in 9th

House individuals are able to relate to all types of people all around the world with their naturally enthusiastic and friendly disposition they touch the emotional connection we all have to each other.  These individuals have strong faith in the miracle of life and they have an enthusiasm for learning all about different people and cultures.  They love to discover who different people have different perspectives of the world around them and being able to see the world from others eyes.


Jupiter in Libra in 10th 

house individuals are great at relating new ideas and promoting their beliefs to the public in general.  People relate easily to these enthusiastic individuals and naturally take them to their hearts.  There is a magnanimous gracefulness in their expression that leaves others feeling uplifted and valued.  These individuals are practical but they also are aware of the inner potential of those they meet and tend to look on their positive attributes.


Jupiter in Libra in 11th

house individuals are full of wisdom that they have collected over the years by relating the smallest of events into moral parables and theories of life.  These individuals are very social and have a story for all occasions to give others insight into their own dilemmas, foibles and trials.  They are very idealistic and expect the best from their friends and family.  They are also quite unique at times in how they see the world around them and relate to others.


Jupiter in Libra in 12th

house individuals are learning to express their faith in ways that help them reach out and connect to others.  There are times when these individuals need to put their ideals and values into action without fearing the reactions of others.    They are often very deep and need encouragement at times to express their natural enthusiasm and joy for life.  They may also have to deal with others taking advantage in their natural faith in others.



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