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Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars, but Taurus the bull is definitely masculine and virile yet he belongs to Venus too.  Male or female if your Venus is in the sign of Taurus then you are definitely a Venusian subject. The Great Golden Bull of heaven presided over the spring Equinox in ancient times and thus was the symbol along with Inanna (Venus) of fertility and renewal of the earth.  The auroch a wild bull was worshipped in ancient times for its strength and wild spirit, the animal could not be tamed or conquered and its horns were sacred and may have been used to symbolise virility, this extinct animal may be the foundation of some of the unicorn myths and is most probably the unicorn mentioned in the bible.

 The unicorn is renowned for its healing properties, strength, wildness and attraction to virgins (Virgo the another fertile earth sign).  Whether you see yourself as the virile, wild and untamable auroch or the more gentle Unicorn you have a magic all of your own.

And gradually she lost her fear, and he

Offered his breast for her virgin caresses,

His horns for her to wind with chains of flowers

Until the princess dared to mount his back

Her pet bull’s back, unwitting whom she rode.

Then—slowly, slowly down the broad, dry beach—

First in the shallow waves the great god set

His spurious hooves, then sauntered further out

’til in the open sea he bore his prize

Fear filled her heart as, gazing back, she saw

The fast receding sands.

Her right hand grasped A horn, the other lent upon his back

Her fluttering tunic floated in the breeze. – Ovid  ‘Metamorphosis’


Venus rules our intuitive emotional response and this includes our intuitive physical response to our emotions especially in romantic relationships.  Venus in Taurus intuitive response to their emotions is intensely physical they desire to be held and touched whether they are virile bulls or fertile earth goddesses.  Venus in this sign demands attention and needs to be worshipped as the supreme Goddess of fertility and sensuality to feel appreciated.  This worship excludes those unable to dedicate themselves or provide a stable and satisfying release of those sensual energies.

Venus in Taurus is very aware of the feel, look, smell and taste of food, they are often gifted as singers too.  With this aspect the use of the refined taste in all things can open careers in fashion, design, cookery or music.  They may also have a gift for gardening and growing their own fruit and vegetables.

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Venus in Taurus in 1st

house individuals are often very curvaceous if female and very strong if male.  Their appearance may often reflect the virility / sensuality of their Venus sign.  These individuals are likely to be very strong-willed about what they want from life and very stubborn about carrying their actions through to fulfillment.  With this aspect whatever they choose to do in life they are capable of succeeding through sheer will power alone.

Venus in Taurus in 2nd

house individuals like to have a steady partner and secure finances even more than most Venus in Taurus individuals do. These individuals will put a lot of effort into their career and finding an occupation that offers them financial security may be very important to them.  They may work with money and be capable of giving great practical advise n secure investments such as property.  They may also invest in starting their own business if they feel they can make a secure living from it.

Venus in Taurus in 3rd

house individuals are very expressive and may have an ability to sing like an angel.  They are often very expressive of their sensual nature either through poetry or in writing romantic novels or short stories.  These individuals also make good writers on cookery and other subjects relating to design and crafts.  They have an ability to express their sensual nature through craft and design where they have sole control over the materials used.

Venus in Taurus in the 4th

house individuals are often the strong silent type, who have the grit and determination to cope with most things in life.  With this aspect there is the possibility of choosing a career in which arts and crafts are used to express emotions and as part of a recuperation process for those who have experienced trauma of some sort to enable them to focus attention onto something else in order to relax.  These individuals may be very adept at working with those who need care and sensitivity to their emotional and social needs such as loneliness.

Venus in Taurus in the 5th

house individuals are likely to attract attention wherever they go with their ability to turn heads with their charismatic good looks.  These individuals often make good use of the effect they have on others by choosing careers such as acting or modelling.  With this aspect they may want to use their energies to create something lasting such as works of art or creating and designing gardens.  What ever they choose to do it will probably use their refined sense of taste ain a creative and novel way.

Venus in Taurus in 6th

house individuals are likely to feel a deep connection to the earth and may work in farming and growing produce of some sort that fulfils the need to live in a harmonious way with the natural world.  They may also work in some capacity to better the environment through conservation of its natural resources.  Whatever they choose to do it will probably involve the practical use of natural resources for the betterment of us all.

Venus in Taurus in the 7th

house individuals are naturally good at relating to others, their ability to converse with all types of people and their refined tastes make them stand out in social situations.  These individuals may choose an occupation such as wedding planners that make best use of these skills.  There is a strong Venus rulership with this aspect that gives strength to the planet and increases its influence in the chart.

Venus in Taurus in the 8th

house individuals are able to deal with the trials and traumas of life in a steady and stable fashion, this ability sees them in occupations such as nursing where their calm practical nature is of immense use to others.  These individuals may also be attracted to high risk occupations in banking.  With this aspect there is an increased expression of passion and intensity as well as sensuality which could make them be seen as sex symbols.

Venus in Taurus in the 9th

house individuals are interested in experiencing the wide variety of sensual delights other cultures have on offer.  Those with this aspect may be attracted to the cooking and cuisine of other cultures, their art and music as a means of increasing their own variety and perhaps that of others to. They may choose an occupation where this plays a part, such as presenting foreign cookery shows or sourcing fabrics and materials from abroad.

Venus in Taurus in the 10th

house individuals could become known for their sensual natures or appearance.  They may also become a public figure through use of their talents in music, arts and crafts or cooking.  These individuals may also give advise on how to manage resources well and could become renown for their practical and sensible advice.  Whatever they do in life if it uses their talents for appreciating natural resources and making the best of them it will likely become very successful.

Venus in Taurus in 11th

house individuals are often idealistic about the environment and feel strong urge to protect and conserve it, they may also feel passionately about creating more natural environments for humanity to replace the concrete jungles of the big cities.  With this aspect there is a strong connection to the planet as mother to us all.  These individuals may work in areas where they encourage others to grow their own food and reconnect to mother nature and her natural cycles once more.

Venus in Taurus in the 12th

house individuals are usually very earthy and intuitively connected to the natural cycles of nature.  With this aspect there is a need to develop better understanding of their own powers of sexuality and fertility as they may attract unwanted attention at points in their lives.  These individuals may feel a deep need to reconnect with the earth and may have issues of ill-health if they are not able to express these natural instincts.


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