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Woman are from Venus and men are from Mars, but Gemini is androgynous.  Male or female, straight or gay if you have Venus in Gemini you will identify with the story of Androgyne.

The original human nature was not like the present, but different. The sexes were not two, as they are now, but originally three in number; there was man, woman, and a union of the two […] Terrible was their might and strength, and the thoughts of their hearts were great, and they dared to scale the heavens, and they made an attack on the Gods.

The Gods took council and Zeus discovered a way to humble their pride and improve their manners. They would continue to exist, but he cut them in two like a sorb-apple which is halved for pickling.

After the division, the two parts of man (the Androgyne), each desiring his other half, came together and throwing their arms around one another, entwined in mutual embraces, longing to grow into one; they were on the point of dying from hunger and self-neglect because they did not like to do anything apart; and when one of the halves died and the other survived, the survivor sought another mate, man or woman, as we call them–being the sections of entire men or women–and clung to that.
They were being destroyed when Zeus, in pity of them, invented a new plan. He turned the parts of generation round to the front, for this had not always been their position, and they sowed the seed no longer as hitherto like grasshoppers, in the ground, but in one another; and after the transposition the male generated in the female in order that by mutual embraces of man and woman they might breed and the race might continue; or if man came to man they might be satisfied, and rest, and go their ways to the business of life: so ancient is the desire of one another which is implanted within us, reuniting our original nature, making one of two, and healing the state of man.

Hermaphroditus, the two-sexed child of Aphrodite and Hermes (Venus and Mercury) had long been a symbol of androgyny.  All three of these gods figure largely among erotic and fertility figures, and all possess distinctly sexual overtones. Sometimes, Hermaphroditus is referred to as Aphroditus.  In one version of the myth Salmacis was overcome by lust for Hermaphroditus, who was very handsome but still young, and tried to seduce him, but was rejected. When he thought her to be gone, Hermaphroditus undressed and entered the waters of the empty pool. Salmacis sprang out from behind a tree and jumped into the pool. She wrapped herself around the boy, forcibly kissing him and touching his breast. While he struggled, she called out to the gods that they should never part. Her wish was granted, and their bodies blended into one form, “a creature of both sexes”.  Hermaphroditus prayed to Hermes and Aphrodite that anyone else who bathed in the pool would be similarly transformed, and his wish was granted.  Hermaphroditus is associated with marriage the joining of two souls into one.  Even today the most auspicious time to get married is when the sun is in the sign of Gemini.

Venus represents our intuitive emotional responses which include the intuitive expression of emotions physically.  Venus in Gemini intuitively desires to make two one and bond with their other half.  They see the physical expression of their love as part of their need to reconnect with their other half to become one with the other and they have a deep longing for this experience of being complete.  This makes physical expression important to them and they see their loved one as an extension of themselves that they need to hold and touch to heal the wound of separation they feel.

Venus in Gemini individuals are natural charmers and can smooth talk anybody when the mood takes them, this talent is often used to great effect in the work place.   These individuals can talk themselves into jobs with little or no actual experience, they also make great sales people.

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Venus in Gemini in the 1st

house individuals are happiest when chatting away with others.  These individuals have great social skills that should be expressed by working with the public in some form where their light and friendly chatter opens people up and makes them more responsive.  With this aspect they are naturals at writing too and may have a desire to write as a profession.  They would also be talented in the field of writing Gossip Column too as they have a knack of finding out the latest news well before the rest.

Venus in Gemini in the 2nd

house individuals are often very chatty when they feel insecure.  This nervous chatter is their mechanism for dealing with uncomfortable silences and situations.  These individuals are often gifted at work that involves selling insurance and working out risk factors involved in financial deals.  These individuals understand the need for financial and emotional security in life and their occupation may reflect this in other forms too such as working as an estate agent, financial advisor, or therapist.

Venus in Gemini in the 3rd

house individuals could sell ice to the Eskimos.  They have a natural charm and easy flowing communication that is very light-hearted and full of fun.  This charismatic expression in writing may be a great talent that attracts many to read their words for enjoyment.  These individuals also make great stand-up comedians with their sharp wit and humour.  There is a very good chance they may also work in PR where their contacts and social skills stand them in good stead.

Venus in Gemini 4th

house individuals are less communicative than most with Gemini Venus.  They may have lots of noisy thoughts rumbling around their heads and looking for expression though.  These individuals are usually good at thinking things through and exploring all the possibilities before communicating.  They may be found in academic fields where they have the chance to ruminate on various theories before adding their own well researched opinions and perspectives.

Venus in Gemini in 5th

house individuals may be natural actors and able to adopt any persona as they naturally step into others shoes.  With this aspect there is a great understanding of children and they may indeed be authors of children’s literature.  There is an attraction to creative expression especially literature with this aspect and they may be highly imaginative writers.  What ever they choose as an occupation it should involve creativity and communication.

Venus in Gemini in the 6th

house individuals are very astute and able to communicate the most dry and exact information in a way that is interesting and informative.  These individuals may choose a career which allows them to teach complex subjects in an easy and informal manner.  These individuals may use their abilities to help others in finding some practical solutions to the many problems we all face in the world such as increasing food production etc..

Venus in Gemini in the 7th

house individuals are natural charmers with a light and graceful flirty nature.  These individuals may represent companies as their public face, in advertising or PR.  With a natural grace and charming wit these individuals often smooth the path ahead career wise with their ability to make good contacts.  Those with this aspect should seek a career in which they deal with the public at some level because they have an ability to relate with everybody.

Venus in Gemini in the 8th

house individuals are more intense than your average Venus in Gemini and a bit less communicative on the whole these individuals are much better at examining their own feeling on the big events of life than most.  There may be a gift for writing about psychology, or major dramatic events in life, there is also a possibility that they may be gifted in the writing of Horror stories. Another possibility with this aspect is working within the stock market.

Venus in Gemini in 9th

house individuals are very interested in finding out about other cultures their myths and perspectives on life, they love learning about how we all can view the same events differently through the lens of our cultural heritage and how we can lend and borrow from other cultures to meet our needs in the modern world.  These individuals may take a pick and mix approach to different faiths and adopt and adapt them to suit their own needs in life.  This approach may lead them into a career that embraces ‘New Age’ thinking.

Venus in Gemini in 10th

house individuals are likely to be successful in life due to their witty remarks and quick thinking.  These individuals may become famous for their wit as comedians or as being able to communicate with a light natured approach that attracts many such as is needed from television presenters and others.  They may also be successful business people with a silver tongue and a good eye for a bargain.  They will whatever they do in life rely on their wit and charm a great deal to make the best of any situation.

Venus in Gemini in the 11th

house individuals are attracted to the ideals of the 60’s which were focused on humanity embracing each other and moving forward as a community or global tribe.  With this aspect these individuals see all the potential these ideas have when developed to their fullest.  There is a need for intellectual freedom with this aspect and also the need for space to be able to find their true originality of expression.

Venus in Gemini in the 12th

house individuals may have experiences with communication in which they need to develop a much more subjective approach.  These individuals are intuitively connected emotionally with others but they may need to learn to separate what they feel and what is being said at times in their lives they may confuse their feeling with what is actually said and jump to conclusions.  With this aspect they can intuitively communicate with others and would suit a career where this is preferable such as working with animals.


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