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Women are from Venus and men are from Mars but Libra sits somewhere in the middle.  Whether you are male or female, Venus in Libra makes you see all sides of the argument, you understand how everybody feels and can see it from their perspective.  The Scales represent Mother Ceres in her role of protector and administrator of justice as she weighs life and right in her scales, as such although Libra is an air sign it still contains an earthy sensual quality of its patrons Ceres and Venus.  Venus in Libra is capable of being very sensual and passionate in expression.  Libra in Babylonian times was part of the constellation of Scorpio and those scales weighing life and right still contain Plutonian themes, Venus in Libra is very aware of the intensities of desire that exist within their own soul which is why they relate so well to others.  Libra begins at the equinox and at this point Persephone returns to her husband Pluto and the earth itself begins to reabsorb the vegetation and nutrients back within the soil to be broken down and recycled in time for spring.  Venus in Libra individuals to break down and reabsorb the world around them through their relationships in an eternal cycle of change and growth.

Venus rules our instinctive emotional response and that includes our emotional expression through physical contact and our instinctual reaction to physical expression.  Venus in Libra instinctively relates and responds, they will pick up on signals and intuitively respond to their partners needs.  Venus in this sign is expressive both in physical and intellectual response to their partner’s needs and will intuitively take the lead role when it comes to physical expression of emotions within a relationship.  These individuals know exactly what they like and are able to communicate their needs without causing offence.

Venus in Libra gives a love of social interaction and is often a sign of flair in design and fashion, these individuals often have an elegant and stylish fashion sense.  With this aspect they may work with the public at some level or in design.  Venus in Libra is good at seeing all sides of an argument and may also use this gift in some form in the work place settling disputes and team building come naturally to them.  Their ability to relate to others may also indicate a talent for therapy including marriage guidance.

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Venus in Libra in the 1st

house individuals are likely to appear very elegant and stylish to others.  They may have a natural grace of movement that is required of modelling and some sports such as gymnastics, martial arts and figure skating.  These individuals may also be something of a sex symbol, and receive a lot of attention due to their appearance.

Venus in Libra in the 2nd

house individuals are quite often emotionally insecure and it is quite often through their relationships that they become more self-confident.  As they mature and their confidence grows they are able to focus their gifts and talents into creating a secure career and strong emotional bonds.  These individuals may be very talented at interior design and have a good sense of colour co-ordination as well as a good eye for fabrics.

Venus in Libra in the 3rd

house individuals are usually talented in the field of communication.  They may write about interior design, fashion, relationship self-help books, or art appreciation.  Their stylish writing may be used to great effect in novels where their ability to understand others in great detail would bring characters to life.  Their Libra nature would also indicate an ability to write romances.  With this aspect themes of improving communication in relationships of others is also indicated.

Venus in Libra in the 4th

house individuals are usually very private individuals, they are especially private about their relationships.  With this aspect their may be a talent for psychology and understanding the inner workings of the mind.  These individuals are able to understand family dynamics well and may be involved in helping families with issues learn to cope better and handle the stresses they face in a more positive way.

Venus in Libra in 5th

house individuals are very creative and may express a flair for arts and crafts.  They may be exceptional at photography and other artistic areas that require a stylish expression.  These individuals may also be fashion icons themselves.  They may also work in the theatre or acting which requires an understanding of character motivation.   Whatever these individuals do their creative flair shines through.  There is also a gift in relating to children with this aspect.

Venus in Libra 6th

house individuals may work within the public sector such as teaching or nursing where being able to relate to people and their circumstances in life can be very helpful.  Whatever they do in life it is likely to be a vocation rather than solely a means of earning an income. They are likely to prefer working as part of a team rather than as an individual on their own.  They may also be the person that pulls the team together and resolves disputes between others.

Venus in Libra in 7th

house individuals are gifted at giving relationship advice they may become an agony aunt either in their personal life or professionally.  They may also work in areas of reconciliation, where they bring to sides together to resolve differences.  Venus in the aspect signals gifts in relating to people and understanding their motivations well and this talent can be used in work with the public and human resources.

Venus in Libra in 8th

house individuals may seek to use their communication skills and talents in areas connected with trauma or dramatic events.  These individuals may work in some capacity with those that have undergone major life changes and can use their skills to relate and understand how these events are and have impacted on lives.  Libra in the 8th house individuals are able to relate and talk to all people no matter what their circumstance in life.

Venus in Libra in 9th

house individuals may have a passion for teaching others where they are more likely to work with adults than children.  These individuals believe strongly that life is a continuous learning experience and the more diverse our social circle is the greater our ability to broaden our horizons.  Therefore these individuals like to be in a profession that opens them up to meeting a diverse section of society or which includes travel.  These individuals have a broad understanding of multicultural diversity and a love for experiencing different cultural lifestyles.

Venus in Libra in 10th

house individuals are attracted to communicating with a wide audience through traditional and social media.  These individuals realise the potential of communicating to millions at once whether they are in tv, film or bloggers they are likely to take a keen interest in how the media can be used to enable greater communication and understanding between everybody.  These individuals have a chance of becoming extremely successful through their communication style and ability to relate sympathetically with the public in general.

Venus in Libra in 11th

house individuals often have the souls of old hippies.  These individuals relate to many of those themes of the 60’s.  There may be an interest in sex therapy and in sexual liberation from gender stereo types in general.  These individuals may feel attracted to communal living of some type and prefer working in a relaxed friendly group situation rather than as part of a faceless multinational corporation.  In occupations their ideals count and they are more likely to be found in ethical corporations of some sort.

Venus in Libra in the 12th

house individuals are very sensitive to the moods and needs of others.  These individuals may take time to develop a strong sense of their own individuality in life.  With this aspect they may also have to develop the ability to say no, when they have come to these realisations these individuals are capable of achieving much in life for the benefit of all.  They may be very intuitive and able to see the cause of others problems when they themselves are completely blind to them, they may become talented counsellors or therapists.





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