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Women are from Venus men are from Mars but Scorpio says we all have a soul.  Venus in Scorpio male or female is interested in connecting to others on a deep level.  In ancient times the signs of Taurus and Scorpio represented the equinox’s.

The goddess Ereshkigal ruling the underworld and the non-productive part of the natural cycle when the earth reabsorbs the vegetation and recycles the nutrients.  Ereshkigal’s husband Gulganna the heavenly bull representing the fertile aspect of the cycle. Ereshkigal is often described as Innana’s (Venus) big sister and the Myth of Inanna and Dumuzi involves replenishing the earth through giving up the seven auras or energies of life itself.  Innana (Venus) herself gives up these auras and returns them to fertilise the soil before Dumuzi takes her place.  Venus in Scorpio is well aware of the need to nurture and replenish the natural energies within relationship and of the balance of natural cycle within themselves. Venus here understands the importance of themes of death and regeneration as a means of continuing the fertility of the natural cycle and allowing growth to continue.

In Roman mythology this cycle is portrayed by the myth of Ceres and Proserpina.  Venus, in order to bring love to Pluto, sent her son Amor also known as Cupid to hit Pluto with one of his arrows. Proserpina was at the Pergusa Lake, where she was playing with some nymphs and collecting flowers, when Pluto came out from the Mount etna with four black horses named Orphnaeus, Aethon, Nycteus and Alastor. He abducted her in order to marry her and live with her in the underworld of which he was the ruler.

Her mother Ceres, went looking for her in vain to every corner of the earth, but was not able to find anything but a small belt that was floating upon a little lake (made with the tears of the nymphs). In her desperation Ceres angrily stopped the growth of fruits and vegetables. Ceres refused to go back to Mount Olympus and started walking on the Earth, making a desert at every step.

Worried, Jupiter sent Mercury to order Pluto to free Proserpina. Pluto obeyed, but before letting her go he made her eat six pomegranate seeds, because those who have eaten the food of the dead could not return to the world of the living. This meant that she would have to live six months of each year with him, and stay the rest with her mother.  Pluto cannot give up his passions which are few but intense!

Venus rules our instinctual emotions and that includes our physical expression of those emotions.  Venus in Scorpio expresses those emotions in an intense and passionate way physically because they feel them intensely and they desire an intense response to their needs.  Venus in this sign responds intensely to physical contact from their lover because of a deep need to give and receive love and affection. Venus in Scorpio invests a great deal of emotional energy into their passions in life and if the have a vocation you can be sure they invest huge amounts of emotional energy into carrying out their work and becoming an expert in their field.  With this sign their occupation is either one of the main driving forces or simply a means of earning a living with Scorpio there is no centre ground.  They are at their happiest when they have an occupation that is emotionally fulfilling for them and which they can invest plenty of emotional energy.

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Venus in Scorpio in 1st

house individuals are quite intense in their expression and can be a bit overwhelming to some people.  This energy and need to feel connected to others can at times lead the person to be manipulative or play power games and in the first house may result in the person behaving in a dramatic manner especially in youth.  This aspect becomes easier to deal with as they mature and find more positive ways to connect to others and have their needs met.  Finding an occupation that they can devote their energies to and express this passion positively helps immensely.

Venus in Scorpio in 2nd

house individuals are usually dealing with deep-seated issues of insecurity which drive their need to feel loved and valued.  This insecurity is at the root of their intense expression and may lead to extreme reactions when they feel threatened or intimidated by others.  When this energy is channelled positively they can use these intense emotions to build a strong and stable foundation for themselves in life devoting this fast emotional energy into work and providing for themselves will also help overcome their issues of insecurity.

Venus in Scorpio in 3rd

house individuals are able to give voice to their intense emotions through writing and other expressive art forms.  These individuals may be passionate speakers and able to influence many with the intensity of their argument and the emotions behind it.  These individuals may feel emotional driven to express themselves through words whether they become successful or not.  They may spend their lives working one great novel.

Venus in Scorpio in 4th

house individuals have an inner intensity and passion that few get to glimpse.  With this aspect these individuals usually keep their emotions under wraps from the outside world and express this aspect of their personality with friends and family.  There may be talents in psychology with this aspect as they can often personally relate the theories to their own emotional needs and expression thus understand the dynamics from a personal perspective.

Venus in Scorpio in 5th

house individuals may be intensely passionate about artistic expression.  These individuals may use art to express their intense passions in life and insecurities.  With this aspect there is an attraction to art forms that use symbolism that allows the artist to express very intense and complex emotions.  Their may also be an attraction to the dramatic arts as a means of expressing intense dynamics through drama.

Venus in Scorpio in 6th

house individuals are intensely involved with providing support and care to other either through their work or in some voluntary capacity.  With this aspect they may work with those with psychological issues that need to be resolved.  There is a great understanding of the vulnerability and issues that the vulnerable and less fortunate in life face and these individuals will identify closely with those issues as they may have faced some of them.

Venus in Scorpio in the 7th

house individuals are intense in their relationships with everybody, they use their relationships as a means of exploring their deep emotional intensity and needs.  These individuals use their experiences in all sorts of relationships to gain a greater understanding of who they are and why they feel as intense and as passionately as they do.  These individuals may eventually use these experiences to help others who have issues relating to insecurity that affects their relationships.

Venus in Scorpio in the 8th

house individuals are well aware of the drama and traumas of life.  These individuals may choose to work in a field that brings them into direct contact with those that have experienced great trauma.  They may have great interest in psychology and counselling.  These individuals may work with those that have been abused in some form, the sick or the dying.  Their emotional need to work through the intensity of life brings them into contact with its darker side.

Venus in Scorpio in the 9th

house individuals are intensely passionate about their beliefs whatever these beliefs may be.  Whether they are religious or attached to a certain cause they will be highly passionate on those issues.  They may be passionate about animal rights, the environment or other abuses of power.  There is a chance with this aspect that they may carry these views to extremes and go beyond protest and in some way try to enforce their beliefs and ideals on others.

Venus in Scorpio in the 10th

house individuals may come into the public arena because of their intense passions, whether that is because of a relationship that becomes publicly controversial or because of their intense emotional feels on some issue these individuals may become famous quite by accident.  They may also attract attention working in such spheres as the stock market where a certain level of intensity and ruthlessness is needed.

Venus in Scorpio in 11th

house individuals are passionate about making a difference in the world around them.  These individuals take seriously the contributions they make to society as a whole and are intensely committed to making the world a better place for all.  These emotions may be expressed in extreme forms such as refusing to live by the standards of mainstream society at all and opting to live up a tree somewhere in the Amazon.

Venus in Scorpio in the 12th

house individuals struggle with their sensitive and extreme emotional responses as children.  This eases as they get older and they begin to slowly resolve the different components of their reactions the need for security and their sensitivity to emotional turmoil.  These individuals are highly intuitive which is one of the reasons for their sensitivity and as they begin to understand this aspect better they gain more control of their emotions.


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