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Women are from Venus and men are from Mars but Sagittarius knows it’s not just girls who like to have fun.  Male or female if you have Venus in Sagittarius you love fun and adventure in your life.  You are attracted to big ideas and large personalities.

Sagittarius corresponds with the God Pabilsag who has strong connections to the lost city of Larak as its patron deity.  Pabilsag was called the warrior of Enlil and had the body of a Scorpion and the upper portion of a man.  The meaning of his name like everything else about Pabilsag is uncertain. Much of his mythology is unknown and yet to be discovered something most Venus in Sagittarius will find interesting for they love to explore and investigate.

The wild bull with brindled thighs, whose house is noble! My king, the wild bull with brindled thighs, whose house is noble! Pabilsaj, the wild bull with brindled thighs, whose house is noble! His house, the house of Larag, is noble, his house is noble! His city, a mighty city, is abundant, and his house is noble! The warrior’s house is the house of Larag; Lord Pabilsaj’s city is a mighty city ……. His birthplace was the shrine Nibru ……. The place where he drank good milk was the house ……. From the place, the pure place, ……. Isin, the unique house ……. The place which the bull embraces ……. Like a scorpion rising up from among the thorns, he is a fearsome scorpion; like a wolf rising up from his lair, he is likely to growl; like a lion rising up in the pathway, he is likely to beat …….

Pabilsag assumed the qualities of the deities Nergal and Namtar.  Namtar means fate or destiny and like Nergal could inflict disease, Namtar is said to have inflicted 20 diseases on Inanna (Venus) at one point when angered by her.  There is also a positive side to Namtar or fate, in Buddhism Namtar means ‘complete liberation.’ The ‘rNam.thar’ (spiritual biographies) are specially geared to provide records for those on a spiritual quest, in much the same way that someone about to climb a high mountain would seek out the chronicles of those who had made the climb before. The sacred biographer is primarily concerned with providing information which will be helpful and inspirational for someone following in the footsteps of the spiritual adept or ‘saint.’ Establishing a mythical ideal and the communication of the sacred teachings takes precedence over providing a narrative portrait or “likeness” of the subject as a personality. The personality is stressed only in so far as it relates to the spiritual process of the individual.  This is another aspect of Venus in Sagittarius the desire for higher spiritual learning.

Jupiter (Zeus) the ruler of Sagittarius was infamous for his many sexual liaisons and children.  As the sky god Zeus had easy access to the women of the world and took full advantage of it. Also, his power as a supreme god made him difficult to resist. Prior to his marriage to Hera he was married first to Metis, then Themis. He was interested in Demeter but she resisted him. His third wife was Mnemosyne. He was involved with Leto shortly before his marriage to Hera. The list of lovers after his final marriage, to Hera, is considerable.

Venus rules our instinctive emotional response and our physical expression of those emotions.  Venus in Sagittarius male or female physical response is completely natural and exuberant expression of their emotions.  These individuals never stifle their emotions or their response and are very open about expressing their emotions and feeling physically.  Venus in Sagittarius will hug you when they feel that emotion whether you are more reserved than them or not.  These individuals simply have to express what they feel and if they have amorous feelings you will know.

Venus in Sagittarius loves learning and experiencing new things.  These individuals are attracted to other cultures to the different religious and mythological interpretations of the world around them.  They are fascinated by our ability to see the same events in completely different ways.  They also have their own set of morals and are strongly influenced by them which with any planet in Sagittarius can make them a bit self-righteous at times.

❤ ❤ ❤

Venus in Sagittarius in 1st

house individuals are very passionate and express their emotions honestly and affectionately.  These individuals are usually very expressive and warm, they tend to identify with their passions in life completely.  Whether they are teachers, nurses, doctors or firemen they tend to be very passionate about that occupation and always seeking to learn more and develop their skills more.  These individuals care passionately and it shows.

Venus in Sagittarius in 2nd

house individuals are often quite insecure underneath it all and their open expression of affection is often an expression of their need to be hugged and feel loved themselves.  These individuals are often caught in a dynamic tension between their need to experience the many different cultures and ideas in the world and a need to feel safe and secure.  For many the compromise may be settling down abroad or exploring different cultures as part of their occupation.

Venus in Sagittarius in 3rd

house individuals love to talk about different cultures, places and religions.  They are automatically attracted to those from different cultures not always in a romantic way but in a fascination for how those individuals experience the world around them and in an attempt to understand things better.  Venus in Sagittarius in the 3rd house individuals may be attracted to writing about travel, exploration, different mythology or religions of the world.

Venus in Sagittarius in 4th

house individuals are often fascinated by their own cultural and religious heritage.  They are interested in how their ancestors saw the world around them and how they expressed those ideas in myths and rituals.  These individuals may be academics that seek greater understanding of our ancestors and heritage or they may be attracted to ancient faith systems.  They may choose careers that allow them to explore these themes in greater detail.

Venus in Sagittarius 5th

house individuals are creative explorers they often take ancient mythology and symbols and explore these themes through art or creativity.  They may express religious themes or ideas through art or feel emotional connected to some divine creative spirit that they give expression to.  These individuals probably invest a lot emotionally into their creative expression whether it is a hobby or profession.

Venus in Sagittarius in 6th

house individuals usually feel an emotional need to express their beliefs through service to others, whether as nurses, doctors, firemen, police, soldiers or carers they are attracted to roles in which service is a major theme.  These individuals may relate to the under-privileged in life and the vulnerable and may be passionate in expressing concerns for their care in the world.  They may be descended from military personnel and feel strong pride in the service they have given.

Venus in Sagittarius in the 7th

house individuals are interested in exploring the world through their relationships with others.  Through knowing and understanding others we understand their different perspectives from an individual and personal viewpoint.  Venus in Sagittarius in 7th house understands different cultures and beliefs through how people apply these things to themselves in their own unique way. These individuals may be attracted to subjects such as sociology and anthropology.

Venus in Sagittarius in 8th

house individuals are interested in exploring cultural belief systems  from the point of view of coping in extreme events.  These individuals may experience this personally through their own faith which helps them overcome trauma or they may have an academic interest in the many different responses culturally to extreme events such as famine or natural disaster.  These individuals may use this knowledge to help others move forward in some way from a trauma.

Venus in Sagittarius in 9th

house individuals are emotionally connected to their beliefs and may be drawn to evangelise.  Whatever these individuals believe they are happy to tell the world all about it, can atheists evangelise? You’d better believe they can just as much as anybody who holds any other belief can.  These individuals may also explore many different belief systems trying to find their own individual system that works for them.

Venus in Sagittarius in 10th

house individuals may become famous as explorers, travellers or gurus.  This aspect denotes coming into public consciousness in some way, they may be local preachers or gurus whatever they do they will likely come to the public’s attention through themes of culture, religion and / or travel .  These individuals may be natural in front of the camera and may work in a professional role in photography, film or television.

Venus in Sagittarius in 11th

house individuals are idealistic and are focused on helping humanity in their own specific way.  They may look into the past or other cultures to find ways of relating to one another that helps to form a bond of community.  There is an understanding of religion, mythology and rituals as a way of drawing communities together with this aspect and they may have an academic interest in these themes or a vocational one.

Venus in Sagittarius in 12th

house individuals are learning about how our different view of the world around us affect our decisions and influence our thoughts.  There may be an academic interest such as psychology, that drives this interest or it may be part of an occupational interest in which they are interested in belief as a coping mechanism.  With this aspect there is an intuitive ability to sense and relate to different cultural expressions of the same force whether they believe that force is external or internal.


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