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Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars, But Venus in Aquarius knows we all love a sprinkle of pixie-dust to spice things up.  Whether you are a male or female Venus in Aquarius you have a hidden stash of pixie-dust ready to create some special magic for two.

Aquarius represented the waters of the great one to the Babylonians, Enki / Ea poured his water of life or semen upon his wife Ninhursag (lady mountain) to fertilise the land in particular the rivers of the Euphrates, Tigris and the fertile crescent is associated with the fertile waters of Enki.  Venus is in a sign that represents the fertilisation of the earth through the water cycle, Enki symbolises the magic of the raindrop, the snow flake that falls from the air to merge with the earth.  Aquarius in Ancient times was associated with the shortest day in the northern hemisphere, this time has always been associated with celebration and bringing fertility back to the land through rituals.  Even today we bring greenery into our house at this time of year and one special plant in particular the mistletoe under which we kiss.  The mistletoe was an ancient sacred plant of the druids, that because of its parasitic nature appeared to fall from the heavens and grew without roots on ancient apple trees, the fruit of love.  Venus in Aquarius represents all these ancient perspectives of the sacred fertility of the earth and the air.  This sign understands the sacred act of union as one of bringing regeneration and rebirth to dormant / sleeping passions.

The myth Enki (Aquarius)and Inanna (Venus) tells the story of the young goddess who visits the senior god of Eridu, and is entertained by him in a feast. The seductive god plies her with beer, and the young goddess maintains her virtue, whilst Enki proceeds to get drunk. In generosity he gives her all the gifts of his Me, the gifts of civilized life. Next morning, with a hangover, he asks his servant Isimud for his Me, only to be informed that he has given them to Inanna. Upset at his actions, he sends Galla demons to recover them. Inanna escapes her pursuers and arrives safely back at the quay at Uruk. Enki realises that he has been tricked in his hubris and accepts a peace treaty forever with Uruk.  In this myth it shows Aquarius’s capacity to get drunk on the effects of Inanna (Venus) and to lose his Aquarian idealism through lust.

Venus represents our instinctual emotional response and how we express our emotional needs through our intimate relationships, where we like to be caressed, how we like to be touched and our physical and emotional response to our loved ones.  Venus in Aquarius likes to weave a bit of magical sparkle in their response to their lover.  They are creative, inventive, spontaneous, mischievous and most of all private.  This is where the myth of Aquarius aloofness springs from, these individuals are anything but aloof however they are brick walls when it comes to anybody showing an interest in their private lives.

Venus in Aquarius is also a humanitarian at heart and cares a great deal about society and humanity as a whole.  These individuals are idealistic and humane but also practical and put their beliefs into action in some form.

Venus in Aquarius in the 1st

house individuals may be an idealistic rebel that struggles to find their true calling in life to begin with.  These individuals may become involved in political activism and campaigning.  They may turn out to be very revolutionary in their thinking and as their confidence grows may end up representing a campaign or political ideology.  They may also identify strongly with a revolutionary character.

Venus in Aquarius in 2nd

house individuals are idealistic and very attracted to certain political theories that are aimed at removing poverty and other social ills.  These individuals usually have had experiences which mean they know what it is like to do without certain basics in life, physical, financial or emotional security did not come easy to them and they sympathise with many people in unfortunate situations.

Venus in Aquarius in 3rd

house individuals are born to speak out on certain issues.  They are very active in promoting causes and informing the public on certain issues.  They may also use art as a way of raising awareness of certain causes by writing, performing or creating work that causes a stir and makes people question the current system.  These individuals may be very controversial writers or artists who are able to cause a stir in the establishment.

Venus in Aquarius in 4th

house individuals are aware of the need for magical creativity as part of our culture and identity.  These individuals may be drawn to certain cultural ideals or mythology within their heritage and give them a new perspective that people can relate to emotionally in today’s world they make take famous ancestors and use their experiences to put a different perspective on life.  These individuals may also create a unique emotional environment at home where emotional expression is more open and accepted.

Venus in Aquarius in 5th

house individuals are very creative in their own unique and individual way.  They may work in some form of creative artistic expression.  They are likely to feel a strong emotional connection to their work being part of their identity.  They may see their projects as their creative babies, an expression of their unique perspective on the world around them, and feel very protective of it.

Venus in Aquarius in 6th

house individuals invest a lot of emotional energy in caring for others.  These individuals have a vocation in life that inspires them to dedicate their time and energy in the betterment of others in their community through their work.  These individuals may be trying to create answers to the many problems in society through practical solutions such as new inventions, medicines or techniques.

Venus in Aquarius in 7th

house individuals invest a lot of emotion and creativity in their personal relationships.  They may also be able to inspire others to become more active in their communities through their relationships, these individuals are very inspiring when they talk about their personal connections to certain causes and ideals.  They may also help create group for individuals with share ideals and philosophies or experiences in which they can counsel each other.

Venus in Aquarius in 8th

house individuals feel intensely passionate about their causes and ideals.  These individuals are well aware of the wide gap between the real and the ideal in life for many and are inspired to develop new systems and strategies that help those who are struggling on, in the harshest of circumstance.  They may be intensely passionate about philosophical or political ideals.

Venus in Aquarius in 9th

house individuals are very interested in philosophical and ethical subjects they may choose a career in which they can pursue this interest further and may be attracted to vocations to which they dedicate their lives.  These individuals may see the solution to many problems in understanding the positive ways other cultures deal with issues and live as a community.  They may study astrology other ancient practices and entwine this ancient knowledge with new and original ideas of their own.

Venus in Aquarius in 10th

house individuals are likely to come to public attention raising awareness of some issue.  These individuals may have a personal cause in which they are closely identified with and may become well know as the spokesperson.  There is a likelihood of great success in original and / or controversial artistic expression that becomes a major talking point or focus for people.

Venus in Aquarius in the 11th

house individuals are likely to feel strong bond of friendship and camaraderie in their chosen profession.  They may be very unique and successful because of the emotional and idealistic impact they have on others.  Whatever their occupation they will invest a great deal of emotional energy into it and will work towards achieving their goals as part of a team where there is a strong possibility they are in a leadership role.

Venus in Aquarius in the 12th

house individuals are sometimes overly idealistic and learning how to change their ideals into workable solutions to problems.  In this aspect they are learning that real people need real solutions to problems and as much as it is notable to have ideas and care about humanity those ideas and emotions must have a practical element if they are to mean anything.   These individuals learn to put their ideals into some form of practical use and are very intuitive in reaction to issues that arrive.


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