Out of bound Uranus and the sense of Abandonment or loss   2 comments

Out of bound Uranus individuals have a strong sense of loss or abandonment.  Here there is often separation or loss at an early age which the individual struggles to move on from.  There is a sense here of having to look after one’s self from a very early age due to circumstance and loss or abandonment.

Stephen King has an Out of Bounds Uranus, when he was two his father left to buy a packet of cigarettes and never returned.  As a child he is reported to have witnessed the death of his friend who was struck by a train, returning home speechless and in shock.

Salvador Dali had an Out of bounds Uranus, when he was five he was taken to his brother’s grave and told that he was his brother’s reincarnation an idea he came to believe.  Salvador Dali’s mother died when he was 16 and his father remarried her sister continuing the theme of sibling replacement. On his loss Salvador commented, “was the greatest blow I had experienced in my life. I worshipped her… I could not resign myself to the loss of a being on whom I counted to make invisible the unavoidable blemishes of my soul.”

Greta Garbo also had an OB Uranus, when she was 14 yrs old an epidemic of Spanish flu hit Stockholm and she had to stay at home and nurse her very sick father, who died. Greta Garbo was extremely close to her father, and the loss was devastating for her.

Josephine Baker had an OB Uranus she and her mother were abandoned by her father, and when she was 8yrs old Josephine work as a live in domestic. She was sent to work for a woman who physically abused her and ended up sleeping rough by the age of 13.

Richard Burton had an OB Uranus, his mother died when he was just 2 yrs old.  His father was known to go off on drinking and gambling sprees for weeks. Burton was raised by his sister and brother although his father would occasional appear on the scene at times.



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  1. Uranus OOB is a generation aspect. For example from august 1947 till june 1950 Uranus was OOB almost all the time !!

    • Generational aspects are also personal, the First and Second World War were generational but they were also felt at a personal level – Uranus is the planet of freedom through the emotional castration of shock this makes it always both generational and personal and out of bounds that energy is felt more intensely

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