Out of bound Venus and the lack of emotional / physical security   Leave a comment

Out of bounds Venus may be associated with emotional or physical neglect as well as a tumultuous childhood.  Those with this aspect may have had a very impoverished childhood or other traumas in regards to feeling physically or emotionally secure.  These insecurities may show up as problems with Depression or Bi-polar disorders.  In childhood and adult hood we have windows of opportunity, learning to walk, first romantic relationship to name but a few, when we are at a stage where there is a window of opportunity we are more vulnerable to any trauma, which can cause us to regress back to previous stage in development. Some trauma’s at certain times in our life therefore have a much more dynamic influence.  Trauma in the womb is one, we are especially sensitive to hormones produced by stress, grief etc….

Charlie (OB Venus) Chaplin’s childhood in London was defined by poverty and hardship. As his father was absent and his mother struggled financially, he was sent to a workhouse twice before the age of nine. When he was 14, his mother was committed to a mental asylum.

“Being an 18-karat manic depressive, and having lived a life of violent emotional contradictions, I have an over-acute capacity for sadness as well as elation.” – Frank Sinatra OB Venus.  In her memoirs My Father’s Daughter, his daughter Tina wrote about the “eighteen-karat” remark: “As flippant as Dad could be about his mental state, I believe that a Zoloft a day might have kept his demons away. But that kind of medicine was decades off.”

Gene Wilder ( OB Venus) first became interested in acting at age 8, when his mother was diagnosed with rheumatic fever and the doctor told him to “try and make her laugh.” When Jeanne Silberman felt that her son’s potential was not being fully realized in Wisconsin, she sent him to Black-Foxe, a military institute in Hollywood, where he wrote that he was bullied and sexually assaulted, primarily because he was the only Jewish boy in the school.

Cher (OB Venus) was born Cherilyn Sarkisian in El Centro, California, on May 20, 1946. Her father, John Sarkisian, was an Armenian-Americantruck driver with drug and gambling problems, and her mother, Jackie Jean Crouch, was an occasional model and bit-part actress with IrishEnglishGerman, and Cherokee ancestry. Cher’s father was rarely home when she was an infant, ultimately divorcing Crouch when Cher was ten months old. They married and divorced twice more. After the first divorce from Sarkisian, Crouch married another man. The third of Crouch’s eight marriages was to actor John Southall, the father of Cher’s half-sister, Georganne.

By then living in Los Angeles, Crouch was pursuing an acting career while working as a waitress. She changed her name to Georgia Holt and earned minor roles in films and on television. Holt secured acting parts for her daughters as extras on television shows.  Although her mother’s romantic relationship with Southall ended when Cher was nine years old, she considers him her father and remembers him as a “good-natured man who turned belligerent when he drank too much”.   As Holt remarried and divorced, the family moved from place to place (including New York, Texas and California) and often had little money.  Cher remembered using rubber bands at one time to hold her shoes together.   At one point, Holt had to put Cher in an orphanage for several weeks.  Although they met every day, both Holt and Cher found the experience traumatic.


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